Keyboard Immortal-Chapter 1468: Want To Date, But Scared of Getting F*cked?

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Chapter 1468: Want To Date, But Scared of Getting F*cked?

Who was the Fiend Emperor? He was the only one in the world comparable to the human emperor Zhao Han, even though many believed he was a bit weaker. Otherwise, the Fiend races wouldn’t have been defeated in the great war and pushed back into a harsher land.

However, that was mostly what humans believed. The Fiend races almost all viewed the Fiend Emperor as the more powerful one. After all, he had greater seniority and experience, as he had lived longer. Thus, they all believed their defeat had been due to many other reasons, and not because the Fiend Emperor they revered wasn’t good enough.

The debate over who was the strongest had already gone on for a long, long time. However, both sides believed that the two were on the same level. Even if there was some difference, it wouldn’t be too big.

And yet, someone so unrivaled had actually sworn their loyalty to another so easily?

Forget about the Golden Crow Crown Prince, even Zu An, Yan Xuehen, and the others were completely stunned.

Yun Jianyue thought back to when she had invaded the imperial palace. Back then, Zhao Han hadn’t even been there physically, and yet he had managed to injure her seriously. Now, someone of the same level was wagging his tail at another person?

Even though the Fiend Emperor expressed loyalty on the surface, they all knew that it was because he had already sensed that the difference in strength was too great. He was doing this to save his own life.

However, that was what Yun Jianyue found the hardest to understand. A real manly man wouldn’t yield to anything in their path to cultivation. Even though she herself wasn’t a man, she shared the same mindset.

Her cultivation was far weaker than the Fiend Emperor’s, and yet there was no way she would bow down here and surrender. Then, why had the Fiend Emperor, someone who had achieved so much in the world of cultivation, actually chosen to yield like this? He didn’t have the willpower of the strong at all!

You’re an embarrassment to all cultivators!

But just how did you become one of the strongest cultivators in the world if you’ve never had the willpower of the strong?

Yan Xuehen and Yu Yanluo even began to question life itself a bit. They couldn’t understand the scene before their eyes at all.

Zu An felt as if he were watching ‘The Mummy Returns’. The main character, alongside the big boss High Priest Imhotep, had gone into the Scorpion King’s Tomb. At first, the main character had thought that a powerful being like Imhotep at his side could take on a share of the pressure. But who could have thought that the other person would choose to join the enemy?!

The Golden Crow Crown Prince looked at his father, feeling shock, despair, and then strong disdain.

How did this old man freaking teach me ever since I was little?

He told me I should have the willpower of the strong! He always preached that to me in a high-sounding and dignified manner, and yet when he’s facing someone truly strong, this is how he acts?

Although he ridiculed his father inwardly, a second later, he also kneeled down and said, “Deity Gonggong, this junior is willing to serve you diligently as well!”

Faced with the scene before them, Xiang Liu and Fuyou widened their eyes in disbelief. Gonggong was also a bit shocked, but he burst into mad laughter a moment later. “Hahaha, not bad, not bad. A wise man submits to circumstances. As I have just returned to the world, I just happen to need subordinates to help me expand and open up new territory. In the future, you will have your share of benefits too.”

When he saw the obsequious smile on the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s face, Zu An felt incredible disdain, thinking, As expected of father and son. Their servile appearances are the same!

Uh, well, right now… If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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He was already wondering how he could express even more sincerity than the Golden Crow father and son when Gonggong’s eyes suddenly narrowed. Gonggong stared at him and exclaimed, “I can feel it, I can feel it! You have Yu the Great’s energy on you!”

You have successfully trolled Gonggong for +444 +444 +444…

Zu An was speechless.

What the hell is going on now? If everyone else can join the other side, why am I the only one who can’t?!

And what the heck is up with this ‘Yu the Great’s energy’ thing?

Don’t tell me I’m the main character designated by the Mandate of Heaven, that I’m Yu the Great’s reincarnation?

He had read a lot of stories in his previous world. He couldn’t help but think of such things in the current situation.

“Your majesty must have misunderstood! Who knows how many tens of thousands of years there are between me and Yu the Great? How could I possibly have his energy?” Zu An quickly explained.

“Tens of thousands of years? How many years has it already been?” Gonggong asked, looking perplexed. He was clearly shocked by just how much time had passed.

“Run!” Zu An suddenly cried, taking the chance to grab the three women. He immediately used his instant movement skill to flee.

The closest to him was the Fiend Emperor, but he didn’t stop him. Instead, he even inconspicuously moved out of the way a bit. He didn’t want to have any conflict with Zu An’s group at the moment.

