Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1577: A Formal lnvitation to a Pure-Blooded Bloodline!

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Chapter 1577: A Formal lnvitation to a Pure-Blooded Bloodline!

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A shocking silence reigned across the Mystical Pill Mountain as even the vegetation swayed quietly.

The visage of the Empress was too blinding as others forgot how to breathe, her eyes focused on Noah as she utilized a tremendous authority to actually upon this shockingly talented existence into the folds of a Pure-Blooded Bloodline!

The minds of all beings were buzzing as the ones who recovered their bearings and reacted the fastest were the Ninth Firmament Ancestral Elders, Chaesalor's eyes burning with light as he coughed lightly while speaking out before Noah could even reply to the words of the Empress.

"Ahem, Empress…Alexander has only just returned to our Bloodline after too long as he shouldn't make any hasty decisions. If Empress allows it, we will first celebrate his joyous return with a feast and entertainment within our Sacred Vineyard- the domain at the center of this Verdant Vineyard Reality!"


His words were as polite as they could be, but the instant they finished…


The calm and hazy verdant surroundings of the entire Mystical Pill Mountain trembled as the eyes of the Empress instantly turned cold with majesty while locking towards the position of the Ninth Firmament Ancestral Elder.

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"Was this Empress addressing you?"


The air turned cold and biting as shockingly, the very surrounding environment of the Ancestral Elder Chaesalor coagulated and tightened around him, a shocking pressure actually descending unto this powerful existence that his gaze changed and he began to sweat! ᴛʜɪs ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ɪs ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ʙʏ clear skies that were shining with the radiance of golden splendor from the vibrant colors of light stemming from Noah's refinement of pills and elixirs changed as cloudy and billowing clouds descended, a shocking level of pressure pressing down onto Chaesalor as even those in the surroundings felt stifled!

"I…I was only seeking the permission of the Empress to formally end the Centennial Alchemy Tournament and start a celebratory feast for our Enlightened Primordial Alchemist. May empress forgive this old one if I overstepped my boundaries."


A Ninth Firmament existence that was only a step away from the stage of Reality actually bent his knee and will towards an existence at the Eighth Firmament- the mere presence of this Empress being too regal that this existence could actually not bear it! It made one wonder just what type of power this existence wielded as after she made one of the Core existences of the Celestial Vines yield to her mere presence, the billowing clouds began to fade as the coldness disappeared from her face.

"It is okay to be a little possessive since he is of your Bloodline. But know that his glory will also be the glory of the Celestial Vines, with your elevation in power guaranteed whether he stays within the bounds of your domains or not!"

Her words shockingly seemed like a reprimand towards this Ninth Firmament Ancestral Elder, with this being actually sighing with relief after her words and nodding.

"Yes, Empress."

He could only ascertain as the radiance of green and gold returned to the surroundings, the stifling pressure lifting as the gaze of the Empress turned back towards Noah as her light smile returned as if she hadn't just conducted any shocking actions.

"Tell me your answer soon." After these words finished, she waved her hands to motion toward Chaesalor as she continued. "Proceed with the Feast. Let us enjoy the delicacies of the Celestial Vines."

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Her words caused the air to be entirely freed as the 10 Pure-Blooded Humans behind her vibrated with power, the curvaceous Celestial Vines serving them moving in an even more mesmerizing fashion as from these ten terrific beings, only a single one was a female Pure-Blooded Royal Human as she nearly broke her role and rolled her eyes at the unfolding situation, looking at her compatriots with even a gaze of disdain!

The tides changed very quickly as the Ancestral Elder nodded with relief at the words of the Empress, his eyes going towards Noah and actually flying towards him as bustling discussions began to erupt all around them.

The gazes of the Five Peerless Alchemists were awkward as they seemed to have been entirely forgotten, the Grandmaster and Master Alchemists not even needing to be mentioned as all eyes were on a single being! Victoria was with Lucia as they watched all this with shock, having to remind themselves that just earlier today, this being was their enemy who had subdued them! Now, he stood as an important personage in the Celestial Vines Bloodline as he had even gotten an invitation from a Candidate to be a Future Ruler of a Pure-Blooded Bloodline!

'What the hell…' Victoria couldn't help but shake her head as she looked at this reality playing out, waves of power echoing out at this moment as with Ancestral Elder Chaesalor at the center, a blinding runic circle of intricate verdant light bloomed over the whole Mystical Pill Mountain as this being looked over the direction of the Empress for permission once more.

When he received her light nod, the verdant runic circle flashed out as it descended over the entire lush mountain, all the beings on it instantly vanishing at this moment in a show of immense power and wonder.

Noah had put away his stellar Cauldron and stored the 10 Dewdrops of Reality after the Ninth Firmament Elder came to stand beside him and began communicating with him, his eyes calm even while near this enthusiastic being who looked like he had found a treasure when he looked towards him. He didn't know that just hours ago, Noah had massacred a Seventh Firmament Celestial Vine as even now, they were inviting their enemy into their homes and even basking him with glorious titles!

How fickle fate was.

How abysmal were the destinies of those who could not properly utilize destiny and see past the facade Noah displayed!

Soon after the verdant intricate runic circle descended onto the mountain, every single being on it disappeared as they were all mass teleported to another location- this being the Sacred Vineyard that was one of the headquarters where Celestial Vines inhabited, a wondrous Primordial Temple being seen at the center of this Sacred Vineyard as around it…was simply pure fantasy and wonder.

Dazzling floating islands filled with brilliant green and gold vines stretching throughout and connecting them all with glorious bridges could be seen, a hazy glow of green and gold being seen all around them as they lit up with wondrous light!

Humongous lifelike statues of Celestial Vines floated serenely in the four directions of this Sacred Vineyard, their bodies releasing waves of calming power that were concentrated on the central island that held the enormous Primordial Temple. Atop this floating island holding the Primordial Temple, all of the beings that were on the Mystical Pill Mountain were teleported into the dazzling cluster of intricate buildings below this temple where bustling noise had already begun as the preparations of a feast had already been in progress a long time ago, the luster of milky gold drinks and scintillating meats already reflecting in everyone's eyes as Noah looked at it all with a shining gaze, his destiny ringing in his mind telling him of wondrous possibilities in the very near future!

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