I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 642 - She’s Broke

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Chapter 642: She’s Broke

“At this time, I guess the hospital is closed. We can only go there tomorrow.”

“Okay, then we’ll go there tomorrow.”

Gu Yan lowered her eyes slightly.

Because she suddenly remembered that Bai Weiyang killing Zhang Lan was definitely not her original intention.

At the very least, this should not have been Bai Weiyang’s original plan.

Someone must have instigated her.

And the fact that Bai Mengchen had suddenly acknowledged Bai Weiyang as her daughter probably had something to do with that person!

If that was true, then it meant that that person must have been in the hospital at that time!

Gu Yan and Lu Ye had seen the surveillance footage before, but they had only seen the area near Zhang Lan’s ward. Bai Weiyang had attacked Zhang Lan, and because they were familiar with her, they had avoided all the surveillance footage in the hospital.

But that person… might not be that familiar with the surveillance footage from the hospital!

Actually, this was only a guess. But to Gu Yan, it would be best if she could obtain evidence to send Bai Weiyang to prison. If she could not, she could also find some traces of the other person.

Because if that was the case, if anything happened again, they would not be so passive.

Of course, Lu Ye had no objections. He supported his wife’s decision with both hands and feet. The couple had been running for a whole day, and they were ready to go back.

Gu Moli, who had just been seen by Gu Yan, rubbed her sore legs, and her expression was a little ugly.

She had no money left.

Her mother, Zhang Lan, had died, and the funeral had been done in a hurry. Gu Moli had no idea what had happened. She had originally wanted to go back to her hometown to look for Gu Dagang. Even if Gu Dagang divorced Zhang Lan, she was still Gu Dagang’s daughter.

However, Gu Moli had already familiarized herself with the life of the main planet. She had never done any farm work since she was young. Now that she had to go back and work as a farmer with Gu Dagang?

She was not willing at all!

Previously, all of her tuition and living expenses had been given to Gu Moli by Zhang Lan from the restaurant owner.

But now that Zhang Lan was gone, would the fat owner still give Gu Moli money?

The answer was that she wouldn’t have the chance to see the fat boss anymore.

Gu Moli went back to the restaurant once, but instead of seeing the fat boss, she saw the boss’s ex-wife.

Without saying anything, the fat woman slapped Gu Moli directly, then picked up the broom and scolded her as she hit her.

All the foul language and the fiery slap.

Gu Moli was scared and didn’t dare to go to that restaurant anymore.

However, without money, she couldn’t go to school. The person she was relying on before broke up with her again.

Gu Moli had no choice but to go to the store to apply for a sales job.

She looked pretty good and had a sweet mouth. It just so happened that the store was short of people, so she was asked to take over temporarily.

However, she had been raised by Zhang Lan since she was young, so she didn’t know how to do any work. She couldn’t endure hardship, and her temper wasn’t good. She would scold the customers at any time. So, after only a few days of work, she was fired.

She only received about twenty star dollars.

Including the ones she had left on her, it was less than a hundred dollars…

“Damn it!”

Gu Moli kicked a rock angrily.

The school was going to charge her tuition fees and accommodation fees. She didn’t have any money, so she couldn’t go back to the school now.

Fortunately, Zhang Lan and blacksmith Wang had rented the house together. They had paid the rent for half a year, but it wasn’t due yet. Gu Moli had the key to the house.

Zhang Lan was dead, and blacksmith Wang had run away long ago. Gu Moli had gone to the house with one of her partners to fool around.

Thinking of this, Gu Moli had to walk towards the rental house. Her face was full of boredom and annoyance.

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