Invincible-Chapter 3306: Chief Eminent Elder of the Six Swords Gate

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Chapter 3306: Chief Eminent Elder of the Six Swords Gate

The families who were gloating in the Huang Family’s misfortune couldn’t utter a single word.

In the dormitories of the Eastern University, Lu Fang was laughing happily as he explained everything to Ying Rongrong and the others. “Let me tell you a piece of good news I heard! The Zou Family and the Chu Family have formed an alliance to dismiss Huang Xiaolong from his position in the university. They are bringing a group of more than a thousand experts over to imprison him, and they have already surrounded the library!”

Ying Rongrong and the others were stunned.

“Why would they need more than a thousand cultivators to take down a vice head of a university?” One of the disciples from the Ye Family asked.

The Ye family was also one of the ten strongest cultivation families in the Huaxia Alliance.

Li Fang chuckled, “Didn’t you hear? Huang Xiaolong is one of the grand elders of the Huang Family!”

“Huang Family?! Are you talking about the Huang Family of the Donglin Province?” Ying Rongrong widened her eyes. She knew that the old ancestor of her family passed down an order forbidding anyone from the Ying Family from antagonizing people of the Huang Family.

“That’s right!” Lu Fang roared with laughter. “So what if he is?! He’s definitely going to die this time. The Six Swords Gate sent Eminent Elder Shen Shijie, a Third Level Enlightenment Realm expert over to ask the Huang Family to hand him over!”

The disciples who heard him were stunned.

Third Level Enlightenment Realm expert!

Someone at that level could command the respect of the old ancestors of the great families!

“Nice!” Someone from the Wu Family laughed. “Huang Xiaolong, who would have thought that you would fall so far! You crippled Brother Zhang Han, and now that Senior Shen Shijie is here, you will die a death a thousand times worse!”

All of a sudden, everyone’s phone rang. Not a single person in the room was exempted, and they stared at each other in shock. Looking at each other, they quickly answered the phone.

Lu Fang was shocked when he realized that the person calling him was the old ancestor of the Lu Family. The old ancestor of the Lu Family was someone he had only seen once in his life!

“Old… Old ancestor!” Lu Fang jumped in fright when he answered the phone.

“Lu Fang, you’re expelled from the Lu Family. From now on, you’re no longer a disciple of the Lu Family!” The old ancestor’s expression was ugly to the extreme as he barked out whatever he wanted to say the moment the call connected.

With his body trembling in fear, Lu Fang felt his mouth going dry. “What… Why?!” He didn’t think that the second time seeing the old ancestor of the Lu Family would result in him getting kicked out of the family.

“Why?!” The old ancestor roared. “That’s because you angered Senior Huang Xiaolong!”

Angered Senior Huang Xiaolong?!

Lu Fang couldn’t close his mouth as question marks popped up in his mind.

“Just a moment ago, the old ancestors of the Zou and Chu family were killed by Huang Xiaolong!” The old ancestor of the Lu Family roared in anger. “You’re a motherf*cking dumb*ss! How dare you use the Lu Family’s power to strip Huang Xiaolong of his position?! Who the f*ck gave you the guts to do something like that?!” As the old ancestor of the family, he was usually able to keep his calm. However, Lu Fang messed up so badly that he couldn’t help but spew vulgarities.

“Get over to the library right now and beg for Senior Huang’s forgiveness! Otherwise, I’ll kill you myself!”

The old ancestor of the Lu Family roared in exasperation.

Lu Fang fell to the ground as the world spun around him. He didn’t even know when the old ancestor terminated the connection.

As for the other disciples around him, all of them received the same call from their old ancestor. Including Ying Rongrong, all of them received a massive scolding from their old ancestors. Luckily for them, they were mere acquaintances with Zhang Han and Lu Fang. Otherwise, they would have been kicked out of their families without a second thought.

Even so, all of them felt their legs going soft.

The old ancestors of the Zou and Chu Family were actually killed in the span of a single afternoon!

When everything was going down, Huang Shengan was reporting to Huang Xiaolong on the sales of the spiritual fruits and herbs. Everything they had for sale was sold out of the day, and they would earn around two million low-grade spirit stones per day!

The topic soon turned to the Six Swords Gate and the other two families.

“Originally, the Six Swords Gate sent Shen Shijie over to the Huang Family. However, they recalled him after you killed the old ancestors of the two families.” Huang Shengan continued, “Looks like the Six Swords Gate isn’t planning to look into the matter any more.”

“The old ancestor of the Lu Family personally came to the Huang Family to deliver a huge batch of spiritual herbs! He apologized on behalf of Lu Fang, and he already kicked the kid out of the family!”

Huang Shengan reported everything to Huang Xiaolong.

“You can deal with all these small matters in the future. There is no need to report every small thing to me.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “Oh right, I heard that Zhang Yuhan is being forced into a marriage by her parents. The other party is an eminent elder of the Six Swords Gate. Go check out his identity for me and tell me what’s going on.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Huang Shengan bowed.

Terminating the connection, Huang Xiaolong returned to his matters.

In the various families of the Huaxia Alliance, the same scene was playing out. Everyone was watching two videos at the same time.

One of them was how Huang Xiaolong killed the old ancestor of the Zou Family, and the other one was of the Chu Family.

As he didn’t bother locking down the surroundings, the experts of the families managed to record down what he did.

The old ancestor of the He Family turned extremely serious as he muttered, “Huang Xiaolong is no weaker than Ying Tian!”

He swept his gaze across the grand elders and the elders of the He Family to ensure that everyone heard him.

Ying Tian was the old ancestor of the Ying Family, and he was the strongest cultivator in the Huaxia Alliance!

“That’s not possible!” Someone yelled. “Ying Tian broke through to the Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm several days ago!” The patriarch of the He Family gasped in shock.

The grand elders of the He Family didn’t believe the old ancestor either.

The same scene played out in the Li Family of the Huaxia Alliance.

As such, everyone was arguing about who the stronger party was between Huang Xiaolong and Ying Tian.

An hour later, Huang Shengan reported whatever he found to Huang Xiaolog. The person who was forcing Zhang Yuhan into a marriage was called Wang Zheng of the Six Swords Gate, and he was the second strongest expert in the faction. His strength was only weaker than the old ancestor of the Six Swords Gate, and he was a Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm expert.

“I heard that Wang Zheng wants to cultivate a type of yin yang dual cultivation art and he needs four ladies at the high-level Nascent Soul Realm. She fills his criteria, and he is planning on using her as a cultivation furnace. The other three have already agreed, and she is the only one left.” Huang Shengan explained.

“Several days ago, Wang Zheng made the final demand to the old ancestor of the Zhang Family. If they refuse to hand her over by the end of the month, they will destroy the Zhang Family once and for all!”

A cold light flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

“There are only ten days left until the end of the month. Young Lady Zhang Yuhan is held in captivity by the old ancestor of the Zhang Family, and they are using all sorts of ways to force her to agree.” Huang Shengan continued, “As such, Young Lady Zhang Yuhan will not be able to report for the start of school anytime soon.”