Keyboard Immortal-Chapter 1467: Something Isn’t Right Here

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Chapter 1467: Something Isn’t Right Here

Zu An had considered heading over to try to prevent what was happening, but the battle was at the earth immortal level, making it difficult to get closer. Furthermore, he had still needed to watch out for the terrifying absorption force coming from the coffin in the center, so he was a bit too late in the end. He could only watch as that skull swallowed up the spirit.

Dan Zhu’s screams came to a screeching halt as the skull visibly swallowed. It was clearly a skeleton, and yet it seemed to have a look of enjoyment on its face.

Just then, the golden whips of light that had previously been attacking suddenly stopped. They flew around aimlessly as if they had lost their target.

The absorption force burst out of the stone coffin again, devouring all of the ki near it. However, the golden lights didn’t strike its surface again, instead withdrawing into the walls.

Yan Xuehen was shocked. She quickly explained, “Judging from what that spirit said earlier, these golden whips of light’s power seem to be related to his father Emperor Yao. The skeleton has absorbed Dan Zhu’s soul fragment, so it now has a bit of Dan Zhu’s energy. These golden light whips recognized the energy of Emperor Yao’s son, so they did not continue attacking.”

Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo were amazed. This woman was good in her field after all!

However, that made things much more troublesome.

The Fiend Emperor also felt incredible regret. If he had known things would be like this, he wouldn’t have kept Dan Zhu alive! He hadn’t helped them much, and had only caused trouble for them.

Perhaps because the Fiend Emperor’s prior attack had damaged the runes on the walls, the golden light whips weren’t able to return to their original positions. Suddenly, the skull on the stone coffin opened its mouth, sucking in the whips like noodles.

The Fiend Emperor and his son were speechless. So was Zu An’s group.

You had one job, and it was to seal this guy! Why aren’t you resisting at all when it eats you up?

Even though Yan Xuehen’s explanation had told them that it was most likely because the stone altar had absorbed Dan Zhu’s aura, so the whips of light no longer viewed it as an enemy, it was still difficult for them to accept the shocking scene.

When the whips of light were all completely absorbed, fine cracks suddenly emanated from the center of the stone altar, spreading across its surface. In the next second, there was a huge explosion as the stone coffin exploded into pieces. A dense lump of black energy appeared from within, and the crystal skull flew into the position of its head. Soon afterward, the black energy vaguely coalesced into a human figure. An absolutely frightening aura spread outward, one that made even the Fiend Emperor tremble.

The figure was completely shrouded within black fog; only its crystal skull was clearly visible. Its jaw moved up and down, releasing ear-piercing laughter that sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard. It exclaimed, “Hahahah! I laugh at Emperor Yao’s lack of insight, at Yu the Great’s lack of wisdom! They arranged all of this, and yet in the end, it only benefited me! The taste of Emperor Yao’s power really is exquisite.”

Zu An felt a bit dejected. The whips of light were Emperor Yao’s power, something he had most likely left behind to seal the coffin. Who would have thought that Dan Zhu would appear, and ultimately become nourishment for the revival of the one inside?

Who was the being that had emerged from the stone coffin? Why had both Emperor Yao and Yu the Great worked together to seal him?

However, there was another emperor missing. What was Shun’s role in this? If Zu An hadn’t personally watched Shun disappear into smoke, he would have wondered if this being was Shun himself.

“Just who are you?” Zu An took a deep breath and asked. Even if he had to die here, he wanted to at least know why.

Even the Golden Crow Crown Prince couldn't help but feel a bit of admiration. The entire time, he hadn’t been all that convinced that Zu An was better than him. After all, he had been known as the Fiend Races’ number one for a long time, and he even had the support of all sorts of treasures. No one had been able to beat him for many years, so he had maintained absolute confidence in himself.

As for those losses at the hands of Zu An, he had concluded that they were only due to ambushes or schemes, and didn’t mean he was actually weaker. However, at that moment, he suddenly realized just which area he was inferior to Zu An in.

When facing a power that was even greater than his father, he had already begun quaking in fear, unable to stand still. However, Zu An could still stand firmly and converse with the being.

“My name? It seems I have already been away for too long. The world has actually already forgotten about the Deity of Water, Gonggong!” the crystal skull harrumphed, clearly unhappy that the ant before him hadn’t heard his name.

“Gonggong?” Zu An repeated, feeling greatly shaken. “The one whose anger at Buzhou Mountain caused heaven and earth to collapse, only for a flood to rush into the sky? And afterward, Nuwa had to come out to personally repair the heavens?”

The crystal skull’s expression clearly stiffened. The overflowing black energy around its entire body also froze for a moment.

