Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor - Chapter 460: Always Benefit

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Chapter 460: Always Benefit

Wang Wei knew very little about Innate Laws except that Primordial Gods and Innate Demons cultivate this type of law. Most of them had Innate Laws in their bodies, and all they had to do was comprehend them to cultivate.

Another form of Innate Law was from Innate Treasures. And the only difference between the two is that Innate Laws are easier to comprehend than normal laws. By studying them, cultivators can also understand normal laws.

Cultivators considered Innate Laws as teachers of Heaven and Earth. Wang Wei theorized that in the Beginning Emperor Era, one of the reasons that Era was so powerful was because humans or acquired life could study Innate Laws from the corpse of Primordial Gods and Innate Demons.

Adding to that a large number of Innate Treasures in that Era, this was indeed an extraordinary time.

In terms of strength, there is no difference between Innate Laws and ordinary ones–at least on the surface.

However, he also understood that his knowledge was limited, so Wang Wei decided to find out more. And the fastest way to do so was to see the old beggar again.

Huang Yuan stood up before wiping out the blood from the corner of his mouth. Anger flashed across his eyes before he immediately controlled himself.

He never suffered this kind of disrespect in his cultivation journey–especially from a junior. And the only time his life came so close to death was when that slut betrayed him.

He looked at Wang Wei with a sneer before saying: "I always planned to kill the #12 Heavenly Thunder Physique and swallow him. However, imagine my surprise when I learn that his junior brother schemed and killed him."

'Is this guy trying to influence my mind? What a shoddy method.'

If it were not for his unforgettable memory, Wang Wei would have long forgotten who Han Li was. After shaking his head, he clenched his fist to attack again.

Huang Yuan acted swiftly this time and used his Innate Talent: Thunder World. It was a pseudo-Domain talent that boosted all thunder-related techniques.

As such, thunder and lightning covered the entire arena. Then, Huan Yuan threw a black bolt of lightning.

[Death Lightning Bolt]

This attack traveled countless times faster than speed, and in its journey, it would absorb lightning in the environment to increase its strength. The bolt also contained a potent power of death that could instantly annihilate dozens of Middle Thousand Worlds.

Unfortunately, to Huang Yuan's horror, one of his most potent attacks did not leave a scratch on his body–even his clothes did not leave a single stain.

Although that attack was powerful, it was nothing compared to Divine Punishment Thunder or Di Tian's Death Power. So, it was useless against Wang Wei.

'I should not underestimate this guy's strength; he might be on par with Huo Fenghuang,' he thought.

In Wang Wei's mind, the list of how much his peers threatened him goes:

1. Di Tian

2. Lin Fan

3. Feng Heng and Huo Fenghuang.

4. Su Ya and Jian Wushuang–which he removed from the list.

5. Everyone else.

The only exception to this rule is Zhen Biyu because he has not seen her take action or fight. He cannot judge her ability. Now, he decided to add Huang Yuan to the Tier 3 List.

While his opponent had a surprised look on his face, Wang Wei attacked:

[Fate Annihilation Fist]

The arena turned black and white for an instant before returning to normal. In that short time, fate's destructive nature and Wang Wei's overwhelming physical force destroyed everything.

Huang Yuan's soul and body, the thunder world surrounding the arena, and even cracks appeared in the formations that prevented their attacks from going outside the confined space of the stadium.

They would not have lasted if Wang Wei did not control his strength precisely enough.

Then, Wang Wei squinted his eyes as he saw that the black and white book survived his attack intact. Additionally, the book's pages flipped before a wheel came out from it.

The wheel rotated counterclockwise, and as it did so, Huang Yuan's body and soul reverted to their original state.

'Reverting life and death? I wonder how many times it can do this.'

He clenched his hand to attack again. However, an older man in a blue robe appeared in the arena to stop him. The older man had long white hair but no beard. His fingers were slim, and his eyes resembled a snake; his entire aura was that of a cunning individual.

