I Cultivate Passively - Chapter 580 - Numerous Eyeballs  

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Chapter 580: Numerous Eyeballs

Initially, Zhou Feng did not want to deal with unnecessary trouble.

This was nothing more than the word “cost-effective.” Although there was a high probability that there were many good things here at the Bottom of the Abyss, there might also be a lot of trouble.

He had the skill panel, so he did not need to take risks. He only needed to rely on his passive skills to improve steadily.

This was also why he ignored Wu Zhou.

But now, it seemed that he had been thinking too simply.

If he wanted to leave the Bottom of the Abyss, he still needed some preparations to reach the surface.

And Wu Zhou seemed to know a lot of things. He might even know some of the deeds of the Daemon League.

Thus, Zhou Feng changed his mind.

With the help of the AI, his physical body entered Overload.

All the power in his body was squeezed out. His Blood Qi, spiritual power, and a trace of the law of the great Dao he had comprehended were all merged into one kind of power.

“Die!” roared Zhou Feng and punched down.

The vast and mighty power penetrated the entire passage from top to bottom.

“Bring it!”

Wu Zhou, whose skin was constantly sagging, was not afraid at all in the face of this scene. Instead, he directly clashed with Zhou Feng.

The two forces exploded at this moment, and the huge pressure formed once again rushed to the surface.

“What’s going on? It’s happening again?”

“What happened underground?”

“I’m not sure! But the Spirit Filling Convention will start soon, so we absolutely can’t have any accidents now.”

“You must know that the League Leader hasn’t been in a good mood recently because of the loss of the Spiritual Vein!”


The members of the Daemon League guarding the place saw that the defensive formation had sounded the alarm again.

They didn’t know what was happening underground, so they could only strengthen the formation’s suppressive power.

As for what was happening underground? It was simply impossible to find out.

So much resentment had been poured into the underground, and God knew how many demons had been born.

For them, the best way to deal with it was naturally to suppress it constantly.

Anyway, the Spirit Filling Convention had already lasted so long, and it would soon be time for the next step.

The easternmost region would be separated from the Eastern Land.

At that time, the entire Daemon League would form a secret realm that was isolated from the world.

It was said that the new leader was planning to take everyone and ascend.

Therefore, it was better to leave the trouble underground to others!

Because of this, these people did not have the intention to explore the Bottom of the Abyss.

Back at the Bottom of the Abyss…

The battle between Zhou Feng and Wu Zhou came to an end—Wu Zhou was directly crushed.

Zhou Feng was expressionless. All the types of power in his body had fused. Moreover, the more he fought, the more terrifying his aura became.

Although he didn’t use any divine abilities, just simple punches and kicks, each punch and kick contained a trace of law.

The great Dao of Longevity! It was the pursuit of immortality!

After reaching the Dao Essence realm, he began to have some enlightenment. He could even imbue the essence of the great Dao of Longevity in his attacks.

Wu Zhou was struck dumb.

“What kind of monster is this!?”

Wu Zhou felt a little powerless.

He could not imagine how this person with facial paralysis could be so strong.

This kind of strength was not the crushing of realms but the dominance displayed in actual combat.

In terms of realms, Wu Zhou was stronger than Zhou Feng.

Yet, Zhou Feng swept the floor with Wu Zhou in actual combat.

‘Why is my body bleeding when he hits me?

‘Why are his attacks able to ignore my divine skin?

‘Why is his recovery ability so abnormal!?’

At this moment, Wu Zhou’s mind was filled with 100,000 whys.

He could not figure out the various strange things that occurred during the battle.

Zhou Feng’s various passive skills could be triggered with every attack.

‘Impossible! I can not lose! I have the shed of Heavenly Venerate Longevity!’

At this moment, Wu Zhou seemed to have gone mad.

Countless small holes appeared on his loose body, and many lifeless eyes emerged from them.

Can you imagine it?

A person’s body was covered with all kinds of eyeballs, almost engulfing all of his skin.1

That scene would simply cause someone with ommetaphobia1to die instantly.

Strange! Ominous!

As these eyeballs slowly opened, a strange aura began to spread.

Traces of cold sweat appeared on Zhou Feng’s back.

These eyeballs started to turn left and right as if they were madly sizing up their surroundings.

‘The shed of Heavenly Venerate Longevity?’

Zhou Feng didn’t say much, and no one knew what he was thinking in his heart.

In the next second, Zhou Feng’s Blood Qi started to burn, dispelling the ominous and strange aura.

‘He’s still getting stronger!?’

Upon sensing that Zhou Feng’s strength was still increasing, Wu Zhou’s heart couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

This was really too monstrous!

Zhou Feng’s strength had been increasing every second from the start of the battle.

This simply did not make sense. How could a cultivator who had not reached the Ascendance realm possess this kind of strength!?

Moreover, Zhou Feng had not used any divine ability yet!

This was really too strange!

‘I hope it works!’

Wu Zhou could not help but feel a little unconfident at this moment. If the backup plan he had prepared was ineffective, it would spell his end.

Before he could continue contemplating, his physical body was crushed and burned by the Blood Qi.

However, during this process, Wu Zhou’s soul was not destroyed. Instead, it was taken away by a mysterious force.

‘As expected, the soul disappeared!’ Zhou Feng’s eyes flashed.

Ever since landing at the Bottom of the Abyss, he had discovered that a mysterious force would pull all the souls.

Moreover, this mysterious force protected these souls and prevented them from being damaged.

Now, as long as he found the source of this mysterious force, he should be able to know many secrets.

Zhou Feng ran in a certain direction without any hesitation. His eyes were as brilliant as the stars, and the aura he exuded had a suppressive effect.

In the depths of the abyss….

A large eyeball suddenly broke free.

The moment it broke free, the cold wind roared, and many sleeping demons woke up.

Beside them were lumps of flesh and blood. These lumps of flesh and blood were jumping with vitality.

Every few seconds, these lumps of flesh and blood would transform into human form and be injected into Wu Zhou’s soul.

The scene was bizarre and horrifying.

However, that horrifying scene was broken in the next second.

Zhou Feng found this place swiftly and destroyed everything in his way.

“So, this thing is causing trouble?”

Looking at the big eyeball in front of him, he felt a hint of danger.

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