I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - 1653 Chapter 1653 his Yan Yan was the prettiest

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Gu Yan did not care about the little girl’s temper. She had already taken her things and returned to her room.

According to Gu Yan’s calculations, before the banquet began in the afternoon, that Luo Han would come looking for her.

Gu Yan did not think highly of himself if he was not charming. After all, this Luo Han was obviously up to something.

It wasn’t good for him to not find ten-year-old Wen Jing.

Although Gu Yan knew that the target of Arhat’s visit was also Wen Jing.

However, Gu Yan had a feeling that Arhat’s target… was her father, Bai Jianjun!

Gu Yan touched the small jade pendant on her neck. This feeling was getting stronger.

Gu Yan’s judgment was indeed correct. Twenty minutes after she returned to her room, someone knocked on her door.

Through the peephole, Gu Yan saw that Luo Han was dressed in a neat suit, looking very gentlemanly.

Gu Yan opened the door and asked curiously, “Mr. Luo Han, what can I do for You?”

“Miss Lu, I’m sorry to intrude on you so suddenly. But I don’t know if you’re interested in walking around, but the scenery here is pretty good. “It’s still early before the banquet, Miss Lu, don’t worry,”Arhat said in fluent niyar, his attitude was also graceful.

Even the smile on his face was just right.

Gu Yan rejected with a faint smile, “Although I really want to see the scenery around me, it’s just that I’ve been on the spaceship for a long time, so I’m a little uncomfortable. You also know that we doctors pay the most attention to our health conditions. This time, we’re out on business, so we have to pay more attention.”

“Oh, that’s because I didn’t think it through. Miss Lu, you should go and rest. When you have time, we’ll talk.”

“Okay.”Gu Yan smiled faintly again and then closed the door.

However, after closing the door, she did not turn around immediately. Instead, she looked out through the peephole.

She saw that the arhat looked at her door thoughtfully before turning around and leaving.

However, when she left, she deliberately walked past the officers’rooms.

Of course, there were also guards in the officers’rooms. Gu Yan thought that this person was more like a scout.

Previously, when her father, Bai Jianjun, was in his room, Gu Yan had told Bai Jianjun to be on guard against this arhat.

At that time, Bai Jianjun said, “I don’t know this Arhat.”

Gu Yan thought that she didn’t know this arhat either. Moreover, this arhat exuded the aura of a politician. At least, he had been in this field for many years.

However, Gu Yan didn’t come into contact with many dangerous people in her previous life, so she naturally didn’t know many people in this life.

This was all Gu Yan’s intuition.

If it was anyone else, it would have been fine. However, Bai Jianjun was her father. She could tell her directly that this was her intuition for danger.

In the following days, everything went smoothly. However, Gu Yan also discovered Lu Ye and his partners who were hiding in the dark.

This trip would last for five days. The most dangerous days were the first and fifth days.

Therefore, no one could predict what would happen at the banquet. They had to be extremely alert.

Gu Yan was wearing a white evening dress that hung down to her ankles. Her hair was tied up in a bun. It was very simple and elegant, revealing her white swan-like neck.

Lu Ye, who was dressed as a waiter, stood in the corner and quietly admired his wife.

Well, no matter how he looked at Yan Yan, she was really beautiful.

However, in the next moment, when Lu Ye saw a man holding a wine glass and walking directly towards his wife, his eyes immediately narrowed dangerously.

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