I Cultivate Passively - Chapter 579 - Uneasiness

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Chapter 579: Uneasiness

In the process that followed, Zhou Feng did not encounter any obstacles.

It seemed that Wu Zhou had already given up.

However, Zhou Feng still retained a trace of vigilance in his heart.

From his previous performance, Wu Zhou had been deliberately guiding him and did not seem like he would give up so easily.

“If you have no desires, you are strong!”

Facing those temptations, he muttered these words.

As long as he could maintain his initial thoughts, he did not believe that anyone would be able to do anything to him.

Zhou Feng had already noticed the gold essence chain on Wu Zhou’s neck.

However, he did not think about it. He wholeheartedly used his physical body to carve a path back to the surface.

To be honest, Wu Zhou did not have many ways to deal with Zhou Feng, who had no desires.

In the beginning, Wu Zhou gave countless hints and used a few clones as bait to lure Zhou Feng to continue exploring.

However, in this situation, Zhou Feng didn’t fall for it at all, so he could only use the last method.


Zhou Feng’s tyrannical physical body was digging crazily, and it would not be long before he returned to the surface.

Although there were many accidents during the process, nothing could stop him.

Rays of light shone down from above his head.

Fresh air instantly poured into the ground.


Zhou Feng suddenly frowned because a sense of danger gushed out from below.

“Haha! You can’t escape!”

Wu Zhou’s slightly deranged voice came from afar.

A peerless killing intent condensed into a song.

The sound of metal clashing echoed in the entire abyss.

Wu Zhou had completely changed his appearance. The skin on its entire body had become loose and dark. Even his facial features had disappeared. He looked like a soft mud monster.

However, his vitality was unprecedentedly dense.

The Blood Qi that was as black as ink gushed out from its body. Zhou Feng was immediately enveloped by it. He was like a small boat in the vast ocean.

There was the possibility of being submerged at any moment.


Facing the surging sea of Blood Qi, Zhou Feng did not have the slightest bit of fear because this kind of power alone was not enough to defeat him.

But in the next second, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

The power of Wu Zhou did not pull him back at all. Instead, it wanted to push him to the surface.

“You will definitely come back!”

A wave of resentment focused on Zhou Feng’s body.

Helping Zhou Feng quickly return to the surface was what Wu Zhou was thinking.

This was because the territory above his head belonged to those lunatics from the Daemon League. Wu Zhou thought he was still a normal person compared to these people.

Those people from the Daemon League had already gone crazy. They crazily extracted the Spiritual Veins and relocated them to another place.

Many of those Spiritual Veins had already given birth to spirituality.

The Spirit Filling Convention’s goal was to vanquish the newly born spirituality and even destroy the environment of the entire Eastern Land.

How much resentment would be generated from destroying the Spiritual Veins of the entire Eastern Land?

Even Wu Zhou himself did not dare to think about it.

The resentment and the foul air were basically drained to the Bottom of the Abyss. Now that the resentment was erupting, the lunatics of the Daemon League were on top of him.

They would definitely choose to suppress it immediately. Under such circumstances, if Zhou Feng did not want to die, he would have to return as soon as possible.

This was also why Wu Zhou had been shouting crazily.

The violent Demonic Qi and Yin Qi rushed to the surface like a volcano eruption.

“This is…”

At that moment, Zhou Feng sensed the existence of a super formation.

This super formation contained traces of the laws of the great Dao. Under normal circumstances, it would be very difficult for Zhou Feng to break through this formation.

However, a hole was opened in this formation in a short period with Wu Zhou’s help.

Moreover, it was because this formation had just been set up not long ago that it was so easy to break through it.

Another thing that Zhou Feng did not know was that above his head was the location of the next Spirit Filling Convention.

The newly extracted Spiritual Vein would be buried in this place, and a new piece of land would be created.

Although this place had not been incorporated into the easternmost region, it was only a matter of time.

This was within Wu Zhou’s calculations.

‘Didn’t you say that you would be strong if you had no desires? Didn’t you say that external things would not move you?’

It just so happened that Wu Zhou used this point to send Zhou Feng to the surface forcefully.

“Why do you think so many people at the Bottom of the Abyss didn’t return to the surface?”

Wu Zhou’s face revealed a trace of pride.

The reason was that the easternmost region was above their heads.

Even if they dug a tunnel, they would have to face a super formation suppressing them above their heads.

They would also have to face the Daemon League, which had a large number of Ascendants.

“So, I was still plotted against?”

Zhou Feng’s face didn’t change at all. He rushed out of the abyss, and the dazzling sunlight fell on his face.

Then, he clearly saw the situation on the surface.

A desolate, deathly aura permeated the land.

There were also wet, withered water plants and dead bodies scattered around.

“This is…”

Apart from that, Zhou Feng also saw a cross-section of the sea.

You didn’t misread! It was the cross-section of the sea!

He was actually at the bottom of the sea, which had been drained of water.

It was a super deep pit.

Behind him was the sea, and a majestic force had locked the huge seawater.

This situation was like a bowl, half of it was empty, and the other half was filled with water.

“Who is it!?”

Before Zhou Feng could react, a suppressive force brought with it the power of heaven and earth.

A shadow seemed to be the only thing in this world. It sat in the air like a god that could split heaven and earth apart, mobilizing the power of heaven and earth.

Zhou Feng immediately made a decision.

His Invincible Avatar appeared behind him, and his reconstructed physical body exploded with all its strength.

Before the formation closed, he rushed back to the Bottom of the Abyss.

“Haha! I told you! You will definitely come back!”

When Wu Zhou saw this, he immediately laughed out loud, and the pride on his face became even more obvious.

Although Zhou Feng’s actions had somewhat exceeded his expectations, he still couldn’t escape from his calculations.

Simply put, as long as Zhou Feng appeared at the Bottom of the Abyss, no matter what he did, he wouldn’t be able to escape from his grasp.

That was unless Zhou Feng relied on his own strength to defeat him.

But was this possible?

As long as he had the demon eye, Wu Zhou would be an invincible existence at the Bottom of the Abyss. He could borrow the endless resentment of the earth, and even if he exhausted himself, he would be able to exhaust Zhou Feng to death.

“Yes! I’m back!”

Zhou Feng was forced to return to the Bottom of the Abyss, and the passage above his head began to fuse continuously.

Under such circumstances, he changed his mind.

Traces of golden Blood Qi began to erupt.

This golden Blood Qi was different from the Blood Qi when he cultivated the Emperor Coiling Scripture.

That faint golden thread carried a hint of immortality.


For some reason, a trace of unease rose in Wu Zhou’s heart.

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