Kidnapped Dragons-After Story 7: After Story: Happily Ever After (7)

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After Story 7: After Story: Happily Ever After (7)

He raised both Bom and himself up at the same time. 

He distanced himself from the source of heat. There was moisture left behind on his right thigh which made him feel cold. Bom was blankly hanging in the air like a powerless doll but her face was definitely not powerless. Her eyes were blooming with nervousness and heat and the tip of her tongue that was slightly poking out of her mouth was licking at his heart.

Throwing her onto the bed he jumped at her. Like a lion pouncing on a rabbit he pressed down from above as Bom chuckled while faintly pushing his chest away. 

‘You can’t…’ she whispered as always even though it was clear that she had zero intention of stopping him. 

‘I might die…’ She added those words as the emotions behind her expression deepened even more. She was even more nervous yet even happier.

She was saying no, so should this be considered forced?

If so, then it was time to do something bad.

…Or so he thought.

That was when the door of the house was suddenly pushed wide open with a thud. 


Judging from the sound, it seemed that Yeorum had opened it with a kick.

– Ahh fuckk! I’m soo drunk~

The following voice was the proof.

The surging passion rapidly fell back down. Although the kids all somewhat knew about it, Yu Jitae and Bom had never shown anything similar to it on the outside and had never mentioned it either. The kids were now considerate adults but it would still be a big problem if they were caught.

That was why he was about to quickly raise his body back up but Bom held onto his wrist. In an instant, mana floated up from her body. He checked the equations and noticed it was [Teleport] – she was suggesting that they escape to a different place.

– Yu Jitae~~ Hurry up and come out! There’s something Yu Gyeoul wants to show you right now~!

At the same time, words that were completely outside of his expectations left Yeorum’s mouth. She was telling him to ‘come out’ because there was something Gyeoul wanted to show him immediately.

It sounded like there was something that was impossible to see if he missed the opportunity, and if he were to embrace Bom here, he would be back at sunrise.

He turned to Bom and was met with a pair of yearning eyes.

– Yuuu Jiiitaee~. You have to be quick~!

Her steps came closer to the door and so did her voice.

He had to make a judgement.


Walking out of the room, Yu Jitae met Gyeoul who showed him a cluster of snow.

There was no way it would be snowing on a summer day, so this ball of snow was proof that she was slowly regaining control over her body and magic.

Meanwhile, Yeorum blinked her eyes while staring at Bom.

A deep scent of forest and a slightly messy gown with wrinkles in the knot and other areas; her temperature was slightly higher than normal and what was more telling than anything else was the faint look of disappointment in her gaze. 

All the above could only mean one thing. 

Yeorum gave a frown.

‘These guys…’


The next morning, Yu Jitae came to Yeorum and asked what the ‘black hair’ was about one more time, but she shook her head in response. 

It might be okay to tell him at this point but it was a matter of trust, and Yeorum placed a great amount of importance on trust.

After he left the house, Yeorum went to Bom and stood in front of her, who was quietly watching a movie in her room. 

“Oi Yu Bom. Have you gone crazy or what.”


“You. I told you to definitely make sure we are not here when you’re doing that stuff, didn’t I?”

Bom became flustered but soon returned an awkward smile.

“Funny? Is this funny to you? Everyone somewhat knows about it but we don’t want to know anything more about it so please don’t let us see it. And besides, you’re the ones that didn’t want to live separately, were you not?”


“Seriously. Bitch, shouldn’t you create an alternate dimension or something until we move to a different house and get a room for yourselves?”

“You’re right, but opening a dimension is a bit…”


“I don’t think I can control myself…”

“Hoh dear~. You crazy bitch. What in the heck are you even saying.”

Yeorum rebuked her. Bom also agreed that it had been too risky and thus silently listened to her complaints.

“Anyway, think about behaving yourself properly. You’re clever; don’t you understand how uncomfortable it would be forever for all of us?”

“Nn. Sorry…”

She continued the lesson for more than thirty minutes. A conversation like this was very embarrassing and Bom nodded while feeling like hiding herself in a corner. 