The giant bear Fuyou snorted loudly, then rushed forth to chase after Zu An’s party. His heavy body made the entire hall tremble.

Meanwhile, Xiang Liu stood in place without moving. The first reason was because of his higher status; he wasn’t willing to lower himself to such a level. The second was that he had to protect Gonggong, who hadn’t been completely revived yet. However, The Fiend Emperor’s slight movement didn’t escape his notice.

Yun Jianyue raised a hand behind her. Countless hidden weapons flew out from her sleeves, all excellent items from the Holy Sect that carried shocking destructive power. Usually, she was proud and aloof and felt it beneath her to use them. However, as the enemy was too powerful, she abandoned her misgivings.

Fuyou roared. His arms swept outward, easily sending the hidden weapons flying.

At the same time, Yan Xuehen activated a formation. Light flickered and flashed like a string of powerful flash bombs, temporarily blinding those present.

Ever since she had entered the palace, she had quietly set up some rune formations while walking. She had originally intended to use them against the Fiend Emperor, but now, she had to employ them to escape the unexpected situation.

Fuyou was caught off guard and instinctively closed his eyes. However, that meant he couldn’t completely avoid the incoming weapons, so many of them hit his body and inflicted fiery pain.

Yu Yanluo took the chance to activate the Holy Pearl, using the earth element to make the palace’s ceiling collapse.

The tomb had initially been protected by ancient defense formations that made it nearly indestructible. Just then, however, Gonggong had already sucked Emperor Yao’s power out of it. That very power was what the rune formations of the palace were built on. Without the formations, Yu Yanluo easily accomplished her objective.

Even someone as powerful as Fuyou ended up being covered in grime and dirt from the falling earth. By the time he broke out from the ruins, Zu An’s group had already fled into the distance.

Fuyou roared in frustration, chasing them angrily.

Meanwhile, Xiang Liu waved his hand. The dirt above his head seemed to be blocked by an invisible barrier, and not a speck landed on him.

The Fiend Emperor also released an invisible wave of energy, preventing the dirt from hitting him. His eyes narrowed a bit as he looked at Gonggong. Gonggong didn’t do a thing from start to finish, and even the dirt ended up being blocked by Xiang Liu. Could it be…

Xiang Liu frowned a bit, saying, “I seem to have sensed Nuwa’s energy just now.”

“Indeed, I can sense it too,” Gonggong said as he looked in the direction Zu An’s group had disappeared in. The red lights deep within his skull’s eye sockets drifted around as he said, “Interesting. I thought they were just some ants at first, but I didn’t expect all of them to be so outstanding.”

The Fiend Emperor was shocked. First, it was Yu the Great; now it was Nuwa? Why hadn’t Zu An’s group died yet?!

The Golden Crow Crown Prince, on the other hand, felt calmer. If Zu An had just been an ordinary person, and yet managed to ambush a Mr. Perfect like him, his vast ego wouldn’t be able to take it.

However, if Zu An were some sort of reincarnated deity, being defeated by him wouldn’t be that hard to accept in the end.

“You should chase after them too, but be sure to capture them alive,” Gonggong ordered. Previously, Fuyou alone would have been enough, but one person in the group had Yu the Great’s aura, while the other had Nuwa’s aura. There were just too many variables, so he sent Xiang Liu too just in case.

Of course, he could send the newly-defected Fiend Emperor, but what if the Fiend Emperor and those people worked together? Fuyou would be in danger then. As such, in the end, he felt that Xiang Liu was the more suitable choice.

Xiang Liu gave the Fiend Emperor and his son a look, feeling a bit of concern. However, he had always been meticulous in thought. He quickly realized that, as his master had made such arrangements, he had to have his own thoughts. As such, he quickly said before disappearing into the distance, “Understood!”

When Xiang Liu left, the Fiend Emperor stood to the side. He had a respectful expression on the surface; however, he was secretly examining Gonggong. He was starting to feel eager to challenge Gonggong.

Gonggong’s crystal skull suddenly looked at the Fiend Emperor, remarking with an amused expression. “What, do you want to use this chance while they aren’t here to attack me?”

The Fiend Emperor shivered. At that instant, he could barely resist the temptation to attack. He could tell that Gonggong was still in the process of recovering. Otherwise, Zu An’s group wouldn’t have been able to escape at all. However, Gonggong’s calm demeanor made him uncertain as well.

This was a classic instance of wanting to date, but also being scared of getting f*cked.


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