I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1435 - Master Du Has Been Cheated On

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Chapter 1435: Master Du Has Been Cheated On

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Usually, if Farrina said it so modestly, Huntington would definitely deny it to her face.

It was to let Farrina have some confidence and show some dignity as a future researcher. She should not be afraid of being inferior to others.

However, she never thought that Huntington would be silent this time.

“Farrina, that person is more difficult to get along with.”

Huntington said this and immediately changed the subject. “Farrina, go and have a chat with the young people. Nimo, don’t accompany me.”

Farrina’s expression changed immediately.

Then, she forced a smile and said, “Okay, Professor.”

After the two students left, Huntington slowly said, “…If Farrina didn’t mention it, I would have almost forgotten that she’s four to five years younger than Farrina.”

Huntington knew very well that as her student, although Farrina was very talented, she was too utilitarian.

Just like back then, when Farrina found that Jasmin and Titch, who were the same age as her, were more professional in Physics than her, she almost suffered a serious blow!

Later, under Huntington’s guidance, Farrina slowly composed herself.

However, this time, if Farrina knew that the person from Lin Lanjun’s family was only in her early twenties, Huntington could not help but be afraid that the good seedling he had raised would be agitated and collapse…

Zhong Shenglin could see how much Huntington valued this student. He snorted. “Old Heng, in our industry, geniuses are the least rare existences. The mentality of scientific researchers is the most important.”

“Even without that person, Si Chengyan, Jasmin, Titch, and Jian Xi, which one of them won’t be ruthless figures in the industry in the future?”

“Yeah, but we’ll talk about this later.”


Huntington shook his head and changed the subject. “Are the new big shots in our industry here today?”

“He’s probably hiding somewhere.”

Zhong Shenglin knew Pei Yunge’s character.

At this moment…

Pei Yunge had just walked into the living room when the waiter could not help but glance at Pei Yunge and Momo.

For some reason, he felt that the little boy this young lady brought looked a little familiar…

However, he felt that he had definitely never seen this little boy before.

“Sister, will Older Brother come and fetch us today?”

Momo took Pei Yunge’s hand and asked carefully, looking very obedient.

Pei Yunge’s lips curled up. “You want Older Brother to come and fetch you?”

Momo was speechless.

These few days, Pei Yunge had heard from Ceng Xu that Momo had gotten into a fight in school.

Although Huo Shidu went to settle it immediately, Momo refused to talk to Huo Shidu about this.

Therefore, Ceng Xu could only secretly look for Pei Yunge for help.

“Sister, did Older Brother ask you to come?” Momo asked unwillingly.

“Why? Does our Momo not want to see Sister anymore?”

Pei Yunge raised her pretty eyes slightly and slowly glanced at Ceng Xu, who was hiding behind the glass wall. She squatted down and met Momo’s eyes, asking with a lazy smile.


Momo could not help but peek at Pei Yunge. His ears started to turn red and he reached out to hug Pei Yunge’s fair neck, rubbing against it obediently.

Taking advantage of the fact that his biological brother was not around, he asked boldly in his childish voice, “Then will Sister accompany Momo all day today?”

Ceng Xu, who was peeping, felt the corners of his lips twitch.

They were really biological brothers. Their taste was surprisingly the same.

Ever since Momo started kindergarten, there were actually many little girls in the same class who confessed openly when they saw that Momo was good-looking.

There were even people who suddenly moved closer and wanted to kiss Momo’s face.

However, they were all pushed away by Momo coldly, refusing to interact with the little girl.

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