I Become Baby Mafia Boss-Chapter 1607 "Axelle’s Bloodline Awakening"

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We don't have time to explore the truth to Abyss blabla whatsoever and so, let's just say it straight.

The elves didn't know about Axelle's father's true identity and only knew that Axelle had the demon bloodline, but the higher-ups in the elven race must have known about it.

Axelle was the Prince of the elven race as well as the Abyss Demon.

No one knew how the king of the Abyss Demon could get in touch with the Elf Princess, but the elf princess was expelled from her royal status, and the Abyss King also gave his throne away before disappearing with the elf princess.

Unfortunately, all of this was only until Abyss was tightly guarded, and the couple was separated, leaving Axelle in the Elven continent.

Axelle never grew up with his mother because the princess soon died of too much miasma contamination despite being a blessed elf full of light attributes.

The parents had miserable endings, and Axelle, the disgrace of the elven race, was raised like a slave and not like a royal prince at all.

All this time, the elves were afraid that one day, Axelle would awaken his demonic bloodline and receive the memory inheritance from his father.

Axelle obviously didn't know much about his parents and only knew that his identity was strange and he was a lowly and dirty halfling, the disgrace of the elven family.

It was not until the Gate of Heaven was opened that Axelle finally had a forceful bloodline awakening.

The Abyss Demon was different from the Hell Demon, but the two demons were still one roots in the end, just like the angels and the celestial.

And so, the opening of the Gate of Hell still brought a huge impact on Axelle.

The Sloan Mansion was in a gloomy and depressing state for almost a month ever since the news of Ainsley's death spread out.

The family was in chaos, and it was not until a few more weeks that the family stabilized the situation, barely able to retain the family status as a high-level mafia family. 𝗳𝔯𝙚e𝒘e𝚋𝘯𝚘ν𝙚l.𝑐o𝙢

The enemies in the dark and people who wanted to step on the Sloan Family didn't succeed because of the Sloan Family's many connections and allies.

Still, the family lost a lot of not-so-loyal mafia members and only kept the most loyal members.

The number of mafia members had shrunk a lot, but those who remained were undoubtedly loyal and had a strong bond with the Sloan Family.

Everything soon returned to its previous peace, but even after a month where the head of the family went missing and people couldn't confirm whether she was really dead or not...

No one volunteered to take the position of the family head despite too many temptations to be in power.

The rebellious branch family members were all cleaned up by the head of the branch families themselves, and branch family heads were all honestly loyal to Ainsley.

They could separate from the main branch to develop yet still use the banner of the main family for connection, and protection was, all thanks to Ainsley.

These branch family heads didn't dare to take the empty throne when they were still not sure whether Ainsley was really dead or not.

The video of the baby's death was there, but her corpse and soul were taken away by unknown vampires.

The Billios Family, Ainsley's other family, was also calm and never acted as if they lost Ainsley forever.

It didn't mean that Ainsley was not favored, but it actually said that the Billios Family knew some inside information about Ainsley's safety.

The baby might not be dead, or she might be still alive somewhere, undergoing vigorous treatment!

Everyone in the Sloan Family was full of hope until Blaze was summoned away, and Axelle, who knew Blaze the most, immediately knew that Ainsley was still alive because of this.

Unfortunately, when Axelle was so excited that his mood was high, the Gate of Hell opened, and his bloodline awakening happened without anyone anticipating it.

At that time, Axelle was in the main hall with everyone else, discussing many things related to the family business, when his head suddenly hurt so much, and strange whispers poured into his ears.

Axelle felt as if someone had stabbed his head with countless knives and the blood in his vein suddenly boiled, looking excited for no reason.

Axelle's eyes unknowingly turned bloody, and the person subconsciously opened his mouth and groaned in pain.


Axelle's dark blue skin slowly turned crimson red, as if dyed in blood, and soon, his facial appearance also changed.

A pair of pitch-black goat-like horns grew on Axelle's head, and his skin grew snake-like scales, tough and sharp under the glinting light of the chandelier.

Axelle opened his mouth when he screamed, and people could see Axelle's fangs slowly growing out, looking sharper and unusual compared to his usual appearance.

Not to mention that as the headache became worse with the horns growing out of the head bit by bit, Axelle's bones all over his body ached so much and soon, his back was ripped open, and a pair of crimson-black wings came out.

The wings grew slowly but surely, bit by bit, as if wanting to torture Axelle with the painful growth of the wings on his back.

Unlike Ainsley's unique blood clan wings, Axelle's wings looked more like the miniature version of the evil western dragon's wings.

It was said that only the King of Abyss and their descendants would have such unique wings because the evil dragons shared ancestors with the royal family of the abyss demon! f𝘳𝚎𝐞we𝐛𝑛𝐨𝘃e𝘭.co𝘮

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