I Become Baby Mafia Boss-Chapter 1608 "Axelle’s Transformation"

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It was well-known that only the high-level abyss demon and the royal family had high intelligence and could be called comparable to other demonic creatures.

The mid-level and low-level abyss demons were all lunatics who were driven by their destructive instinct.

The abyss Demon was a branch family of the Hell Demon, just like Celestial Race was a branch of the angel race.

But celestials were still normal compared to the majority of Abyss Demons.

People said that when Hell demons had children with non-demonic partners, their children, the halflings, would have some problems with their temperament or their IQ.

This was why the demons from Hell would rarely have children with non-demons.

Even an interracial marriage between two different clans in the same demon family often lead to such cases.

Because of this, the demons from Hell, no matter whether they were low-level demons or high-level demons, would always marry their own people for the sake of good descendants.

Some clans in the demon family were born to be low-level demons or mid-level demons such as Succubus and other types of demons.

The others, such as the original blood clan demon from Hell were born to be high-level demons and usually worked for the 72 demon kings of Hell or directly served one of the seven Hell Princes.

Hell had many factions and despite the highest throne being the evil Gods and the seven demon lords, there was still a lot of chaos everywhere, including the matter of childbirth.

The demons were a bunch of people with their own rebellious side and even after knowing the risk of having halfling descendants, many still gave birth to various demons.

The extreme ones even married Hell creatures that weren't demons because no matter what, even the lowest-level demon of Hell would have a somewhat humanoid figure than the other Hell creatures.

Demons had no bottom line, and they could marry a lot of strange things, giving birth to a bunch of strange creatures that sometimes had humanoid shapes and sometimes didn't.

That's how the Abyss Demon was born. 𝒇𝐫ℯ𝑒𝒘ℯ𝑏n𝑜ѵ𝐞l.c𝗼𝗺

In short, the Abyss Demons were all the abandoned demons from Hell, and there were many such demons in various worlds, including the mid-level and high-level worlds.

For the demons from Hell, these 'failed' descendants could always be used as a source of terror to the chosen world and with that, the demons from Hell could have many business exchange opportunities with those worlds. 𝐟re𝐞w𝐞𝒃𝓃𝒐𝐯𝚎𝒍.c૦𝚖

Where there was chaos, there would be justice and light, but there would also be some places that needed the demons from Hell to intervene.

The Abyss Demons were all the failed versions of the Hell Demons, and only the high-level and royal family Abyss Demons were barely decent.

As a descendant of the Abyss Demon King, Axelle's wings were unique and if one didn't look at the wings closely, they would really mistake his wings for dragon wings.

After all, evil dragons in various worlds were also known for their greed and lust.

It was not strange for the current Abyss Demon's royal family to evolve and grow wings similar to the dragons if their ancestors had something to do with them.

Axelle grew a pair of wings, a pair of goat-like horns and many other demonic characteristics closely related to Abyss Demons.

It was said in the history book that Abyss Demons had a unique characteristic which was their monster-like appearance and their crimson skin as if dyed with blood.

The royal family of the Abyss Demon also had crimson skin, but they would have purple and black veins all over their crimson skin, making their appearances unique yet terrifying at the same time.

The royal family of the Abyss Demons inherited the dragons' scales, wings and good look when the dragons were in their humanoid forms.

As the son of a beautiful elf princess and a somewhat handsome Abyss Demon King, Axelle's appearance had always been good if not for his withdrawn personality and his long bangs that covered half of his face.

Now, as the blood suddenly underwent a huge awakening, the young man's appearances slowly changed, closely following the appearance of his father and mother.

Axelle's long curly hair slowly became smooth and straight but the color mixture was pitch black and golden.

It was as if someone poured golden glitter or sewed golden threats to Axelle's pitch-black hair, making his hair look like that.

The bang also grew longer, and it automatically grouped with the rest of the hair, revealing the clear appearance of the young man.

Axelle's vibe has always been that mysterious and geek elven alchemist, but as his bloodline was awakened, the young man's eyes became as sharp as the dragons.

His fangs grew, giving him a ferocious and wild look. Coupled with his elf-like ears, the young man definitely looked like a dangerous yet charming walking red flag from manhwa with psychopath villains.

Axelle himself didn't know that his appearance had changed so much, and even his aura had also changed, from his usual gentle and meekness to a sharp and vicious like now.

The young man was still groaning in pain and had already fallen on his knees, trying to endure the pain whatsoever.

Elliana, Grandpa Yofan and the others had long noticed Axelle's sudden transformation, but they didn't dare to get too close to Axelle because of one thing.

When Axelle suddenly transformed, the evil aura suppressed in his blood erupted and the whole person was covered with a thick evil aura full of corrosive attack and other dark camp attributes.

If someone got too close to him, they would be contaminated and go crazy on the spot!

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