I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 897 - Wait, This Script Is Wrong?  

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Chapter 897: Wait, This Script Is Wrong?

“You’ll be late if you sleep any longer.”

“Just five more minutes!”

Despite saying that, the girl in the bed had no intention of getting up even five minutes later.

“Still won’t get up, huh?” Rong Si warned her in a low voice from beside the bed. “Then I’ll…”

His drawling tone was playful.

Then I’ll what?

For some reason, Su Jiu looked forward to it.

Therefore, she didn’t open her eyes and continued to pretend to be asleep. She wondered if the little villain would lower his head and give her a gentle morning kiss until she woke up, like the hero of an idol drama.

Rong Si narrowed his eyes and actually lowered his head…

Su Jiu squeezed her eyes shut, her heart pounding as she waited. And yet—

“Ahhh! Hahaha… Ah… Rong Si! Stop it. Ahhh… spare me!”

He actually tickled her ribs. Su Jiu struggled and rolled around, laughing until she was out of breath and almost in tears.

She had to admit it worked. She was instantly wide awake!

Wait! This isn’t the right script, is it?

Su Jiu was indignant. “Rong Si! Why are you doing this?”

Seeing that Su Jiu was still on the bed. Rong Si put one hand on the headboard and looked down at her. “What’s wrong with me? Who told you not to get up, huh?”

In the morning light, Rong Si’s face looked exceptionally handsome. His facial features were so good that even a girl like Su Jiu was jealous.

Her baby was so good-looking that it made her want to pounce on him and molest him.

Su Jiu was glad she was rational. Otherwise, she might not have been able to control her restless hands. Reluctantly, she said, “Okay, okay. I’ll get up now.”

She had just propped herself up in bed when a kiss suddenly landed on her lips.

Caught off guard, Su Jiu quickly reached out to push Rong Si away. “Don’t do that. I haven’t brushed my teeth!”

“It’s fine. ”

“No, I think it not! And have you forgotten what I said in the car yesterday?” She had told him to pay attention to what he did, and he had forgotten in the blink of an eye.

“It’s just the two of us here. What do we have to watch out for?”

“Anyway, you just have to pay attention.”

Rong Si helplessly gave up on the idea of kissing Su Jiu. He lovingly reached down and lifted her from the bed to the bathroom.

To prevent herself from falling, Su Jiu could only hug his neck tightly. She was hanging on to him, and they were inseparable.

As his hands touched her soft skin, Rong Si looked down at her, his dark eyes slightly hot. “Little Jiu… are you tempting me?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Why is he smiling so charmingly?

And what does he mean by tempting him? He’s the one seducing me, isn’t he?

Su Jiu blushed. “I-I didn’t tempt you!”

“Aren’t you?” Rong Si gestured to her legs, which were wrapped around his side. His throat moved.

Su Jiu realized how suggestive such a gesture was. She quickly let go of his neck and jumped off him. “Then I won’t hug you!”

Her breath left her suddenly, and Rong Si was annoyed.

If he had known that she’d do this, he wouldn’t have said that. Why couldn’t he have just let her hang on to him?

When they reached the bathroom, Rong Si filled Su’s mouthwash cup with water and helped her squeeze on toothpaste. He handed her the toothbrush.

Su Jiu brushed her teeth and sighed. Her baby was really considerate.

Could such a good boy be found anywhere else? And I found him. Hee…

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