I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN) - Chapter 703

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Chapter 703

The man who was with Sibylla, Biscot, was also quite a warrior himself.

From his tall, heavily muscled body, he must be quite a power fighter.

I appraised Biscot, which had appeared in the arena. However, the appraisal did not work properly. It seemed that he was still using a device to disguise his true status.

「That's quite a large shield」

『Is he a shield user? I can sense a lot of magic power from it』

「Nn. It looks sturdy too」

Biscot's most conspicuous equipment is his tower shield. It was so huge that it could completely hide his huge body if he bent down slightly. It was probably quite thick as well.

His weapon was a long-handled sledgehammer. At the end of the nearly two-meter long handle is a huge iron head that looks like it weighs hundreds of pounds.

Protection with a shield and a killing blow with a hammer. In a sense, it's the basic equipment for a shield user. Well, both the shield and the hammer are of a non-standard size though.

No ordinary person would even be able to lift either of them. The strength of his muscles must have been tremendous, because he could carry such heavy equipment with one hand.

I think, only high ranked adventurers should be able to achieve the same feat.

His equipment would certainly be useful against magic beast, but would it be effective against human? Human opponents are nimble and much quicker after all.

『We'll see how he handles this』


『On the other hand, Dimitris' disciple is… he's only wearing a hand armor?』

「He looks strong」

『Well, he's someone that had Dimitris' approval to participate after all』

His name was Zelt, a young man with short black hair and a stern face. To be frank, he looks like a gorilla.

That said, I'm sure he's strong. I also heard that he has mastered the Dimitris style up to the sixth stage.

Well then, I wonder what kind of battle we'll see. They bowed gracefully to each other, and the match began.

Fran and I were both excited to see it, and the match was as intense and fast-paced as we had anticipated.

Zelt was the one who make the first move.

「Here I come, Shield user-dono!」

「So fast!」

Just as we had predicted, Zelt used his agility to his advantage and toyed with Biscot. He ducked into a blind spot and tried to break Biscot's stance with a swift move.

However, Biscot's defense was more solid than I had imagined. He could turn around incredibly quickly and block all of Zelt's attacks with his shield. Even so, I think he had been hit a few times too, but his stance did not waver at all.

On the contrary, Zelt soon showed signs of change. The frequency of his attacks had dropped slightly. And when I paid closer attention, I saw that bright red liquid was flowing down from the gap of his hand armor.

It seems that Biscot was not only blocking him, but also dealing damage to his fist by lightly hitting it with his shield. It seems that the damage was done to the extent that the inside of his hand armor was damaged.

Zelt's expression twisted in frustration. I think it's because almost all of his attacks had been seen through. Moreover, it was through a shield.

This was more of a power difference than I thought. In the end, Biscot's well-aimed counterattack on Zelt, who had little room to attack, ended the match in an anticlimactic ending.

It was a big comeback from what seemed to be a one-sided victory for Zelt in the first minutes. Witnessing this, the crowd cheered loudly.

『That solid defense is really troublesome』


Fran is looking at Biscot with a motivated face. I think she's imagining how she would fight against an opponent like him.

After that, we waited for Sibylla's turn, but it didn't give us any useful information at all because she defeated her opponent in an instant.

『At least we have confirmed that she uses a sword』

「And she's a speed-focused fighter」

『You're right, she's only wearing light armor and no shield after all』

Let's look forward to the next match. It's Sibylla Vs. Colbert next. Whoever wins, this will definitely be a good fight.

After that, we headed to the adventurer's guild. We were going to report about the messenger from the Kingdom of Shallus.

Diaz and Elsa didn't seem to be around, so Fran explained to the receptionist. But to our surprise, we got a surprising response about the matter.

「It's Kingdom of Shallus again, huh…?」


「Yes. Actually, the people from the Kingdom of Shallus have been causing problems for quite a while now」

What a surprise, it seems that the other top participants have been contacted by people from the Kingdom of Shallus as well. They seem to be recruiting famous participants without any proper procedures.

The receptionist then sighed with a tired look on her face.

「They've been causing a lot of problems for several people now…」

「Why don't we just decline the Kingdom of Shallus?」

「It's no use. It's not like what they're doing is illegal. Every country has been recruiting strong adventurers to their country after all」

It seems that, at best, they could only tell them not to bother the tournament's participants.

「Still, they're a bit weird, aren't they?」


「Yes. Their messengers' attitude was so bad that I can't help but think that they don’t want to succeed in recruiting the participants」

It seems that Viscount Emmert is not a special case, but all the messengers of the Kingdom of Shallus are like that. And when the adventurer gets angry, the next person or his cohorts will get down on their knees and apologize exaggeratedly.

Having a nobleman from another country to get down on their knees, the adventurers would certainly find it difficult to remain angry any longer. Moreover, their ridiculous appearance would certainly make anyone feel bad.

In the end, the talks ended in a stalemate, and the adventurers were left in anger.

「In the first place, the caliber of the people who claim to be messengers of the country is too low. How can it be that all the people officially sent by a country are idiots, right?」

「So, they are not actually from the Kingdom of Shallus?」

Are they trying to ruin their reputation by pretending to be their messengers? However, when I checked them with my lie detection skill before, I was able to confirm that they are really the messengers of the Kingdom of Shallus.

「…Is this some kind of conspiracy?」

「We don't know. We don't see their point in doing this either, but… This matter has been overwhelming us. We also have to increase the number of security personnel. It would become a big mess if the participants attacked the nobles after all… Fran-sama too, please ignore them if they tried to contact you again」


The Kingdom of Shallus, I wonder what they're after?


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