I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses-Chapter 1436 - Another Award!

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Chapter 1436: Another Award!

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Fortunately, Momo was young.

Otherwise, according to how much Master Du cared about Miss Pei, if he saw this scene, he would probably abandon him overseas.

“Mm, I will only accompany our Momo today.”

Pei Yunge carried the little kid and sat on the sofa, pinching Momo’s soft face in different ways.

Momo’s temper was extremely good, but he was staring at Pei Yunge pitifully with his beautiful obsidian-like eyes.

Occasionally, he would rub against Pei Yunge’s neck obsequiously.

This scene made the corners of Ceng Xu’s lips twitch. Did this biological brother know how to make a girl happy?


After a while, Farrina suddenly saw Pei Yunge behind the short branch with Hai Ning.

“Why is she here?” Farina frowned and found that Pei Yunge had actually brought a child in.

“She’s from the A.M. Computing Institute. However, I didn’t expect her to be so capable. She can even get a spot to attend such a gathering.”

After a trace of coldness flashed past Hai Ning’s eyes, she chuckled.

Hearing this, Farrina suddenly hesitated.

Someone from the A.M. Computing Institute?

Then did she know that person too?


Hai Ning turned to look at Farrina and guessed her concerns.

“I heard that the heir of the A.M. Computing Institute is amazing. She’s the only one in the country who requires people to sign a confidentiality agreement when they see her in person.”

“Even in this conference, the representatives of the various countries have expressed that those who agree to join will sign confidentiality agreements.”

These words were clearly telling Farrina that with Pei Yunge’s qualifications, it was not enough for her to see that person.

It was only then that Farina regained her senses and felt that she was being ridiculous.


How could a student in her early twenties with ordinary qualifications know that person?

Farina’s eyes gradually turned cold as she called out to a waiter who was passing by.

“Hello, can you let that young lady over there come over for a gathering? I think it’s not too good for her to be alone.”

“Miss, those are the students who gathered today. Do you… want to go and greet them?”

Seeing Pei Yunge with a child, the waiter went forward and asked rashly.

Pei Yunge glanced at the party calmly.

“No need. There’s no one I know.”

Hearing this frank and honest words, the smile on the waiter’s lips froze.

If it was anyone else, they would probably pretend to know a few people to boost their reputation.

But this person came to a party to sit in the corner and take care of a child??

At first, the waiter still had the thought that Pei Yunge was some big shot. Now, his eyes were filled with disdain, feeling that she was useless.

“Why? Are you quite free?”

Pei Yunge’s slow voice was so calm that no emotions could be heard. It was as if she had knocked him on the side.

However, when the waiter really met Pei Yunge’s eyes, his back inexplicably turned cold.

“Y-Yes, the young lady over there asked if you wanted to go over for a gathering…”

With that said…

Pei Yunge’s phone suddenly rang.

[Titch: Teacher, you won another award!!!]

[Titch: Link [Winner of the Nosding Physics Prize: Congratulations to the new researcher, Y.G., for living up to expectations!]]

[Jasmin: [celebration] [celebration] [celebration]]

The group member [Jian Xi] changed the group name to ‘the scientific research big boss and her elementary school chickens’.

Pei Yunge’s eyelid twitched.

[G: ?]

[G: Are you done with your homework?]

The moment Pei Yunge came online, the group chat suddenly fell into silence.

Not long after…

[Jian Xi: [Homework.pdf]

[Jian Xi: [Star Eyes] Teacher, I’m done ~]

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