"Sacred Son, we admit defeat," said the Alliance Leader Ren Cheng.

Wang Wei looked at him before looking at Huang Yuan, who had just revived himself. Seeing him not say anything else, Wang Wei took this as a sign of surrender.

He felt the power of Destiny he acquired from this battle. Adding to his small victory against Feng Heng, he almost made up the amount he lost to Di Tian.

Wang Wei then took a last look at the book.

'This thing would be beneficial for my plans.' He then left without saying anything.

All the other alliance leaders appeared in the arena and watched him leave with polite smiles on their faces. Once he was far from sight, they began to discuss.

"I told you that we should not waste any effort to raise a Heaven Chosen in this generation," said one of them.

"Who could resist the temptation of cultivating an Eternal Emperor?"

"At this rate, do you think we have a chance?"

"Not necessarily. We all know that Huang Yuan did not use all his power?"

"And do you think that Sacred Son did?"

The group quieted down for a moment before the Alliance Leader said: "We already knew the Sacred Son was an Era Suppressing Genius like his father; so it is not surprising that he won.

"We still have some time. As you all know, the Void Shattering Realm is the time where Heaven Chosess can make up the gap with this kind of monster."

The others knew that Alliance Leader was correct. Law Comprehension is the time when many unknown geniuses suddenly begin to shine or make up for the previous gap; they can catch up or even surpass their previous overwhelming powerful peers.

However, there is also the chance that these Era Suppressing Geniuses became even more terrifying. A perfect example of that is Wang Tian in the last generation.

So, they hoped that Wang Wei was not like his father–but they all knew that this chance was slim.

Ren Cheng looked at the frustrated Huang Yuan and said with a smile: "One defeat means nothing. As I said before, you still have a chance with the aid of the Life and Death Book."

Huang Yuan clenched his fist for a moment and bowed to everyone before leaving. All he could think about was how to become stronger and avenge this defeat. And he had an idea how to.

Currently, he only has preliminarily refined the Life and Death Book, so the power he can utilize is limited. But now, he decided to refine the book as his Proving Dao Artifact.

Although there will be some risks without Heavenly Dao's Immortality, he decided to try–even at the cost of his life.

"Era Suprresing Genius, huh?" muttered one of the vice-leader. "Speaking of which, what happened to the Di Clan's Young Master? The Pavilion once said he was the only one more powerful than the Sacred Son. Do you think he died as the rumors circulating stated?"

"Probably not. If such a genius died, there should be Heaven and Earth Phenomenon to tell the entire world. I think something might have gone wrong with his cultivation."

"This could explain why he has not appeared in the past thousands of years."

"I think he is overconfident and decided to cultivate in retreat until the time for the Heaven Will Battle."

Before leaving, the vice-leaders briefly discussed possible reasons for Di Tian's disappearance for a few minutes. Ultimately, they did not know or guess that someone sealed him.

As for the strange mountain that appeared on the Western Continent that the Di Clan took over, many people believed that it was some rare resource the clan possessed.

After leaving, Wang Wei stopped once he was in another domain. As he floated in the sky, he closed his mind to review the information he received after secretly reading Huang Yuan's Fate Line.

'So, his Karma Protecting Ability is because he once bathed in a pool of Karmic Washing Water. How lucky.'

He waved his hand, and a yellow orb appeared: this was the aura on Huang Yuan's body. When Wang Wei killed him, he secretly sealed it and took it away.

Without hesitation, he absorbed it. Immediately afterward, he felt his Pseudo Karma Unbound Body further strengthened; he took a small step towards being unbound by all Mortal Karma.

'What a waste. If I had that pool, I could cultivate a True Unbound Body.'

After shaking his head, he focused on the other memories he had acquired. He slightly pondered when he saw what Huang Yuan did to the woman who betrayed him.

'Maybe I can use this Fan Qianhan to get my hands on that book.'

Finally, he rushed to see the old beggar.

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