I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating-Chapter 1015 - Don't Accept the Small Cards

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Chapter 1015: Don’t Accept the Small Cards

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“You’re not allowed to accept the small cards! You’re not allowed to look at the woman!” Su Jiu typed angrily.

Rong Si smiled again and replied: “Why don’t you guess if I’ve already looked at the cards?”

“How should I know? You must have looked, right? How can you know what’s on the card if you don’t look at it?” Su Jiu got angry just thinking about it. Those indecent people gave such a card to the pure and harmless little villain. It’s really detestable.

If she had been there, she would have grabbed that person and scolded him.

“I think I … glanced at it.”

“Y-you… You really read it”‘ Su Jiu got furious and immediately called him.

Rong Si could almost imagine her indignant cuteness. He picked up the phone call and heard her say, “Rong Si! What happened after you saw it? What kind of thoughts did you have?”

“I had some ideas.”

Su Jiu gasped.

“But they had nothing to do with the woman on the card.” Even if some indecent thoughts did come to his mind, they were …thoughts limited to only her.

Hearing this, Su Jiu felt a little better. “Alright, in that case, I won’t argue with you.”

She knew the little villain was not that kind of person, but it still made her uncomfortable to hear such words. She did not want him to look at other girls. For the first time, Su Jiu realized how possessive she could be.

But the little villain was frank. He told me something like that. Not bad, not bad! He deserves a commendation.

Rong Si brightened again at the sound of her voice. “How were you going to argue with me?” he asked with interest.

“What do you think? Obviously, I was going to ignore you for ten days or half a month! Of course, if I ignore you, then you can do whatever you want. Isn’t that nice?”

“Not nice at all.” Rong Si’s tone turned serious. “What’s the point of life if you ignore me?”

Su Jiu felt pleased and suppressed a smile. “Really? Am I that important to you?”

“More important than you realize.”

Rong Si was extremely serious and did not sound like he was joking at all. The smile on Su Jiu’s lips widened as she said to him equally seriously, “Big Brother, you’re very important to me too. I like you a lot.”

Her straightforward words, coupled with her soft voice, made Rong Si’s heart skip a beat. If Su Jiu were in front of him now, he would have pulled her into his arms and kissed her fiercely.

That thought made his heart pound even harder, and the urge got even stronger. He wanted to be in front of her right now. He really wanted to see her, if only for a minute.

They had not even been apart for long.

Perhaps, that was what attracted her to him. No other girl could compare.

Rong Si’s voice was slightly hoarse as he bluntly said, “I missed you.”

At this moment, Su Jiu was lying on the bed. It was very quiet around her. Rong Si’s magnetic and pleasant voice entered her ears through the phone. It made her ears pregnant. Suddenly, she got the urge to see him too. She wanted to be with him and not be separated.

“I missed you, too, Big Brother, but it’s getting late. Rest early. We’ll meet again tomorrow.”

“Will your father… allow it?”

“Even if he doesn’t, I’ll find a way to see you!” Su Jiu promised.

She heard Rong Si chuckle. “Okay, it’s a deal. Tomorrow… you have to meet me.”


They said goodnight to each other and reluctantly hung up.

After he hung up, Rong Si’s mind was still filled with Su Jiu. He went into the bathroom and took a hot shower. He splashed himself with water, trying to calm himself down, but Su Jiu’s shadow wouldn’t go away. Besides, the things he was imagining were getting out of control. It was heading into an explicit territory and getting out of hand…

It was so much that he suddenly felt very hot, and his breathing began to quicken.

What’s going on?

What am I thinking?!

Every time he thought of those images, he felt that it was disrespectful to Little Jiu. He felt that he were a beast for thinking about something that he shouldn’t think about her!

He decided to use cold water instead, but for some reason, the heat in his body refused to go away. In fact… it was getting hotter.

Even ten minutes of standing in cold water didn’t help. Rong Si gave up, turned off the shower, and walked out of the bathroom.

He couldn’t calm down and seemed unusually restless. Even though he needed relief, he couldn’t seem to get it.

Rong Si tugged at the collar of his jacket and poured himself another glass of water. The strange heat didn’t ease. He frowned.

Something is wrong with me.

He closed his eyes for a moment, and the image of being with Little Jiu immediately came back to him. And it was a very intimate thought. It was exactly what he wanted to do but didn’t dare do to her. He was about to explode.

Rong Si realized that something had to be wrong. Just then, the doorbell rang again.

There was no doubt in his mind that it was the girl again. He had no intention of answering the door, but the doorbell kept ringing.

Rong Si’s frown deepened. He got anxious. Just when he was about to call the security guards to come up and chase the girl away, he heard a beep. The door had opened by itself.

Rong Si immediately turned around. It was indeed the girl from earlier.

The girl swiped the room card and came in. She saw him immediately. She saw that his handsome face was slightly flushed, and his eyes were dark. She knew the reason.

The person who had asked her to come here had told her that he would be arranging something for the young man in front of her. If she went in and tempted him, he might not be able to resist.

At this moment, Rong Si was wearing a V-neck top that was open a little too wide. The girl could see his s*xy collarbone. She was stunned, and her heart started to thump.

It was supposed to be a test of his patience. But now, she thought, if anything could happen between them, it would be her gain!

A boy like that was an amazing specimen. What girl wouldn’t be tempted?

The girl tentatively entered the room, locking the door behind her. She then approached him and looked at him, blushing. “What’s wrong, little brother? Are you feeling unwell?”

Seeing the girl come in with the room key like this, Rong Si guessed what was going on. He must have been drugged. Perhaps, something had been wrong with the glass of water he had poured from the water dispenser.

But I wonder who drugged me?

Was it Su Shengjing or Su Guobang?

Or someone else?

Even Han Siye was a suspect. None of them wanted him to be with Little Jiu.

D*mn it.

Rong Si was suddenly furious. His feelings for Little Jiu were clear. He had decided on her for the rest of his life, and he loved her more than he loved himself. The young man could understand why they wouldn’t accept him being with Little Jiu, but why play such a trick on him?

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