Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 489 - Bear-san, Having A Barbecue Party

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Chapter 489

Bear-san, Having A Barbecue Party

“It’s a lake!” (Shuri)

Shuri started running toward the lake.

“Stop running, it’s dangerous!” (Fina)

Fina chased after Shuri.

“Children are so energetic. They are dazzling to an elderly.” (Kagali)

“They’re really lively.” (Sakura)

A little girl on Swaying Bear and a girl on Hugging Bear watched Shuri and Fina while smiling.

Ironically, in terms of physical appearance, Kagali-san looked the most child-like. And Sakura was still technically a child, too.

However, looking at Shuri and Fina, I agreed that Shuri and Fina (as children) are lively.

When we got to the lake, Shuri and Fina were already standing on the pier.


There’s even a pier. It looks like we could do some fishing. But I don’t have that kind of hobby, so I won’t do it.

“So pretty.” (Sakura)

The lake was large, and the surface seemed to be glowing with reflections from the sunlight. It would be nice to watch the bears swimming in the water here. But it would cause a commotion if we did it now, so maybe next time.

“Even so, the sun is strong.” (Kagali)

Certainly, the sun is shining strong and bright.

“Then, let’s move to that shade.” (Yuna)

Sakura looks a little hot too. Apparently, the temperature was high. Well, I’m wearing my bear costume, so I’m not feeling the effects of the weather like others. Anyway, we moved under the shade of a big tree near the lake.

“Then I’ll get the barbecue ready, you guys can go and play.” (Yuna)

I told everyone, set out a large table, and arranged the food.

“I will help you.” (Fina)

Fina came back from the pier.

“I’ll help you too.” (Shinobu)

“Same here. If there is anything I can do, I will help.” (Sakura)

“Me too!” (Ruimin)

“I’ll help too~.” (Shuri)

Shinobu, Sakura, Ruimin, and Shuri offered to help.

“Well then, I will wait comfortably on top of Swaying Bear.” (Kagali)

Only one person (or rather, fox) who was unwilling to help.

Kagali-san was sprawling on Swaying Bear.

“Okay, then, let’s divide the task.” (Yuna)

I left Kagali-san to Swaying Bear and looked at the ingredients on the table.

“Well, then, Fina, can you cut the meat to about this size?” (Yuna)

I asked her to cut a large chunk of meat into bite-sized pieces. When it comes to cutting meat, Fina was the master. I prepared a variety of meats, including pork, chicken, beef, and wolf, and let Fina do her magic.

“Understood.” (Fina)

Fina cut the meat with a knife skillfully.

“Shinobu, make a fire.” (Yuna)

“Understood.” (Shinobu)

“Ruimin, did you bring the mushrooms?” (Yuna)

“I’ve brought it.” (Ruimin)

Ruimin took out a bag containing mushrooms from her item bag.

“I’ll leave the mushrooms to you, Ruimin. When you’re done, help me with this one.” (Yuna)

“I understand.” (Ruimin)

After I gave my instructions to the three, Sakura and Shuri were waiting for my instructions.

Etto, Sakura and Shuri… just watch for now.” (Yuna)

Eh ~” (Sakura)

“I will help too~” (Shuri)

The two protested.

I don’t want to have these two do such dangerous things. Personally, I want them to play.

But they both seem to want to help, so I’ll think about something.

“Then Shuri put the meat that Fina cut on a plate and put it on the table over here, and Sakura take the vegetables that I cut to Shinobu.” (Yuna)

Somehow, I thought of a job that they can do.

I cut vegetables like carrots, squash, corn, cabbage, leeks, bamboo shoots, and eggplant. It’s convenient to keep them in the bear box because I can buy and store them regardless of the season.

“Yuna-sama, you’re good at it.” (Sakura)

Sakura was impressed as she watched Fina cut up the meat and me cut the vegetables.

“It’s just that. I have never held a knife before.” (Sakura)

Well, Sakura was still a child, moreover, a daughter of former royalty.

Shuri may still be small. But she’s already better at dismantling than I am.

Finna, Ruimin, and I continued to process the ingredients and finish the preparations.

“Even so, there are so many different ingredients.”

Shinobu, who was watching over the fire, gave such impressions.

“It’s good to enjoy a variety of things. Meat alone is not good for your nutritional needs.” (Yuna)

After preparing the ingredients, we started grilling.

I first place the vegetables on the iron plate. And finally, I grilled the meat.

“It looks delicious.” (Kagali)

Kagali-san was waiting with a plate and chopsticks in hand.

“For seasoning, there’s salt and soy sauce, but use whatever you like.” (Yuna)

Fu fu, I have something like this, just in case something like this happens.” (Shinobu)

Shinobu took out a white vial from her item bag in her inner pocket.

“Don’t tell me that’s…” (Yuna)

“Treasure sauce. Sauce when I ate meat with Yuna.” (Shinobu) (秘蔵のタレっす)

“Where did you get that?” (Yuna)

“Of course, I bought it.” (Shinobu)

I was planning to buy a large quantity of that next time, but I haven’t done so because of various things that have happened up to now. I’ll go buy some next time when I have some free time.

