Keyboard Immortal-Chapter 1483: Flesh and Bones

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Chapter 1483: Flesh and Bones

The three women all looked at Zu An as soon as he spoke those words, their expressions unkind.

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The scene of the Second Empress being pressed beneath Zu An inadvertently appeared in the Fiend Emperor’s mind. He exclaimed in shock and fury, “Impossible! You must be provoking me to make me stay behind!”

Even though that was what his reason told him, his emotions forced him to believe it. The image of the Second Empress being toyed with in all sorts of different ways filled his mind.


When he saw that the Fiend Emperor didn’t leave, just as planned,, Zu An sighed in relief. He added fuel to the flames, adding, “Why would I lie to you? I was even on the Second Empress’ bed back then…” Then, he described the details of the bed in the Second Empress’ room clearly.

Whenever the Goldensnake King’s Eye was used on a target, just a single look would make them think their partner had an affair with the user. The skill wasn’t all that useful normally, but in such a situation, it was actually extremely useful.

Meanwhile, Fragrant Barf would make the target unable to help but fight the user to the death. Unless Zu An was certain he could win, it was unwise to use the skill too often.

However, the one Zu An was facing this time was an earth immortal. He hadn’t been sure how useful the skills would be, so he had just brought them out to piss the Fiend Emperor off as much as possible.

The Fiend Emperor’s hopes hit rock bottom. How could Zu An know the details so clearly unless he really had spent some time in the Second Empress’ bed? Even though he already had one foot in the grave and it had already been many years since he last spent the night in the Second Empress’ room, what man could tolerate his own wife doing such a thing?

“I’m going to kill you!” he exclaimed, feeling his blood boil. He set aside all thoughts of fleeing through space, instead dragging his ruined body along the ground to lunge at Zu An.

However, Zu An was already prepared. He slowly raised the Sun Slaying Bow.

When he saw the Sun Slaying Bow, the Fiend Emperor was horrified. Why was that item in Zu An’s hands?

Previously, the Golden Crow Crown Prince had had his Sun Slaying Bow taken away by a mysterious power. Not even the Fiend Emperor had been able to stop it. Then, the mysterious power had severed their connection with the Sun Slaying Bow.

Back then, the Fiend Emperor had been extremely shocked by how mysterious and great that power was. He had even vaguely suspected that what happened had been carried out by the highest will of this world. And yet now, the Sun Slaying Bow had reappeared in Zu An’s hands! Could it be that the will of this world had gifted it to him?

The Fiend Emperor’s entire body trembled when he thought of that. His reason told him to leave quickly, but he was still completely overwhelmed by anger. All he wanted was to kill Zu An as quickly as possible.

Even though Zu An had the Sun Slaying Bow, he didn’t have any Sun Slaying Arrows. Furthermore, he had just summoned so many powerful weapons, and he had even made the three women help him. They all lay helpless on the war chariot, and Zu An was likely also nearly at the end of his strength. He probably couldn't summon such ridiculous weapons anymore, so the Fiend Emperor believed that he had a good opportunity.

If he had been clear-headed, he definitely wouldn’t have taken such a huge risk. However, he was under the effects of ‘Fragrant Barf’ and ‘Goldensnake King’s Eye’, which meant his mind was filled only with thoughts of killing Zu An. Now that he had found another reason, that desire had magnified endlessly, to the point that he truly felt he had to kill Zu An.

When Zu An saw the Fiend Emperor rush at him, he knew he didn’t have the extra strength to produce another powerful Dongfeng missile. It was to the extent that he couldn't even create an ordinary weapon. However, he still had weapons he didn’t need to materialize!

A black glint flickered in the center of his palm, and he put the Poisonous Prick on the bowstring.

The first reason he didn’t use the last Sun Slaying Arrow was that it used up way too much of his strength. At the moment, he couldn't supply it with any more power. The second reason was that he really didn’t want to squander the last arrow just like that. After experiencing Dongfeng’s baptism, the Fiend Emperor was barely clinging to his last breath.

As such, Zu An used what remained of his strength to pull back the bowstring just a bit, preparing to loose his ‘arrow’.

The Fiend Emperor saw Zu An’s move, but his thoughts were foggy. When he saw that it was just a small dagger, he thought to himself, Just how powerful can a trifling dagger even be? The desire to kill Zu An had already completely overtaken his mind. He would rather take some damage if it meant achieving his objective.

As Zu An released the bowstring, a streak of dark light flew forward. The Fiend Emperor clenched his teeth, turning to one side and taking the blow with the most damaged part of his body. Either way, he planned to use the Golden Crow Sacred Fire to recreate that half of his body again. A few more injuries wouldn’t make that much of a difference.