You have successfully trolled Gonggong for +222 +222 +222…

Zu An was shocked. So you were Gonggong after all. What are you reacting like this for?

The white-clad prince said with a smile, “The one you speak of was the first generation Gonggong. Our master is the Gonggong of the last generation.”

His skills in battle were incredibly vicious and sinister; his skills were extremely venomous water and fire. And yet, when he spoke in human form, he was refined and courteous, almost like an elegant prince amid a world of chaos.

Zu An couldn't help but sigh in gratitude. This kid is pretty handsome. He’s almost caught up to me. He asked politely, “May I ask what I should call this brother?”

“Brother?” The young master’s expression froze. He clearly wasn’t used to Zu An’s quick change in attitude, but he didn’t get angry and replied, “I am Xiang Liu. What is this little brother’s name?”

Zu An cupped his hands and told Xiang Liu his name. However, he was terrified inside. Xiang Liu was the name of a famous monster from ancient legend! The water it sprayed out was poisonous, taking the lives of all those who touched it. Furthermore, the blood it shed could render all land within a thousand miles completely barren. He had never expected such a huge toxic hazard to actually assume the appearance of a refined young master!

When he saw Zu An looking at the giant red bear, Xiang Liu considerately introduced his companion, saying, “He is called Fuyou.”

Fuyou asked in a low, muffled voice, “What are you speaking so much to an ant like this for?”

Zu An was a bit stunned. This guy was really rough and crude; why did he have such a graceful and light name? It felt the same as a tough-looking, full-bearded man having the name ‘Captivating Wang’.[1]

However, he quickly gathered his thoughts. According to what Xiang Liu had said, he deduced that this Gonggong had been Yu the Great’s greatest enemy in history’s great floods.

Gonggong was a water deity who had used the floods to cause chaos. Yu the Great had to control the floods, so naturally, both sides clashed.

Judging from what Zu An had seen and heard along the way, Gonggong belonged to the Flame Emperor’s faction, someone who was probably unwilling to give up and wanted to fight for the throne. As for the floods, they were nothing more than a tool he used. Unfortunately, he had still been defeated by Yu the Great in the end.

Zu An couldn't help but ask, “If you were all fighting against Yu the Great, why did you mention Emperor Yao?”

That was what he just couldn't figure out. The emperor before Yu the Great was clearly Shun! There was no way Emperor Yao and Yu the Great had schemed together to seal up this Gonggong, right?

Meanwhile, the Fiend Emperor and the others were stupefied. This kid was speaking to the horrifying sealed being as if there were nothing wrong, and he even seemed to be familiar with its identity and background!

The Fiend Emperor’s earlier conversations with Dan Zhu had only given him bits and pieces of information about that age. Just how does he know more than me?

Gonggong also recovered from his daze just then, replying, “There is no harm in telling you this. In the past, Emperor Yao was replaced by Shun in his later years, and he was sealed here. However, fortunes rise and fall; Shun followed in his footsteps in his later years and was overtaken by Yu the Great, who became more and more powerful over time. Yu the Great subdued me. Then, he used Emperor Yao and Shun’s seal, drawing from its power to set up this seal. However, I am certain he never even dreamed that one day, there would be an idiot who would bring Dan Zhu’s soul here so I could use it to absorb Emperor Yao’s power, hahahah!”

The Fiend Emperor’s expression grew ashen. He was the fool this guy was speaking of. You bastard, kill me if you wish, but how can you humiliate me like this?!

Zu An sighed in admiration. He hadn’t expected Emperor Yao’s ending to be so tragic. Emperor Yao had first been sealed by Shun, and then been used by Yu the Great to create another seal. In the end, he had becom Gonggong’s food…

As he thought about the details, his expression suddenly changed. Why is this guy patiently telling me all of these things?

Yan Xuehen also realized something. She quickly cried out in alarm, saying, “Be careful! He is stalling for time to recover his strength!”

Zu An quickly said through ki, “Fiend Emperor, hurry and do something!”

At the same time, he gave the three women a look. The Fiend Emperor was going to take the lead here and fight it out against these people. They had to see if they could take advantage of this situation once both sides took each other out.

And yet, a second later, the Fiend Emperor cupped his hands toward Gonggong, exclaiming, “I am willing to take your respected self on as my master and work diligently for your sake!”

Zu An’s entire group was speechless.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince also looked at this father he had revered ever since he was little, completely in shock. In that instant, he felt as if something important inside him had collapsed.

Zu An thought he might have misheard at first. However, when he snapped out of his daze, he felt as if he would go crazy.

Hey, big boss, don’t you have any integrity?

1. ’Fuyou’ means ‘to float’, ‘drift’, ‘water’. ☜