I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot-Chapter 966 - Red-Haired Supreme

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Chapter 966: Red-Haired Supreme

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Countless sword slashes filled the world, turning into rays of light that shot forward.

Swish Swish Swish!

Mass after mass of white-haired monsters fell. Even the gray mist cultivators thatretreated great distances found it hard to avoid death, being killed in one strike!

Xiao Chengfeng had both hands behind his back as he moved on his sword, slowly moving toward the Door of Wonder with the aura of a supreme being.

He deliberately slowed himself down to put on the best show he could.

At that moment, he said nothing, but it was like he said everything he could. He surprised countless people.

Cultivator Junjun and the others followed behind him, not interfering as they wisely allowed Xiao Chengfeng to show off.

Yet, at that moment, a black mist suddenly appeared. It was like a black spot in the world, filled with a strange and destructive power. It broke past countless slashes as it rushed right to Xiao Chengfeng!

Xiao Chengfeng raised an eyebrow as he used his finger as a blade, pointing right at the spot!

The sharp slash fell right onto the black spot!

The slash clashed against the destructive aura. Both of them had the power of supreme beings. In the end, they both dispersed with a boom.

“You became a supreme being?!” In the distance, an unhappy and surprised exclamation could be heard.

“It’s you again?” Xiao Chengfeng turned around to see that one of the traitors that were at the Volcanoes of Disaster was the one who attacked. A few other traitors were looking over coldly as well.

They circled six red-haired monsters as they closed in on the Door of Wisdom.

“It seems like he’s panicking. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be trying to help you improve at no expense. It’ll be up to your skills if you can enter the Door of Wonder, hahaha” The Space Disruptor let out a laugh as he punched at Xiao Chengfeng.

Space layered over itself repeatedly, turning into a transparent brick that shot right at Xiao Chengfeng. Space shattered everywhere it passed. It would naturally turn any corpse into powder.

Xiao Chengfeng waved his hand casually, and a sharp blade shot over.

A red slash filled the skies, piercing right into that distorted space. The blade layered into itself over and over again, being shattered by space. Yet, even after being shattered, it still had devastating sword intent within, piercing through the Space Disruptor’s space.

When he saw that Xiao Chengfeng blocked his attack, the traitors did not continue attacking. Instead, they let out a mocking smile as they turned and stepped into the Door of Wonder.

Yang Jian frowned as he said unhappily, “They can enter the Door of Wonder?”

“They were not corrupted by the gray mist. They can naturally enter,” The drunkard let out a soft and helpless sigh.

The Door of Wonder was something Wisdom made to increase the powers of the world. It was meant to face corruption. Wisdom could not do anything if some did not want to fight the gray mist even after increasing their skills.

“Hurry up, we have to go in as well!” Xiao Chengfeng increased his speed.

“It probably won’t be so easy,” the Undying shook his head as he looked at the six red-haired monsters and frowned, “The gray mist can actually use the corpses of supreme beings and turn them into red-haired monsters.”

He felt immense death energy from the six red-haired monsters. It should have belonged to the dead, but it was all turned into red-haired monsters. They even had the power of supreme beings.

As the traitors entered the Door of Wonder, the monsters all looked at Xiao Chengfeng and the others before letting out a roar and charging at them.

“Who cares?! Just kill them!” Xiao Chengfeng let out a cold shout before forming a seal with his hand, “Thousand Swords to One!”

In a flash, all of the divine blades in the skies merged into one. It radiated with immense power as it pierced a red-haired monster!

“Roar!” The monster let out a vicious roar as an immense power exploded out of its body. Golden figures started to condense around.


The golden bodies seemed to come from ancient times. It looked unclear but had immense power.

Facing a divine sword that could not be stopped, it let out a strange tune as two hands slowly clapped together, grabbing the sword.


The sword and the golden body clashed, sending shockwaves everywhere.

“H-how is this possible?!” Xiao Chengfeng raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

Yang Jian was stunned, “The red-haired monsters know how to use divine spells?!”

The drunkard said, “Supreme spells are fused into our blood and etched into our bones. IT can never be extinguished. The red-haired monsters might be crazed, but they can still use their spells naturally.”

“Hahaha, that’s interesting. Taste my blade!”

Xiao Chengfeng got excited instead as he laughed, “The heavens gave birth to me so I could advance the way of the sword! Today, I’ll slay the red-hairs!”


That divine sword suddenly surged as a tyrannical sword aura shot to the skies, causing the sky to lose its power. The weapons of every cultivator there suddenly shook.

The sword was the king of weapons, and it caused its soldiers to submit!

The sword started to expand at impossible speeds. It started to grow even larger than the golden body, slashing down with a terrifying aura.


The golden body could not fight back for that long before it was sliced in half by the sword. The sword was unstoppable as it slashed at that red-haired monster!


The other five monsters let out ferocious roars as they charged at Xiao Chengfeng.

“It looks like we can’t just stay back anymore!” Yang Jian let out a slight smile as a destructive ray shot out of his third eye, shooting right at a red-haired monster.

“A drunk for the mountains!” the drunkard gulped down a mouthful of wine as he said drunkenly, charging at a red-haired monster.

The strong man and the Undying made their moves as well. They were at the peak of supreme beings in the past lifetime, and they were even more powerful now. The red-haired monsters that could fight on even ground against Xiao Chengfeng earlier were nothing to them. The strong man was even taking on two by himself.

“There are so many white-haired monsters. It looks like we’ll be opening up a slaughterhouse today. Hear me, Heavenly Army. Charge with me!” Cultivator Junjun charged forward.

“Hahaha, eat my ax!” Juling Sheng’s body expanded incredible amounts as he charged forward with his ax in hand.

They just finished eating with the expert, but they were not able to become supreme beings like Xiao Chengfeng and Yang Jian. They were naturally unhappy, and the white-haired beasts were the perfect way for them to vent their frustrations.

They could even enter the Door of Wonder after they killed those corrupted beings. They would be able to become supreme beings then, so they killed excitedly.

At that moment, the drunkard and the others summoned up their powers. Just as they were about to kill the red-haired monsters, an unrivaled power suddenly descended from a distance!

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