Seeing that, Yeorum also changed the topic.

“Anyway, what are you gonna do if you become pregnant or something?”

She talked about a random topic but looking back, it was something she was quite curious about. 

Humans could not receive the seed of a dragon and the lofty dragons did not bother receiving the seed of a petty human.

But what if they wanted to?

“Can a human and a dragon have a child together?”

Bom nodded her head. Polymorph made the body exactly the same as a human body, and they would get a child in the form of a fetus instead of an egg. Dragons didn’t have periods though, because they could get pregnant at any time.

That was why her next question was also quite natural.

“Ah, so have you been avoiding it till now then?”

In that instant, Bom’s expression turned dark as Yeorum became curious.

“I can’t have babies.”

She sounded so calm that Yeorum replied, ‘Okay,’ and only after belatedly realising the meaning behind her words did she drop her chin.


“My heart was damaged severely during the war…”

“So what? Is there, like, a problem in your [Conception Organ] or something?”

There were many devices in the [Dragon Heart] that related to the reproduction and continuance of the dragon race. They played a part in childbirth and growth, and the [Conception Organ] was the one in charge of conception.

Bom replied with a voice that was still very composed.

“It’s not just a small problem. It’s completely crushed.”


“Everything is slowly coming back but that organ just refuses to heal back up…”

It was similar to a circular bowl of glass being shattered. Even if she were to receive affection, the bowl was gone and it was difficult for a life to establish itself there.

She had been trying it time after time just in case but had never succeeded even once despite dozens of attempts…

“Have you told Yu Jitae?”

“Not yet.”

“What? Why didn’t you tell him already?”

“How am I supposed to say this to him?”

“Like, it’s not like you did something terrible and it was all to bring Yu Jitae back to life. What in the heck is stopping you from saying it? You should’ve done it ages ago! How could you say something so important to me before Yu Jitae?”

Bom pursed her lips into a pout without saying anything in response. Soon when she reopened her mouth, her voice came out in a composed tone but the slight look of depression on her face was still there. 

She said with a deep sigh.

“I don’t know.”

“This isn’t something you can just say, ‘I don’t know’ to.”

“I don’t know…”

Yeorum thought to herself that Bom was doomed, but after another glance, she realised that she looked quite nonchalant.

“Yeah, well. A baby? You don’t need one.”


“And you know, not everyone should raise babies. I can tell you; two mental patients shouldn’t give birth to a child…! You guys will be happy even without a baby, right?”


“Yeah and if you really want to, you can raise little Yeorum as your baby. Feed her some milk as well.”

“That’s a bit…”

“And fuck, who knows? You know, in romance novels, miracles happen because of the power of love and whatever, right? You never know.”

She tried her best to cheer her up as much as she could but Bom stayed silent without even nodding in return.

‘Fuck it. This is not for me.’ Yeorum said to herself.

In any case, it was her fault for bringing up a wrong topic. With her mind in a slightly vacant state, she threw out a random topic for a change of mood. 

“By the way, you know, there is something I’ve been curious about.”

“What is it?”

“Hoho, how is Yu Jitae’s Dick Jitae, hmm~?”

Uhh, wait, this is not it.

Yeorum reproached herself. Due to being in a hurry, both her question and the tone of her voice came out strange. Bom gave a slight frown but it was too late to swallow her words back in.

But all in all, it was true that she was curious.

“So how is Dick Jitae. Is he good?”

“Yeorum. What are you talking about in broad daylight?”

Bom raised her tone in a fluster, and there was an undisguisable trace of fluster in her eyes.

“Who’s stopping me from saying it during the day? So, is he good at that or what?”

Yeorum rolled her hand into a fist and pounded it on her palm multiple times. Bom’s face turned into a deep blush.

“Seriously. You…”

“And how is his peepee? It’s not going to be this small considering his build and his height, right?”

She said while pointing out her index finger.

“I don’t know…! Why are you even curious about that?”

