I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1355 - Old Master Bo's Expression Changes and Bo Jinqiao's Misery!  

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Chapter 1355: Old Master Bo’s Expression Changes and Bo Jinqiao’s Misery!

“Pei Yunge, are you not apologetic at all?”

Tang Boyang questioned with a dark expression.

At this moment, Nie Yu was even more stunned when he saw Pei Yunge appear in front of him.

What the f*ck was going on??

Wasn’t this person too busy to attend their company party?

The atmosphere was cold, but before everyone could react, they heard Yu Hanran say with a smile, “Master Pei, Master Pei, come and sit with me.”

Pei Yunge glanced at him lazily, but sat on the other side, not giving Yu Hanran any face.

This was very haughty.

However, Yu Hanran was not angry and only spoke to Pei Yunge with a cheeky smile.

Until the next moment!

Everyone saw Old Master Bo stand up and pick up the glass on the table.

His expression was dark and even his hand that was holding the glass seemed to be trembling from anger.

Seeing this, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Even the atmosphere became tense. They did not dare to imagine what kind of terrifying scene would happen next.

“Old Master Bo, I didn’t take good care of my son. When I go back…”

Tang Boyang had just suppressed the smile on his lips and wanted to say something when he was interrupted by Old Master Bo excitedly.

“You’re Teacher YUN?”

Old Master Bo was almost incoherent as he asked her nervously and softly.


The atmosphere became relaxed and everyone was stunned!

Why would Old Master Bo call this female student a teacher??

Pei Yunge had no impression of Old Master Bo and her eyebrows moved. “You are?”

Old Master Bo was extremely excited. “Teacher, I was recruited by the International Musicians’ Association two years ago. It was all thanks to your advice on how to change the score that I could successfully enter the International Musicians’ Association!”

Pei Yunge remembered. “You don’t have to thank me. I only did it because you’re talented.”

Old Master Bo’s score back then was very popular with Pei Yunge. Although the other examiners did not allow it, Pei Yunge liked it and Old Master Bo understood it immediately.

“Teacher, let me toast you! I really didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Ever since Old Master Bo found out that YUN was the eldest young lady of the Qin family, he wanted to visit her, but he was afraid of being rude.

That was why he was so excited today.

However, when Tang Boyang saw this, his expression froze and his brain was filled with mush.

Wasn’t Pei Yunge a Physics student at Yun University?

How was she related to the International Musicians’ Association?!

Back then, Tang Boyang had taken a liking to Bo Jinqiao’s status as a member of the International Musicians’ Union, so he wanted her to be with Huo Shidu.

After all, the connections of the International Musicians’ Union were a huge fortune.

However, he never thought that Pei Yunge was a member of the International Musicians’ Association and had a high status…

Tang Boyang turned around and found that Bo Jinqiao’s eyes were red. It was obvious that she already knew Pei Yunge’s identity.

His expression darkened instantly.

Why didn’t this idiot tell him about this earlier??


Then, she heard Old Master Bo ask curiously, “Teacher, did Jinqiao… offend you?”

Pei Yunge suddenly raised an eyebrow with interest. “What did she tell you?”

Old Master Bo instantly understood that there must be a reason.

His expression darkened. “Jinqiao, are you still unwilling to tell the truth?”

Bo Jinqiao immediately knelt down and looked at Old Master Bo in panic.

“Grandpa Bo, I was careless and scalded Miss Pei’s dog.”

Seeing this, everyone had different thoughts.

“Jinqiao, the Bo family has already done their best to raise you to adulthood. Now, you have the ability to fend for yourself.”

Old Master Bo’s slow words made Bo Jinqiao’s face turn pale!

Was he chasing her out of the Bo family??

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