I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 657: Interdependent

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Chapter 657: Interdependent

I was bursting with joy to see the butterfly and I held up the net to prepare to catch it.

Who knew the butterfly was not alone. About 50 steps behind it, were three fierce and vicious groups of people running after it like predators.

It was the young entomologist’s buddies, the smart gangster, and the tall and bald man.

It looks like they all found the butterfly at the same time. As the young entomologist’s buddies and the older entomologist’s son identified it, they chased it all the way up the mountain.

Everyone from class 2-3 was stunned by their ground-shaking entrance.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, gather around teacher Yu!” The class leader yelled out loud.

Teacher Yu, who was naturally timid, was the first to hide behind a rock. It was the same place where he hid from Ai Mi’s helicopter yesterday.

Although the class leader already got the news that there were many people headed up the mountain to catch the butterfly, she did not expect them to be so crazy.

The butterfly was currently flying over Winnie and my head. We took the brunt of the force and were washed away by the three groups of people.

“Dammit!” Winnie was shoved down to the ground. She got up in a fit of anger to talk to them, but I stopped her.

Among the 12 or 13 people who came up the mountain, the youngest was 20 years old. They were all adults, so even I or Niu ShiLi, could not fight against them with a body of a 14-year-old.

The mountaintop camp was instantly invaded and turned into a butterfly hunting ground. Most of the students were frightened and listened to the class leader’s command and retreated towards the rock where teacher Yu was at. Only a few reckless ones stared at the butterfly flying around the camp and refused to leave.

“Ow.” In the midst of the chaos, Sun Yu was accidentally kicked in the ankle by the subordinates of the bald and strong man. He glared angrily at them only to immediately wimp out at the sight of their muscles. He slipped away and took refuge behind the rock and even deliberately chose a position closer to Gong CaiCai.

“It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s all mine.” One of the people waved his net around while frantically yelling as saliva spewed out his mouth.

“Calm down, the butterfly is worthless dead.”

“I won’t hand it over even if it’s dead.”

“Fuck, who kicked me?”

The class leader was in bitter anguish as she watched her neat and tidy camp get trampled over. It’s a good thing she put away all the barbecue grills and picnic mats beforehand, so there wasn’t a lot of incurred damage.

“Class leader, do you want the butterfly?” Zhuang Ni, who was leaning against the rock, suddenly asked.

“Why would I need it?” The class leader was puzzled.

Zhuang Ni chuckled, “I think the color blue suits you. Isn’t your bike also sky blue?”

“Such a dumb reason…”

“It’s not dumb at all.” Zhuang Ni continued to explain the advantages and disadvantages to the class leader, “If you could sell the butterfly for 3 million, then your parents should be able have enough money to buy a house in Shanghai and move you two siblings over there to be together.”

“How, how would that benefit you?” The class leader’s tone made it seem like it wasn’t necessarily a good thing for her and Shu Zhe to be transferred to school in Shanghai together.

“An artist in Shanghai wants to take me in as a disciple. I won’t be charged tuition and lodging plus meals is included… if you go to Shanghai, then I’ll accept the invitation.”

I don’t even need to ask to know Zhuang Ni was talking about a female artist. She hated men to an abnormal state, so there was no way she would become the disciple of a male artist.

I heard that Zhuang Ni’s father had not been allowed into his daughter’s room for three years.

“Go by yourself.” The class leader said coldly, “It’s not like you attend school anyway, so it makes more sense for you to learn art. Besides, a large group of barbarians is currently fighting over that butterfly, how do you plan to get it?”

“I know one or two curses that can do it.” Zhuang Ni said while reaching out to stroke the long hair on the back of the class leader’s head, “But I would have to give up half of my remaining life span, so as long as you promise to stay with me, class leader…”

The class leader mercilessly swatted Zhuang Ni’s hand aside.

“I already told you to stop learning those stuff.”

Zhuang Ni rubbed her hand that was hit and refused to repent as she reached over again, helping the class leader clean her messy hair.

“What’s so good about a third-tier city like Dong Shan city? Class leader, is the reason you refuse to go to Shanghai because you don’t want to part ways with someone here?”

The class leader’s reaction confirmed that it had hit the mark, but she began to justify herself:

“I, I don’t like changing schools. I’m only halfway through middle school, but if I leave everyone behind and transfer…”

“Then what about high school?” Zhuang Ni didn’t give up, “Will you go to Shangai for high school? Let’s go to Shanghai together and never come back, okay?”