“Of course I’m super curious! It’s not like I’m ever going to see it, right?”

“Of course you shouldn’t see it…!”

“So you tell me how it is as someone who saw it in real time!”

“What kind of nonsense is that…? I don’t want to!”

“Ahh, why are you so against it?! Did I say I want to have a taste? Or did I tell you I want to use it? I have zero interest in anything like that, so just tell me the size of your dildo!”

“What’s wrong with you? Stop asking such a strange question…!”

Yeorum persisted with her questions so Bom ran away in disgust. 

However, Bom wasn’t showing a possessive attitude like the time when she was under a self-brainwash, and just seemed quite embarrassed based on her reddened cheeks.

Despite her attempts, Yeorum did not give up and continued asking questions while chasing after her.

“C’mon! Is his dick big or small!”

She became increasingly more curious over time.

What would Yu Jitae be like on the bed?

“I don’t know! Stop following me…!”

Bom started sprinting away but Yeorum was a little faster. She even used teleport to escape, but Yeorum also knew how to teleport after all those years and followed suit.

Through the deserts, all the way through Lair and to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, their race continued as Yeorum consistently begged about his dick.

“Are you not gonna tell me?”

“Why the hell would I tell you, you dumbass…!”

At last when Bom even cursed at her, Yeorum felt her curiosity almost erupting like an active volcano. 

It was because of the doubt that it might actually be super tiny!

“Ey, let’s just do a comparison, okay? I won’t ask you anymore if you tell me this.”

“What now!”

“Is it this big?”

Yeorum created a long gap between her thumb and her index finger in front of her eyes. Bom glared back at her in extreme disgust before heaving out a deep sigh and distractedly scratching her hair. 

Bom settled her heart that had been jolting in embarrassment, after which she opened her mouth with a voice dripping with disgust.

“Yeorum. Sometimes you act like an actual piece of trash, you know that.”


“How can you ask me that question after everything I told you?”

“My bad!”

“If you’re sorry, then go away. Stop following me!”

“Hing… But onee-chan! Little Yeorum is a red dragon and is super curious about weenies… ♥.” Yeorum replied with an awkward smile.

It was seriously a crazy obsession. Bom heaved another deep sigh before turning to Yeorum’s hand.

She irritatedly glared at it before giving up and reaching her hand out. Her hand travelled towards Yeorum’s hand and–

It went past and grabbed onto her arm.


Yeorum’s eyes widened into circles, as she dumbfoundedly looked back at the olive pair of eyes. She was too stunned to say anything. Her mouth was agape as if she was smacked on the back of her head.

Yeorum nodded as Bom nodded back to her.

Nod nod…

Meanwhile, Bom’s face was so red it seemed like she was seconds away from exploding, but considering how stubborn Yeorum was, she decided to tell her one more thing. 

“Have you heard of the Korean expression, ‘So good you could die’?”

‘Hue?’ Yeorum replied in a shrill voice as a shocking set of words reached her ears.

“……You do faint, but you don’t die.”

Leaving those words behind, Bom jumped over the dimensions and disappeared.


Left alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Yeorum thought to herself.

Holy cow.



The wind blew at her face as she gazed into the horizon.

She then nodded her head.

Nod, nod…


Yeorum returned home.

She saw Gyeoul, who as always frowned immediately after seeing her. Usually, she would have thrown her a curse word but today’s Yeorum met her gaze with a serious look on her face and nodded.

Nod, nod…


Gyeoul tilted her head in displeasure.


At night, Yu Jitae returned home after sending the byproducts of a dungeon to an auction house. Yeorum was playing a game in the living room, and when he came in, she turned around. Her gaze shifted to his feet and slowly came up, before suddenly going back down and stopping at a certain part of his body.

“What are you doing?”

Yeorum raised her thumb.

“What. Why are you showing me your thumb,” he asked but she didn’t say anything in response.

After giving him a thumbs-up, she stole a glance at her own arm before turning back to him with a nod.

Nod, nod…

He frowned.

For some reason, he felt like a victim of sexual harassment.

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