The dark glint stabbed into the Fiend Emperor’s body, then emerged from the other end. He gritted his teeth, thinking, As expected of the Sun Slaying Bow. Even though the bowstring had clearly only been drawn back a little bit and the shot had only used ten to twenty percent of its power, it was still strong enough to pierce through his body. However, that was all it did.

The Fiend Emperor quickly rushed over to the Golden War Chariot. His hands were like claws, extending toward Zu An’s head. He planned to remove Zu An’s head, then extract his soul. He would teach him what it meant to want death!

However, his body suddenly trembled, black runes swirling across its surface. A look of disbelief and shock spread across his face. In moments, he could no longer hold on and fell stiffly from the carriage.


The others craned their necks to look down when they heard the Fiend Emperor land. However, they saw that he was already a corpse, left in pieces from the impact.

“The Fiend Emperor… really died?” Yu Yanluo exclaimed in disbelief.

Zu An landed the Golden War Chariot. Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen inspected the corpse on the ground. They both nodded, saying, “Yes. He could not be any more dead than this.”

Even though their cultivation couldn't catch up to the Fiend Emperor’s, there was no way their judgment would be wrong.

Yan Xuehen couldn't help but give Zu An a look. She exclaimed in shock, “Even though that dagger of yours isn’t deity-grade, the effects are comparable. It really is an inevitable kill… Who would have thought that not even the Fiend Emperor would be an exception? Being your enemy really is an unfortunate thing.”

Zu An sighed in relief, saying, “You don’t have to be that worried. There’s no way I’d use this to penetrate you anyway.”

Yan Xuehen immediately felt her cheeks heat up. She looked at him in shame and annoyance.

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Zu An was stunned. He thought, What is she even thinking, for her to be that angry?

However, there was no time to dwell on that. He took the bones and meat that remained of the Fiend Emperor with him. In that instant, it all started to feel a bit ridiculous. It was as if he had grabbed a handful of KFC.

He then said, “We can’t stay here much longer. Let’s get out of here quickly.”

The three women also sensed that there was a strange, life-eroding force around them. They didn’t hesitate at all and got onto the Golden War Chariot, quickly leaving the place. The carriage roared through the skies at high speed.

The three women suddenly looked at Zu An with unhappy expressions. In the end, it was Yun Jianyue who spoke up first. “Your wife is really great? Tsk tsk, Little An, you’re quite similar to those ‘flower-picking’ scoundrels from our Holy Sect, no?”

Zu An’s face heated up. He replied, “Uh, that wasn’t real, but rather just a skill of mine. I used it to provoke the Fiend Emperor and keep him from escaping. You guys don’t have to think too much about it…”

“Is that so?” the three women replied, clearly not believing him.

They asked him all sorts of questions about the Second Empress. Zu An had to go to great lengths in order to convince them that he and the Second Empress really didn’t have anything to do with each other. Eventually, however, they finally relaxed.

Yun Jianyue couldn't help but pinch his ears, saying, “To be honest, let alone the Fiend Emperor, even I would have wanted to beat him up if I had been the target of those words.”

Yan Xuehen and Yu Yanluo nodded in sympathy. Zu An was about to say something when the Golden War Chariot under them suddenly broke apart, turning into specks of light in midair.

The group was caught off guard and fell. Yan Xuehen, Yun Jianyue, and Yu Yanluo had just given all of their ki to support Zu An, and then had needed to struggle to resist the radiation. How could they muster any strength to fly? They quickly plummeted through the air.

Yan Xuehen wasn’t all that scared while she was falling, because she knew Zu An would save her. However, what she was curious about was which order she would be saved in.

The first one should be Yu Yanluo, right? After all, they are proper lovers, she thought. Despite her reason telling her that, she felt a bit bitter inside, almost as if she were secretly hoping for something. She didn’t know why she would think such senseless things, but that was what she was thinking.

But that ‘Love Is More Solid than Gold’ skill has already been undone, right?

She suddenly felt a warm sensation as a sturdy arm wrapped around her. When she sensed the aura that couldn't be more familiar, she was shocked and happy. However, she suddenly panicked.

Why did he save me first? Oh no, this is bad! Little sis Yu and that witch will definitely suspect us now! How am I going to explain this to them?!

Ah Zu, you… Didn’t I tell you to be a bit more mindful in front of others?

To her shock, Zu An quickly began moving his hands toward her waistband.

An explosion went off in Yan Xuehen’s head, her mind going blank. She thought, What is he doing? Has he gone mad?

Perhaps because she didn’t have enough strength, or she couldn't react fast enough, she couldn’t stop him from undoing her waistband. Her heart immediately began to pound. She had no idea how to face him.