I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot-Chapter 967 - Appearance

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Chapter 967: Appearance

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“H-how strong!” The appearance of the Door of Wonder caused a large number of cultivators to gather there.

No matter if they were normal cultivators or gray mist cultivators, they were all shook by the battle between supreme beings.

“I know who that is! He’s Xiao Chengfeng! I always hear about him in the cultivation world, but isn’t he just a second-step Wisdom Elite? When did he become a supreme being?!”

“I know of him too, but I heard that he was a third-step Wisdom Elite.”

“You’re too behind on the times. He had something to do with the destruction of Wisdom Pills not too long ago. He was a Wisdom Dictator.”

“How did he… level up so fast?!” Everyone got progressively more shocked as they talked, feeling incredibly shaken.

Xiao Chengfeng was far too terrifying. Every time he appeared, he would show off. He would be much stronger than before. He was not even a supreme being. That was just absurd!

They were talking about a supreme being. How did he do that in such a short amount of time?

“He is the king of showing off!” All of them lamented.

“It’s not just Xiao Chengfeng; Why are there so many strong cultivators on the side of the Heavenly Palace?!”

“The Heavenly army is too terrifying. They came from the Ancient Forbidden Zone. There must be some shocking secret within.”

“No wonder everyone who went into the zone struggled before this. The Heavenly Palace is too mysterious.”

“They’re the only ones who can fight the gray mist.”

The cultivators were shocked and excited. They were attracted by the Door of Wonder, but were stopped by the white-waired monsters and engaged in a battle to the death. They struggled for any advantages, so the red-haired monsters made things even worse. The fact that the red-hairs were supreme beings was too much. They did not even dare to face them. They merely planned on retreating to survive.

The Heavenly Palace gave them hope.

The red-haired monsters were about to be defeated!

“Ha!” The strong man let out a shout as the power of a supreme shook the world itself. He grabbed a red-haired monster with both hands and pulled with all his might!


That red-haired monster was split into two. The gray mist within its body surged out, seemingly trying to condense into a physical body. It formed a massive skull that bit right at the strong man!

The strong man let out a cold snort, raising his fist and punching the gray mist away.

However, at that moment, an earth-shattering power could be felt. A massive black hand shot toward the strong man.

That power was incredibly terrifying. Before the strong man could even put up a defense, it destroyed the strong man’s physical body, turning it to dust.

The strong man was a supreme being that practiced the Dao of strength. His physical body was incredibly horrifying, and he was already incredibly strong. On top of that, he just joined Li Nianfan’s banquet, increasing his strength by quite a bit. Even if he did not have the time to defend himself, he should not have been so weak.

Yet, he could not do anything in the face of that hand.

That hand continued to push, seemingly wanting to wipe away the strong man’s life force!

“Wine blade, dance!”

“Undying marks!”

The drunkard and the Undying were the first to react as they immediately sent their spells at that massive hand.

Countless blades of wine danced in the air, incredibly beautiful and incredibly dangerous, blocking that hand.

The Undying’s marks locked themselves onto the strong man’s life force, protecting it.

“Dao Ruining Blade!”

“Wisdom Figure!”

Xiao Chengfeng and Yang Jian immediately attacked as well, targeting the black hand.


Everyone shook as the palm disappeared.

“In the whole world, only I’m Unrivaled!”

At that moment, a majestic voice could be heard reverberating throughout. It was as if Wisdom itself spoke. It caused everyone to suddenly have the urge to kneel.

A figure appeared out of nowhere. He was incredibly tall and large, with sharp eyes and incredibly long hair. He had an incredibly oppressive aura, and was the Unrivaled!

His appearance completely suppressed the auras of the other supreme beings. It was as if he was already above the level of a supreme being, creating a whole new realm.

“I spit on you! You’re not unrivaled at all. You only know how to sneak up on others, and you’re a natural-born coward. You’re greedy and afraid of dying. The only thing you’re unrivaled at is shamelessness!” The strong man’s lifeforce lit up, condensing a physical body as he cursed at the Unrivaled.

“Being unrivaled is power. Everything else I do is to make sure my power is unrivaled. Someone like you would not understand,” The Unrivaled said calmly as if looking past everything.

Xiao Chengfeng exclaimed, “I’ve never seen someone so shameless.”

The Unrivaled walked forward lightly, standing right in front of the Door of Wonder. However, he did not walk inside right away and instead turned to look at the drunkard and the others.

“The dead do not need to enter the Door of Wonder!” he said.

After that, he raised his right hand, sending a punch at Xiao Chengfeng and the others!

The world went quiet!

The winds and clouds stopped, and space itself solidified!

That punch that the will of the Unrivaled. It caused everything to kneel, not daring to disobey.

That punch was meant to kill the drunkard and the others by force!

Behind the drunkard, the gourd spun wildly. The strong man let out a vicious roar, punching out with great difficulty. Gray and white auras spun around the Undying. In front of Xiao Chengfeng, the Sky Melting Sword shook as it let out a hum. Yang Jian’s avatar was sat on the floor, turning into a protective power.

The Unrivaled might be shameless, but his skills were worthy of being called Unrivaled. From the last lifetime to this one, he was only below Wisdom itself and Madman Chu.

He was far too terrifying, walking the path of the Unrivaled. Which other Wisdom would call themselves Unrivaled?

Under the Unrivaled’s power, the drunkard and the others found it hard to even use Wisdom.

Twang twang twang!

Suddenly, music could be heard.

It sounded incredibly soft the start with, but it had a certain level of magic to it. The sound started to speed up and get louder, causing everyone’s ears to hurt in the end.

The sound of that Guqin was incredibly amazing. No one knew where it came from, but everyone had goosebumps.

Very quickly, everyone saw an incredibly shocking sight.

They say sound itself. Wave after wave of sound ripples in the world, charging right at the Unrivaled’s fist.

Right after that, an incredibly hot aura and an arrow shot over with an incredible red glow.

That arrow clashed with the Unrivaled’s fist.

“Are they… here?”

Yang Jian and Xiao Chengfeng’s eyes lit up as they smiled and laughed, suddenly more confident.


The Unrivaled’s unrivaled power exploded, and that terrifying fist disappeared.

However, the Undying’s expression did not change. If one punch was not enough, then two or three would be.

Just like how people would not be angry if they did not kill an ant right away, he could still try a few times. There was nothing to worry about.

In the distance, Qin Manyun and the others slowly appeared.

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