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Bai Jianxun was not married yet, but he did have a partner. Perhaps everyone had different thoughts, so they chose different things.

But no matter what, everyone enjoyed the new year’s feast. Everyone was very satisfied.

After the meal, Gu Yan let his mother, Xie Luan, and his mother-in-law, Qin Lanzhi, go to rest. The two of them had prepared this feast, and it was already very tiring. They were no longer needed to wash the dishes and clean up.

Lu Ye could not bear to see his wife do so many dishes alone, so he rolled up his sleeves and immediately came over to help.

Gu Yan said, “There’s no need. I’ll do the dishes myself. You Go and talk to the dads.”

“If you have something to say, I’ve already said it just now. And there are so many bowls, how long do you have to wash them?”. “Also, isn’t there a famous saying? When men and women are paired, it’s not tiring to work.”Lu Ye took the dishcloth from Gu Yan’s hands with a smile.

Gu Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

How did this saying become a famous saying?

Looking at the happy family, Wen Jing’s eyes were filled with envy, but she didn’t say it out loud. She only answered obediently when Xie Luan and the others asked questions.

“Then where do you usually live now? At the Commander’s House?”Qin Lanzhi asked.

Wen Jing shook her head. “I only come here during holidays. Most of the time, I live on campus.”

“But what about during the school holidays?”

“I’ll go to work.”

Xie Luan and Qin Lanzhi fell silent at the same time.

They felt sorry for this child.

How Old was this child? was she going to work?

However, they also knew that Wen Jing was especially strong, so they didn’t say anything else. They were worried that she would overthink things.

Qin Lanzhi didn’t have a daughter, so at this moment, she looked at Wen Jing with gentleness in her eyes.

As for Xie Luan, although she had raised Bai Weiyang previously, Bai Weiyang had never been close to her since she was young, so she could not feel the interaction between her daughter and her mother.

As for Gu Yan, he was already 18 years old when he came back to recognize her. He definitely would not let them dress up as cute as they liked.

However, Wen Jing was finally here!

Xie Luan and Qin Lanzhi’s eyes lit up. “It’s still early. Let’s Go Shopping!”

“Aren’t most of the shops closed now?”Bai Jianxun asked suspiciously.

Qin Lanzhi and Xie Luan’s eyes darkened.

That’s right. It was New Year’s Eve, and it was the afternoon. Almost all the shops were closed.

For some reason, Wen Jing felt a little upset when she saw the disappointment in their eyes.

Without thinking, she blurted out, “I’ll stay in the noble district for a few more days. Some shops will open one after another on the third day of the Lunar New Year. We can go shopping then.”

“Okay!”Xie Luan was very happy.

Qin Lanzhi had planned to return to Planet Yabaker on the third day of the Lunar New Year, but she gritted her teeth and said, “I’ve decided to stay here for a few more days!”

Since she wanted to stay here for a few more days, the others naturally would not say anything. Lu Haiyang was also very happy. After all, on her father’s side, although he had been fighting with elder Bai, the two old men could be considered to have fallen in love and killed each other.

Every time they met, they would become more energetic.

Therefore, this matter was settled just like that.

Wen Jing heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she raised her head and saw Xiao Sheng directly giving her a piece of candy.

“It’s very sweet.”

”… Thank you.”Wen Jing did not know what that strange feeling was, but she knew that she did not hate this feeling.

She pushed away the thin candy wrapper and put the piece of candy into her mouth. It felt especially sweet.

Gu Yan turned around and looked at the living room, which was filled with joy and joy. He felt especially gratified.

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