Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1567: l'm Something of an AlchemistMyself! l

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Chapter 1567: l'm Something of an AlchemistMyself! l

Endless Dream was cast as Noah's soul buzzed and shone with a radiant luster, a unique change occurring at this moment as Noah gritted his teeth unconsciously for this process!

This was because minute parts of him began to separate at this moment, turning into glimmering blinking lights that shockingly went to bud off from his head and appear in his surroundings.

Multicolored and mesmerizing to see, the spots of light represented his soul as at the even number of 100th…they stopped coming out!

For his first Endless Dream, this was the number Noah stopped at while sensing the strength of his soul as after culminating 100 Portions, the ability of <wanderer of="" realities=""> was cast.</wanderer>


Boundless waves of destiny and fortune wrapped over the multicolored spots of lights, their color nearly becoming tinged gold as it wasn't even a question of which fantastical Realities these glimmers of a soul could find, but just how wondrous they were bound to be!

"Go forth…"


With the command of the dreaming Ruler, these 100 spots of light supported by the destiny of a being all those below the rank of Legend could not compare to in this aspect…all of them spread out in different directions to seek unknown wonder.

A Tyrannical Emperor went into a deep slumber.

His seeds stretched out across the Infinite Realities as while wrapped up by a shocking flood of destiny, they sought Realities to attach onto and allow for the descent of this terrific being!

The might of an existence not utilizing much of their power- but simply the strength of their body alone with the backing of the Essence of their Reality Passages…just this was enough to stop Noah's advancement at this moment!

It wasn't that Noah was weak in any way, it was just this Pure-Blooded creature was too fearsome!

"Haha, interesting!"


Her bare hands struck out against a Spear of Reality that held the weight of 6 Emerging Realities, her dazzling fair hands bypassing the Frost of a Reality Nova that caused space rending glaciers to form as her skin was still spotless!


Reality Moon Eclipsors constantly rained down without a time delay due to instant cast, each releasing a bisecting light of a radiant moon of a Reality as they were followed with the area of effect attack brought by a socketed Reality Nova Jewel.

Noah's body was coursing with multicolored light as he seemed to be casting these abilities without even considering the concept of essence reserves, his flaming hair shining out with tyrannical waves as his eyes didn't let the Five Reality Passages out of his sight!


Fantastical rivers of Reality that all surged into the vibrant figure of the golden clothed white caped Empress who could actually withstand his Sui Generis Enlightened Primordial Relic with her bare hands!

"These waves of attacks would have been enough to even eradicate weak Eighth Firmaments who have only enacted a single Reality Passage…you are interesting for a Seventh Firmament Celestial Vine, Alexander King!"


An explosive force that pushed away everything erupted out, Noah being flung out of the way as he was utterly unable to even get past the defenses of this being's skin at his current stage! And she hadn't even used her Edicts or Ascendancy Halos as when she did so…

"Empress, are you not at the Eighth Firmament as well?"

Noah's voice was calm as he saw the shocking spar that was a mere greeting was coming to a close, Genevieve raising her brows as her white cape glimmered with light that went on to heal the surrounding space.

"I am me, other Eighth Firmaments should not even be compared against me as I alone hold a singular title in the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline…as the Reality Warping Bellicose Tyrant!"


Reality Warping Bellicose Tyrant!

A shocking name and title as it was truly deserving of a being who used her bare hands to push apart strikes capable of shattering Realities.

An existence that made Noah extremely interested in Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans and how they focused on the elevation of the power of their bodies and physiques, with him thinking of ways to elevate the strength of his own body to the point that even Primordial Relic would not be able to harm his skin!

This was a thought for the future as Noah nodded with somberness at the words of the Empress, this being glimmering with dazzling light as her golden clothed figure floated back towards the obsidian cuboidal vessel while leaving behind mesmerizing words.

"That was a fun greeting. Lead the way to the domains of the Celestial Vines, and let us see the Alchemical skills that even some Cardinal Royal Bloodlines cannot achieve!"


She didn't ask about Noah's shocking Sui Generis Enlightened Primordial Relic.

She didn't question how he was constantly releasing terrific waves of attacks as if resource preservation didn't matter to him.

She didn't question a single thing about Noah's power as she simply considered it a somewhat outstanding greeting, but it still wasn't enough to entirely draw her attention as even against all this, if she got serious at any point during the spar…well, we didn't even have to mention this!


Noah watched the Pure-Blooded Humans enter their humongous vessel as the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality appeared below him again, the bodies of Victoria and Lucia appearing beside him once again as they were looking towards Noah with a hint of fear and at this moment…respect!

This was because they heard from a Future Candidate Ruler of a Pure-Blooded Bloodline that this Master they had pledged Fealty to…could actually eradicate an Eighth Firmament existence with his swarm of attacks.

While at the Seventh Firmament of Ascendancy, he could match the weakest among those that had broken past the limits and forged a Reality Passage!

And of course, this was possible as the weapon this being wielded carried with it the weight of multiple Realities! Backed by his newly forged System that was just at its very beginnings…

Such a being was the one they had just been tied to as at this moment, he powered the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality below them as it continued to shoot forth towards the domains of the Celestial Vines.

Behind them, a humongous cuboidal vessel of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans followed as at its helm, an Empress adorned in gold with a glorious white cape draping over her shoulders had a smile that was filled with a great deal of mysteries!

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