I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 337 - The Hardworking Little Girl

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Chapter 337: The Hardworking Little Girl

Su Shengjing smugly glanced at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao was speechless.

Alright, alright! I know that you have a caring little sweetheart that follows only you. You don’t have to boast about that to me!

Han Xiao had no choice but to lead Han Siye to another place to set up his stall. Han Siye’s little face stiffened, and he was extremely unwilling.

Soon, the other three pairs of fathers and children also arrived at the town. Each of the pairs found a place to set up a stall to sell persimmons.

The onlookers found this refreshing. Heh, what’s going on today? Every one of them looks like a father and child from the city coming to a small place like ours to sell vegetables. It’s refreshing.

In due time, the townsfolk found out that these people and their kids were here to record a show and that they were here on a mission. Most of the people who wanted to buy persimmons from them chose to wait and see.

They were helping in the recording of a show, and it wasn’t easy for them to appear on screen. They couldn’t just let these fathers and children complete the mission so easily. Furthermore, these people were selling things. The townsfolk had to listen to how these families were promoting their wares.

These duos of fathers and children were selling persimmons. It was only proper for the townsfolk to buy the persimmons that were promoted well.

It was almost noon, and Su Jiu got hungry. However, according to the program team’s rules, she and her father could not bring their money with them. If they wanted to eat, they had to earn money by selling persimmons.

Therefore, she had to work hard to sell them!

A lot of people surrounded them. Those uncles and aunties had smiles on their faces as they waited to see how she and her father would promote their products.

Although she was a little embarrassed, for the sake of her lunch and screen time on the show, Su Jiu could only say recklessly to Su Shengjing, “Daddy, let’s sell persimmons!”

Su Shengjing asked with interest, “How do you plan to sell them, Baby?”

Su Jiu thought about it. If I want to sell something, I have to shout to attract attention, right?

Hence, she blinked her big eyes and loudly said, “Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Auntie, do you want to buy some persimmons? Daddy and I picked up these persimmons this morning. They are very fresh! These persimmons are big and red, and they’re especially sweet. Buy some back and try them! You won’t be disappointed!”

Children were the most adorable when they were three or four years old. They could run, jump, and communicate well with others. The little girl’s voice was soft and gentle. The onlookers’ hearts softened when they heard her voice.

Especially when she looked at them with her big round eyes full of eagerness. Ah, who can stand this?

In any case, those aunties and aunties weren’t able to take it. Seeing such a young child putting in so much effort to sell these persimmons, they started to ask for the price.

They didn’t ask Su Shengjing; they asked the little girl as if she were the boss.

Su Jiu patiently answered and promoted the fruits and vegetables that she had brought along with her. She sweetly said, “These vegetables are also fresh! Look at this tomato. It’s big and red! This eggplant looks so good!”

The onlookers surrounding her shop radiantly smiled as they watched the little girl try her best to organize her words and sell her products. All of them found this very interesting, and they remained where they were.

Su Shengjing was left alone. He looked at his daughter’s young face, which was full of seriousness, as she worked hard to promote the persimmons. For some reason, he suddenly felt a tinge of guilt.

This was such a small matter, yet the little girl was working so hard. What reason do I have to slack off?

Some of the uncles and aunties felt that this little girl was immensely cute. They wanted to listen to her talk for a while more, so they didn’t buy anything for a long time, making things even harder for her.

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