I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1371 - Huo Shidu, What's With Your Face?  

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Chapter 1371: Huo Shidu, What’s With Your Face?

Qin Yu heaved a sigh of relief, but he said, “Then did you…”


The man suddenly interrupted him and continued slowly, “It will happen sooner or later.”

Qin Yu’s face was almost distorted uncontrollably.

Listen, did this sound like something a person would say?

After calming down…

After Qin Yu finished smoking, he planned to go upstairs to the study with Huo Shidu.

After all, if Huo Shidu was really disfigured by him, Ge’er might still be angry with him…

At this thought, Qin Yu’s mood became even more complicated.

“We’ve been brothers for so many years. You’re really unlucky.”

Huo Shidu did not care what Qin Yu was muttering behind him. However, when he casually opened the study door and saw the scene inside clearly, his body froze.

At some point, someone suddenly appeared in the study—

Pei Yunge sat lazily on the chair he usually sat on. Her robe was loose, revealing her shoulders. One could vaguely see the black strap inside.

A pair of fair and slender legs were placed lazily on the table, forming a strong contrast with the wine-red nail polish she had just applied, causing a strong fluctuation in one’s senses.

The man’s pale-colored pupils darkened as a layer of darkness covered them.

Hearing the commotion, Pei Yunge turned around and met the man’s eyes.

However, when she turned around, the robe on her shoulders slipped even more.

The man’s eyes turned dark as he tried his best to suppress the evilness in the man’s bones and the possessiveness that surged in him.

The little girl casually took a clean sleeping robe, but did not notice that this sleeping robe was too big. It was simply what the man usually wore.

“What…” Why was she stopping in front?

Before Qin Yu could ask, he was about to look up when Huo Shidu suddenly closed the door.

At this moment, the door was tightly closed.

Pei Yunge, who was inside and was about to stand up, was speechless.

What was going on?

Outside the door.

Qin Yu said in the awkward silence, “Are you treating me as a thief?”


Didn’t she know who the thief was??

Huo Shidu hid the darkness in his eyes and said casually, but his voice was unusually low and hoarse. “Do you want to pick some alcohol and bring it back?”


Qin Yu asked instinctively.

The alcohol in the Huo family’s wine cellar was priceless. One bottle could be exchanged for a house in the center of Yun Cheng.

Qin Yu regained his senses very quickly and chuckled. “Master Du, you want to bribe me with just a few bottles of wine?”

However, the man licked his lips and looked up at Qin Yu with a smile. “I don’t drink much. If you like, I’ll get Ceng Xu to move everything over for you next time.”

In the past, Old Master Huo loved alcohol, so the Huo family had collected a lot of good alcohol. However, after Old Master Huo passed away, Huo Shidu still fulfilled his contract with the winery.

Hearing this, Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat.

“Aren’t you a little too generous?”

Qin Yu’s tone eased a lot and he followed Huo Shidu downstairs silently.

But not for long.

In the study, the scene just now suddenly flashed in Pei Yunge’s mind.

She seemed to see a wound on the man’s lips.

Pei Yunge’s eyes darkened and she quickly got up and went downstairs.

Halfway through their conversation, Qin Yu suddenly heard a voice coming from the stairs.

“Did you tell Ge…”

“Huo Shidu, what’s wrong with your face?”

At this moment…

The two men sitting on the sofa turned around and saw Pei Yunge walking over expressionlessly.

“Ge… Ge’er?”

Qin Yu was instantly stunned. “Why are you here?”

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