Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1877 Lillith!

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The split body of Valdez Tepez sank from the skies and crashed towards the ground.

Very few signs of life could be seen from it as True Blood freely overflowed, Noah's eyes flashing with power as his will washed over this body and caused it to disappear- sinking into his Expansive Space as the abundant essence of Antediluvian bloomed into it.

He then focused on the rising aura in the distance as he saw the visage of Genevieve rise and begin to change, a smile coming to his lips as he thought about the weaving of destiny!

'In the end, it all somehow came to this.'

From the time they first met until now.

Something unbelievable had sunk into her as if it was a few microseconds prior, Noah could eradicate her with his thoughts freely.

Now…he would get two for the price of one as the identity of the one coming into the battlefield was still unknown!

For this, Noah didn't even have to wait long.

<You shouldn't be so carefree.>


He felt a smile forming on his lips before the words even came as Lavalliere spoke up for the first time in what seemed like a while, but only microseconds had passed just since the battle began as the time scale was hard to wrap one's mind around!

"Take whatever loot you need and speak freely."

Noah's thoughts rang out domineeringly as when it came to Loot- he currently had an overabundance of it!


Lavalliere was silent as her will surged, a mountain of False Grotto Nacres disappearing in Noah's Expansive space where the mountainous body of a pulsing Kun Peng could also be seen close by.

After she digested all this Loot that would have been unbelievable before, radiance shone over her branded form within Noah's main body as she spoke soon enough.

<You've stumbled onto a Seed that a Dimensional Hellion Ruler planted in order to stretch their influence into the vast Realities. This is unlike any other enemy you have faced as if you consider things in terms of generations- you and all the geniuses you have met so far, even that useless Genevieve- can be considered children.>

<A Dimensional Hellion Ruler…can be considered an elder as there are in an entirely different Generation. They have comprehended concepts you cannot even yet fathom, they have transfused isolated Laws of Reality to exceed TABOO and enter the stage of DHARMA.>



Above TABOO, one delved into the Tier of DHARMA whenever they managed to infuse the essence of a single Natural Law of Reality into their concepts!

<Dimensional Hellion Rulers exceed even that as they have even managed to grasp and comprehend the very Natural Laws of Reality themselves- utilizing their essence freely as if it is a part of them. This is far and above what you can handle as it is not something the Alpha Strata or Ultima Strata can handle, or even those who have stepped into the Grotto Haven stage.>


Lavalliere ridiculously continued spitting out new information like it was nothing, the number of uses she had gained from swallowing a mountain of False Grotto Nacres being unknown as she also revealed the last strata in the Realm of Reality.

Primogenial, Beta, Alpha, and lastly- Ultima!

The word Ultima stood for furthest or last- something that was situated beyond all others.

Lavalliere expressed that even those at the Alpha, Ultima, and even the Grotto Haven stage that had their own distinction were incomparable to Dimensional Hellion Rulers! How many were there? What were their identities?

<The only saving grace is that what is descending here is just that- a small insignificant portion of a Soul that is also under heavy restrictions for stepping outside its domain. But even though it is a minuscule portion of their strength and soul- it has not forgotten its concepts that have reached the tier of DHARMA. It has not forgotten its control of any Natural Laws of Reality that it has comprehended. Even if they can only display a semblance of all of these powers…it may still be too much for the current you.>

Waves of destiny spread silently as Lavalliere used the words 'may' when talking about whether Noah could face this being or not. She had learned to not place absolute words when it came to him as even she was proven wrong too many times!

"Mmm, it may be too much for the current me. But…I will not be the current me for too much longer."


His will surged tyrannically as he raised the crimson gold Emperor's Ruined Blade of Oblivion in his hand towards the transforming enemy.

"Tell me, who is this Dimensional Hellion Ruler before me?"

Noah was undaunted as he asked, watching as a shocking demonic nature bloomed from a rising figure of Genevieve as massive horns began growing from this being, an intense and vile reeking of blood spreading out as vile Dimensional Essence surged!

<The Daughter of Hatred.>

Dazzling crimson gold wings erupted from Genevieve as her Ascendancy Halos bloomed- shockingly being expanded in size and melded as if they were malleable, soon becoming turned into rings of light that went forward to wrap around the four horns growing out of her head.

<The Dimensional Deceiver who has spread her influence over 3 of the 9 Dimensions. An existence exceeding all common sense as she was even titled the Blood Empress- the Defiler of Souls.>

The golden EMPYRAL Appendage had evaporated her right hand as it fully transfixed itself onto Genevieve, the Thousand-Armed Monumental Defiler continuing to fuse into her as it seemed to be at a crucial juncture where everything would be complete and a shocking existence would descend!


With distaste, Lavalliere said the last words as Noah's eyes released luminous rays of light.

And just when the scene showed the Thousand-Armed Monumental Defiler about to fully sink into Genevieve…


A piercing ray of shocking light filled with authority tore across the skies. A ray of light so fast that many could barely follow it!

A ray of light that came from none other than…Little Barret!

At this time, the sniper that had been lying in wait made a move. Her figure was roused and came to not too long after Noah and the others as she had always kept her scope on target, her musculature still vibrating at this moment after she fired a shot towards the head of her enemy!


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