I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating-Chapter 1107 - Ancient CEO's Classic Story

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Chapter 1107: Ancient CEO’s Classic Story

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Ah, this…

This question is really shameful.

Even though Su Jiu felt that she was quite thick-skinned, her ears turned red when she heard such straightforward words.

Rong Si was beside her. With his good eyesight, he could see a faint pink color slowly creeping up Su Jiu’s fair and small ears. She was very cute and… a little tempting. It suddenly made him want to take a bite out of her.

“Little Jiu, just tell me if you want to!” Song Xinyan asked.


Song Xinyan was confident in her gift because she was sure that it was impossible for Little Jiu to have no desires when facing such a handsome man every day.

Su Jiu turned to look at Rong Si, who was beside her. Caught off guard, she met a stunningly handsome face. She immediately gulped and bit her lip. “Of course, I do!”

“Then what are you waiting for? You’re already an adult. Be bold and pounce on the handsome man as soon as possible. We’ll support you!” Song Xinyan said confidently. “It’s precisely because we support you that I gave you that gift to prevent you from going overboard and giving birth to a baby. Look at how considerate I am, right?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

How thoughtful of you. Thank you so much.

Song Xinyan added happily, “I even chose your favorite strawberry flavor!”

Su Jiu was speechless.

What the hell? That thing has flavors? It can’t be eaten!

The more she listened, the redder her ears became. However, she was unwilling to admit defeat, so she retorted, “Yanyan, how do you know so much? Tell me, did you try it with your CEO?”

As soon as she said that, Song Xinyan, who had been firing non-stop just now, immediately choked. Su Jiu did not need to look to imagine her embarrassed and shy look and felt that she had won something.

“W-Who tried it with him? I… Daddy said that I’m still young. If he crosses the line, I’ll break his legs,” Song Xinyan argued with a red face. She regretted teasing Su Jiu. She had shot herself in the foot.

Aiya, it’s better not to discuss such a question. It’s embarrassing.

“Really? Your CEO can actually resist? It doesn’t seem like his style.”

Su Jiu clearly remembered that the female lead in the original novel had long been consumed by the male lead. Of course, that was because the male lead suspected that she had an affair with the villain and forcefully took her for himself in a fit of anger. It was the classic scene of the domineering CEO’s novel.

She didn’t expect that even the plot would change after Song Xinyan had stopped getting involved with Su Jiu. To think that she had always thought that Song Xinyan and Li Mohan had already gotten together. After all, Li Mohan was a possessive man. He could endure it for so long. It was true love.

The more he loved her, the more he cherished her.

“I’m not talking to you anymore. Anyway, I’m giving you a gift. Whether you use it is up to you. Bye!” Afraid that Su Jiu would ask about her relationship with Li Mohan again, Song Xinyan quickly hung up.

Su Jiu snickered. Suddenly, a deep and pleasant voice sounded in her ears. “So, you have improper thoughts about me?”


Stunned, Su Jiu turned around and met Rong Si’s deep and playful eyes. For some reason, she became nervous. “I… I didn’t.”

Her voice was a little soft. Obviously, she felt guilty and lacked confidence.

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