I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating-Chapter 1014 - She's So Good-looking

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Chapter 1014: She’s So Good-looking

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Why would a five-star hotel have such a card asking if I want women to spend the night with?

What a waste of time.

Just looking at the car felt like an insult to him and Little Jiu.

Not long after Rong Si threw the card into the trash can, someone rang his doorbell. He walked over to open the door and saw a girl aged seventeen or eighteen appear at the door. She was wearing a school uniform, and her long hair fluttered about her. She looked pure and beautiful.

When she saw Rong Si, her eyes lit up visibly, and her heart pounded.

God, no way! Is this the guest I have to keep company? He’s so handsome!

Instantly excited, she blushed. “H-hello!”

Rong Si looked at her coldly and was about to close the door. However, the girl quickly reached out to block the door. “Wait!”

She fluttered her long lashes and looked at him eagerly with big, clear eyes. “Hello, little brother. Actually… I’m a junior of yours. I’ve admired you for a long time. Can you… not kick me out?”

The girl’s voice was delicate and soft. If it were any other man, they might not have been able to help it and feel tempted after listening. However, Rong Si did not feel anything. His gaze became colder and colder, and he tried to close the door again.

The girl did not expect him to be so cold. After all, she was so good-looking and famous in school. Many boys liked her. But why was it so difficult to make him look at her?

The girl was a little frustrated. However, someone had asked her to come here and seduce this young man. Initially, she had said that she would only put on a show. She had told them that if the young man took the bait and wanted to do something to her, she would immediately stop and make a phone call, and someone would immediately come in to look for her.

But now, after seeing him, she instantly liked him.

If… if I hook up with him, and he becomes my boyfriend… wouldn’t that be wonderful?

“Little brother, I admire you. Can you not chase me away? At least… at least, let me tell you my name…” The girl’s voice became even more pitiful.

She had thought the trick she tried so often with other boys would work with Rong Si, too. Unfortunately, she was completely wrong.

“Not interested,” Rong Si said coldly and closed the door.


The door slammed shut in her face. The girl couldn’t believe it.

Have I… been rejected?

It seemed that this mission was not as easy as she had imagined!

But whoever had commissioned her to hook up with this young man had arranged everything. All she had to do was wait.

After closing the door, Rong Si ignored the girl and took out his phone to send Su Jiu a WeChat message: “A woman came to find me just now.”

When Su Jiu saw the message, she immediately replied, “Who was it??? How did they find you!!!”

Seeing so many exclamation marks, Rong Si knew how agitated she was. He couldn’t help but smile. “I don’t know her. I also received several small cards.”

Small cards…

Su Jiu knew what it was. Previously, when she had gone to a hotel with her father while he was filming, there were always small cards sent to rooms in the middle of the night. The cards were placed under the door and filled with images of all kinds of sexy and beautiful women who made one’s imagination run wild.

If one wanted a woman to keep one company, one could call the number on the card. Has the little villain not only received the card but also a woman?

That’s terrible!

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