I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot-Chapter 960 - Door of Wonder

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Chapter 960: Door of Wonder

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Blackie asked, “Have you tried the soil from the master’s backyard?”

Wisdom Soil was able to even bury volcanoes. It should have been a counter to water.

“We did. Wisdom Soil can keep growing, but the Unending Sea’s water is limitless as well. The two can’t beat each other, but how can we get as much soil as seawater?”

Little Fox shook her head and said miserably.

In the Unending Sea, the old hag smiled coldly as she looked at everyone. She was incredibly calm, knowing that no one could do anything about her.

The drunkard and the others decided to ignore the old hag as well. After all, nothing good would come out of it.

“That’s right, where are the traitors?” the Undying suddenly asked.

Little Fox and Dragin shook their heads, “We don’t know. They suddenly left.”

“They left for something called the Door of Wonder.”

At that moment, Shi Tuqin flew over from a distance. Cultivator Junjun, Nuwa, and the others from the Heavenly Palace were with them. 𝙛𝘳𝘦e𝓌e𝗯n𝗼ѵ𝙚l.𝒄𝚘𝑚

They hurried back from the other corrupted places after receiving the news. That was because they did not know what the Door of Wonder was, and why it managed to cause all the traitors to retreat.

“The Door of Wonder?!” The drunkard, the strong man, and the Undying all exclaimed excitedly. Even their breathing god erratic.

The strong man said in disbelief, “Are you sure you weren’t mistaken?”

Shi Tuqin shook her head, “Absolutely not, they mentioned the Door of Wonder. Do the three of you know what it is?”

“The Door of Wonder has reappeared? I’ve got it, that has to be one of the targets of the traitors!” The drunkard glinted in his eyes as he inhaled seriously.

The Undying said with a heavy tone, “The Door of Wonder is the highest gate between heaven and earth. It is where Wisdom gives its inheritance. Anyone who enters the door will be acknowledged by Wisdom. Wisdom itself will be their teacher, and they’ll be able to learn various Wisdom from within!”

The strong man exclaimed, “The greatest of legends, the Door of Wonder! Countless Years ago, it was something that only existed in legend. Only when calamity befell the world during the last lifetime did it reappear. That was how we knew that it existed!”

Little Fox and the others got incredibly excited as they listened.

It was obvious that the Door of Wonder was a holy land for cultivators. It was an incredibly unique place!

To be thought by Wisdom itself was a terrifying thought. The moment anyone entered the Door of Wonder, their speed of cultivation would increase rapidly. It was hard to imagine!

Qin Manyun raised an eyebrow as she said in surprise, “Seniors, you said that the Door of Wonder appeared in the last life as well?”

“That’s right. The Door of Wonder appeared to help stop the corruption.”

The drunkard nodded, picking up his gourd and gulping down a mouthful before he said, “During the last lifetime, Wisdom was corrupted and chaos descended. To give the cultivators the power to suppress corruption, the Door of Wonder appeared. We once cultivated within it. Even the Unrivaled did as well. Those traitors are probably cultivating within to increase their cultivation by leaps and bounds. The Door of Wonder is incredibly magical. Any enlightenment you gain inside would be a hundred times more effective!”

Xiao Chengfeng’s expression changed as he said, “So you managed to become so powerful because of the Door of Wonder.” f𝘳𝚎𝐞we𝐛𝑛𝐨𝘃e𝘭.co𝘮

The drunkard nodded, “The Door of Wonder pulled up all the cultivators to incredible heights back then. At the same time, it made it so that the gulf between supreme beings was much larger. Even if everyone entered the Door of Wonder, the difference in talents meant that some people saw their power increase by ten times, while some only double their power. In such a situation, even fellow supreme beings were trampled over!”

Cultivator Junjun took a deep breath, “That’s terrifying. To suppress the corruption, Wisdom itself had to move.”

The Door of Wonder was a hack.

Wisdom itself opened up a hack for everyone in hopes that everyone would suppress the corruption after they got stronger.

No wonder the traitors rushed to the Door of Wonder, leaving everything behind. It was far too alluring.

Yang Jian sighed as he cursed, “What a pity! Wisdom gave up so much, even opening the Door of Wonder. In the end, it got betrayed…”

Saying that, everyone looked incredibly sorrowful.

“If there weren’t any traitors back then, the corruption might have been thoroughly suppressed back then…” The Undying sighed and shook his head.

The strong man said seriously, “I can’t believe the Door of Wonder appeared again this time. I wonder where it is. If the traitors have gone inside, they’ll be incredibly hard to handle in the future!”

The traitors did not have good intentions. If they managed to get into the Door of Wonder again, they would explode in power. That was not something any of them wanted to see.

“Go! We have to go find the Door of Wonder!” Xiao Chengfeng said with resolve.

The drunkard immediately took up his old task, staying back at the Unending Sea to suppress it. The others brought the heavenly soldiers and searched everywhere for the Door of Wonder and the traitors.

Nanan, Dragin, and the others instead brought the Dao-Devouring Dragon back to Fallen Immortal Mountain. They quickly arrived at the residence.

Li Nianfan sat in front of the stone table as he looked at the book in front of him distractedly. Fire Phoenix and Daji massaged him.

It looked incredibly warm, but Li Nianfan’s heart was unsettled.

Before, the residence had Qin Manyun, Shi Tuqin, Little Fox, Nanan, and Dragin around. It was always very lively. The sudden quietness made him a little anxious.

When Li Nianfan lived alone, he did not think much about it. However, he suddenly felt a bit lonely when the liveliness was taken away.

Furthermore, as he looked up at the sky, it was dark and gloomy.

Even the sun seemed dimmer.

The sky changed.

They went out to exterminate evil. He wondered if they encountered any danger.

“Big brother, we’re back!”

“Big brother, we brought an amazing animal back. It must taste very good.”

Suddenly, Nanan and Dragin were heard outside. Li Nianfan’s frown suddenly disappeared as a smile appeared on his face.

“Oh,” Li Nianfan opened the door, “welcome home…”

After that, he was stunned as he looked behind Qin Manyun and the others.

There, a massive animal lay on the ground. Its whole body was covered in purple and black scales. The scales themselves glowed, looking incredibly impressive.

Li Nianfan saw many beasts, but never saw anything like that. Furthermore, from its outward appearance, the beast was noticeably an incredible one. It was incredibly majestic, even more so than other dragons!

Most importantly, it was incredibly big. It was the size of a small mountain. That was why Nanan and the others did not bring it into the residence.

He raised an eyebrow, “The standards of your wild game are getting higher and higher…”