Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji-Chapter 1605

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Chapter 1605: Legal couple

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When it came to the photoshoot segment, Duan Zhe arrived just in time, making Jing Tong very satisfied.

It only took her 15 minutes to put on her makeup. Now that she was standing next to Jiang Yu, the difference in their looks was finally not that big.


However, Jiang Yu didn’t know what to do. After the two of them sat down in front of the camera, the man smiled and ran his fingers through her hair.”How come I can’t see any difference?”

“Because you’re blind!” Jing Tong bluntly ridiculed.

“Yes, otherwise why would I like you?” He chuckled as he said this.

Jing Tong didn’t seem to take it to heart, still smiling. don’t say anymore, look at the camera.

Jiang Yu chuckled and put his arm around her waist, facing the camera. Just as the photographer said ” great ” and was about to take a photo, he suddenly felt the woman’s soft hand pinching his thigh. Then, she found the right angle and twisted it hard.

Jiang Yu suspected that this woman had studied his weaknesses. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have pinched him at his most sensitive place. The sharp pain hit him, and if it weren’t for his strong self-control, he would’ve almost lost it.

The photographer looked at the completed picture and hesitated. “How about another one?”

“I’ll take a look first.” Jing Tong stood up and walked over with a smile, and Jiang Yu could only follow.

In the photo, Jing Tong’s smile was like a flower. Because her smile was too bright, it actually gave people a sense of amazement. On the contrary, Jiang Yu’s smile was too calm, so it was no surprise that his newly-wedded wife stole the limelight.

Jing Tong gave a satisfied “ha” and said,”no need, I think this one is very good, so I’ll use this one.” What do you think?”

She asked Jiang Yu with a smile.

The man squeezed her hand and smiled indulgently and helplessly. “Then I’ll use this one.”

Since the newlyweds had no objections, the photographer naturally had no objections. The photos were sent over and printed out very quickly, and not long after, the hot marriage certificate was out.

On the way back, Jing Tong was still looking at the photo of the two of them on the marriage certificate with a silly smile.

Jiang Yu, do you think other people will think that I’ve taken you to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get your marriage certificate when you’re actually not happy at all? ” She asked him with a smile.

no, they’ll think that I’m too nervous to even smile. The man smiled and ruffled her hair.

Jing Tong snorted in satisfaction,”at least you’re on the right track.” &Nbsp;

“I’m afraid of you,” he sighed softly.

Not only was this woman petty, but she was also very vindictive. Jiang Yu rationally decided not to joke around in the future. In any case, his wife was the most important person in the world.

Speaking of his wife …

“What did you just call me?” Jiang Yu suddenly raised his eyebrows.

“What?” Jing Tong was taken aback. Jiang Yu? why else would I call you? ”

“Change to another one.” Jiang Yu put his right hand on his knee and nodded. He said calmly, ” call me hubby.

Jing Tong,”Yingluo.”

“No, it’s so mushy!” She blushed.

Jiang Yu lowered his head and gently bit her ear. His low and hoarse voice was accompanied by the heat of his breath.”I don’t mind if you shout in bed at night.”

Jing Tong shrunk his neck and pushed him away with a red face. “Don’t mess around,”

“What?” Jiang Yu looked at her with a smile and said slowly, ” have you forgotten that we’re legally married? ”

Legal [ husband and wife ]

Jing Tong immediately understood!

How could she have forgotten about this?