Actually, Loud Mouth was the one who told me about this conversation while we were chatting. At the time, I was completely focused on the butterfly and only thought about creating an opportunity to snatch the butterfly away.

Unfortunately, the entire situation was too chaotic. It was as if rhinoceroses, elephants, and hippos had suddenly burst into the camp and started to figh each other, stirring up dust and making a huge mess.

I might be a wolf, but I couldn’t participate in a melee between giant beasts.

Ever since I decided to fight with Ai ShuQiao, I gradually became more a schemer because the difference between our strength was too large. I would only lose my life if I fought blindly and I promised Ai Mi I won’t die easily.

Winnie, however, was obstinate and believed the person who knocked her down should apologize to her. She rolled up her sleeves and rushed into the crowd to settle the matter.

“Hey, I’ll forget about you knocking me over, but you should at least give me the butterfly as compensation.”

Winnie walked towards the rhinos, elephants, and hippos, and I couldn’t hold her back.

“Blue butterfly, where’s the blue butterfly.”

One of the shorter guys had his view blocked by one of his companions. He lost sight of the butterfly and went a bit mad, when he heard Winnie say “blue butterfly”, he immediately held up his net and lunged at Winnie.

“Damn, why are you raising your net. Are you trying to catch me as a specimen?” Winnie took off the straw hat and tossed it aside and shouted: “Come on, I’ll fight you for 300 rounds.”

The short gangster’s net was very crude and had all kinds of metal wire exposed. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Zhu Bajie’s rake. I don’t think Winnie had an advantage, so I went forward to grab her hand and try to pull her away. But Winnie was stubborn and said she would not leave before she fights her opponent.

That’s enough you tomboy! You already had your fill of food at the top of the mountain, but I’m still hungry. I already pulled on you a couple times, but you’re not budging, so you’re really making me embarrassed.

I was peeved and went over, then picked Winnie up and slung her over my shoulder.

I dragged my net while carrying Winnie and quickly got away from the area where they were all fighting over the butterfly. It’s a pity that Xiao Qin’s hat was not spared. It was trampled in the midst of the chaos, I will buy another one for Xiao Qin later.

“Put me down, I’m going to do this to him first, then this, and then that.” Winnie was struggling while gesturing on my shoulder.

The regular way of carrying someone on the shoulder was with the butt facing the front and the head facing behind, so that’s how I also carried Winnie.

So as she struggled, her short hot pants twisted back and forth around my neck and even rubbed onto my face as I ran.

I unconsciously began to look below her hot pants, at her two large legs under my hands.

But Winnie was totally unaware as she kept cursing at the group of people.

I carried Winnie all the way to the class leader and told the class leader and Niu ShiLi to watch her. Then I picked up the net and planned to return to the intense battlefield.

It seems the butterfly had one of its wings injured during the countless number of failed captures, resulting in it not being able to fly high enough to stay out of the evil clutches of the group.

Suddenly, I felt a warm and soft hand grab my arm.

The class leader did not speak, but her eyes were filled with two words “don’t go”.

I had a hard time explaining why I needed the butterfly, then Niu ShiLi shouted at me: “Ye Lin, are you that short of money?”

As if at this point, the class leader finally realized her action of grabbing my arm had been seen by the whole class, so she quickly let go and then hid her hand behind her back while looking at me with mournful eyes.

I licked my lips and replied to Niu ShiLi and also to the class leader, “I… I have to catch that butterfly, it’s because that butterfly is my interdependent pet and its name is Xiao Qiang.”

The earth-shattering declaration turned the whole class silent.

Before meeting any more obstructions, I raised my net and ran towards the battlefield while shouting: “Don’t hurt Xiao Qiang, give me back my Xiao Qiang!”

I don’t know if it was because it heard me calling it, but the butterfly actually fluttered towards me.

Ah, even the gods are helping me, watch me…

Who would have thought the butterfly suddenly dodged my net and continued flying forwards. It stumbled a few times in the air before it finally chose a resting place.

It landed right in between Gong CaiCai’s valleys! The butterfly is a pervert, does it think there will be honey there?

“Damn.” Sun Yu instantly stretched out his hands and wanted to catch the butterfly that was on Gong CaiCai’s chest, but Niu ShiLi caught onto his arms.

“Are you going to molest Gong CaiCai right in front of the class leader?” Niu ShiLi questioned.

“No, it’s because…”

Midway through his sentence, Sun Yu’s face turned from red to blue, then to white. It was because he saw the group of people with a murderous aura running towards Gong CaiCai.

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