I Am Overlord - Chapter 1832: Six Paths of Reincarnation

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Chapter 1832: Six Paths of Reincarnation

The newcomer was none other than Baili Xiongshi, who had been staying at Wumo Pass for a very long time. Someone as arrogant as him was naturally unwilling to enter Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea.

When he saw both Ge Yi and Xiang Shaoyun completely helpless before the undefeatable experts, he finally lost all his patience and charged out. This time, he arrived with 108 ancient coffins, all his strength, and the tiny portion of the dominion's power he had been granted.

The 108 coffins were akin to 108 stars. Large amounts of death energy and corpse energy were gathered in the coffins. The energy reached a certain limit, creating a domain of death that surrounded the six undefeatable experts. Additionally, a powerful primal chaos seal was placed around the world of death. It almost seemed like Baili Xiongshi was going to kill both himself and the invaders.

In truth, Baili Xiongshi was using the cover of the death energy to rescue Ge Yi and Xiang Shaoyun. He naturally did not have the strength to do much to the undefeatable experts. But after receiving a portion of the dominion's power, he decided to throw all caution to the wind.

The terrifying death energy caused even the undefeatable experts a headache. At the same time, wave after wave of primal chaos energy strengthened the world of death, forcing them to actually focus on breaking free.

Ming Dao, who had not done anything so far, threw a punch, breaking the ancient coffins. As for the death energy, with one puff from Tun Shanhe, they were all blown far away. Long Wusheng punched Baili Xiongshi, attempting to kill the newcomer.

Baili Xiongshi was already prepared to die. With a determined look, he howled with laughter, "My entire life I have been dreaming about entering the Reincarnation Realm, but I have never succeeded. In truth, I still hold too much reverence for Reincarnation. Today, I shall die so that I can rise again. I'm hoping to instead take that step in my next life!"

Baili Xiongshi did not self-detonate. Rather, he gathered all his energy into Venerable Yuan Shi's token and strengthened the Primal Chaos Star Locking Formation.

He was a peak Nine Revolutions expert, and he had gallantly thrown his life into strengthening the barrier protecting the dominion. Alas, only Xiang Shaoyun and Ge Yi bore witness to his heroic feat.

"Are you seeing this, Master? The planet you protected, let your disciple protect it for a bit as well!" muttered Baili Xiongshi. With a look of no regrets, he slowly faded into nothingness.

The Primal Chaos Star Locking Formation was fully restored. In fact, it had even received the enhancement of more energy, protecting the nearly destroyed dominion. Unlike Xiang Shaoyun, who was sent back to the dominion, Ge Yi had refused to be sent back. He remained outside and continued to face the undefeatable experts.

During the instant Xiang Shaoyun was thrown back to the dominion, Ge Yi transmitted, "Master is proud of having you as a disciple. After returning, absorb the world root essence and enter Reincarnation. Avenge your master and everyone who has died."

"No, Master!" Xiang Shaoyun yelled with grief, unwilling to accept the fact that his master was going to die.

He tried to charge out of the dominion again, but he could no longer do so. The newly reinforced Primal Chaos Star Locking Formation blocked all travel through the formation. Xiang Shaoyun could only watch as Baili Xiongshi died and his master was helplessly beaten by the undefeatable experts. Ge Yi's blood sprayed everywhere, his body was destroyed, and finally, his soul was extracted and devoured by Tian Yan.


Xiang Shaoyun howled in pain, and he suffered so much grief he started coughing up blood. He seemed to be on the verge of madness, but his anger couldn't change anything.

"Child, absorb my power and avenge your master," said the dominion.

At this time, the nine parts of the dominion fully broke apart. This was the prelude to full destruction. Those who remained howled in grief as they perished. The ancient mountain ranges crumbled, the majestic rivers dried...everything was being destroyed. Only a clump of incomparably pure energy remained before Xiang Shaoyun, awaiting his absorption.

"Master!" Xiang Shaoyun roared one last time before releasing his astral cosmos sea, fully absorbing the energy around him.

The world root essence covered his entire body, forming a massive energy cocoon. The crumbling mountains, rivers, and seas entered his astral cosmos sea, becoming new mountain ranges, rivers, and seas.

The world root essence was the origin of a planet. Without the essence, the planet would cease to exist. The dominion was truly going to be destroyed. As the world root essence entered Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea, his strength soared. Soon, he reached the peak of Nine Revolutions, only a step away from the Reincarnation Realm.

Nine Revolutions to Reincarnation!

The term might seem simple, but a massive bottleneck existed between the two realms. It was extremely difficult to take that step. Reincarnation was akin to rebirth. Scenes from the past played incessantly in Xiang Shaoyun's mind, allowing him to relive his experience from his past and current lives.

Xiang Shaoyun, a hegemon for three lifetimes. Two lives ago, he was a great general. Ultimately, a treacherous court official caused his downfall. Betrayed by his most trusted person, he died violently.

In his last life, he attempted to dominate the world. Leading his five generals and the eight thousand soldiers of the Xiang Clan Army, he swept the world, achieving brilliant military feats. Ultimately, he was surrounded on all sides by enemies and died.

In this life, he worked hard for his family, trampling upon treacherous villains. Unexpectedly, he had stepped onto the path of the strongest in this life. Cause and effect, fruits of karma, everything was replayed in his mind.

The brands of his three lives showed him his past, gave him clarity on the present, and allowed him to step into the six paths of reincarnation after nine Revolutions.

The heavenly path—the path carrying the mandate of heaven and the planet. To repair the planet, to tread the martial path, to battle the world, to be unequaled.

The human path—the path of human suffering. Happiness, anger, sorrow, joy, sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and spiciness. All aspects of human life and emotions were experienced.

The asura path—the path showing one's heart. To understand good and evil, to put down the evil and treacherous, to be the defender of justice, to fight to survive yet have no regrets in death.

The beast path—the path of animals. The form of a beast was yet another form of a fleshly body. Committing all manners of atrocities, slaughtering one another, scourging life.

The hungry ghost path—the path of constant hunger, of devouring raw meat and fowl like a savage. Unforgettable life and death, the broken ones always striving to not die from hunger.

The hell path—the path with eight frosty tortures and eight flaming tortures. Unending torture, unseen rebirth. Bridge of Forgetfulness, Old Lady Meng's Soup of Forgetfulness. Forgetting the past, the present was yet to be seen. To never reincarnate.


The various aspects of the six paths, the clear separation of cause and effect. Three lives, the reversal of heaven and earth, the nine revolutions of the body, the reincarnation into a soul.

To witness Reincarnation.

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