We each took a plate and ate our grilled vegetables and meat.

“Every meat is delicious!” (Kagali)

Kagali-san only ate meat and did not touch the vegetables.

“You won’t grow up unless you eat vegetables and not only meat.” (Yuna)

“I’m bigger than you, so there’s no problem.” (Kagali)

It’s not convincing when Kagali-san, in her small state, says so. But when I think of Kagali-san in her original form, she’s undoubtedly taller and has bigger breasts than me.

Well, I’m overtaking her in a few years.

But, Kagali-san’s words aside, the food was all delicious. The scenery was beautiful and the air was refreshing. Was it because we were eating outside together that it tasted so good?

“How was it everyone, is it good?” (Yuna)

“Yes, it’s delicious.” (Sakura)

“This is also thanks to the sauce I brought.” (Shinobu)

Certainly, Shinobu’s sauce was sweet, spicy, and delicious.

“The mushrooms that Ruimin-san brought are also delicious.” (Sakura)

“I’m glad if you like it.” (Ruimin)

Looking toward Fina and Shuri’s side, Shuri was chewing corn like a squirrel.

She was surprised at the corn at first, but she seemed to like it. Shall we make popcorn next time?

“Ah, Shuri, your mouth is dirty.” (Fina)

Fina wiped Shuri’s mouth with a handkerchief.

It’s a heartwarming sight.

The barbecue seemed to be well received. I am glad we did it.

I put the roasted vegetables and meat on a plate and went to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

“Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, be careful it’s hot.” (Yuna)

I put the roasted vegetables and meat in their mouths. Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear eat them happily.

Fina, Shuri, and Sakura, who were watching it, started feeding Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

Should I turn them into cubs?

Even if they’re only feeding them, it would be different if they were cubs. I turned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear into cubs.

“Yuna, you know Fina and Suri quite well, don’t you?” (Shinobu)

Shinobu came to the side and asked, looking at Fina and Shuri, who were feeding Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

“You see, Fina. She saved my life, and I’ve been indebted to her.” (Yuna)

“U~u, Yuna-oneesan! It was Yuna-oneesan who saved my life. And I’m really indebted to her. I’m always being helped by Yuna-oneesan.” (Fina)

When I first came to this world, it was Fina who guided me to town when I was lost in the woods and taught me much about this world. If not for her, I might have gotten into more trouble. So, not only was I indebted to Fina, but I am also grateful to her.

Then, we grilled turban shells, and other shellfish brought by Fina and ate them with soy sauce.

Yeah, it’s delicious.

Everyone looked satisfied. The barbecue ended successfully.

After finishing our meal, we put away our cooking utensils and plates. Our bellies were all swollen, and Kagali-san and Shuri, who can no longer move, were lying on the carpet that had been laid out in place of a sheet.

“I’m already full.” (Kagali)

“It’s painful.” (Shuri)

They’re currently suffering, since they overate. But after a bit of rest and they’ll be fine.

Then, as we took an after-dinner break, Shuri, who was holding Hugging Bear, asked.

“Yuna-oneechan. It’s so hot, can I go swimming with Hugging Bear-chan in the lake?” (Shuri)

I thought she felt hot because she was holding Hugging Bear, but everyone else looked hot too.

Thanks to my bear costume that regulates my body temperature, I had forgotten about it, but summer was not over yet.

It’s not hard to sleep at night, and because I wear it almost 24 hours a day, I tend to forget about the temperature.

“Is this lake dangerous?” (Yuna)

I checked with my detection skill, but there were no monsters in the lake. However, there may be something dangerous in the lake other than monsters, so I asked Sakura and Shinobu.

“Yes, it’s all right. I swam there too. Come to think of it, I haven’t swum this year.” (Sakura)

There’s a danger of drowning, but with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear together with them, I think they will be fine.

“Yuna-oneechan. Can I swim?” (Shuri)

“Sure. But you don’t have your swimsuit. Do you want to go back to your house and get it?” (Yuna)

“Oh that, I have the swimsuits.” (Fina)

When I mentioned the swimsuit, Fina said she has it.

“You have it?” (Yuna)

“I have an item bag that Yuna-oneesan gave me, and it holds a lot, so I keep a lot of things in it.” (Fina)

The item bag I gave to Fina was a reward for defeating the bandits. Even if it’s not as big as my bear box, I’m sure she can easily fit their swimsuits there.

Fina took Shuri and her swimsuit out.

“Well, then, I’m taking out of the house, so you can go and get dressed.” (Yuna)

I took out the bear house.

As you can imagine, I can’t let the girls change outside, even if it’s us just girls here.

“Then, Sakura-sama. Are we going to swim too?” (Shinobu)

“But my swimwear.” (Sakura)

“I was expecting this might happen. I’ve brought it.” (Shinobu)

Shinobu put her hand on her chest and pulled out what looked like a bathing suit. I know that there’s an item bag inside Shinobu’s clothes. When I took it out, it looked like she had a swimwear hidden in her clothes, which was disturbing.

The ocean was nearby, so it’s only natural that there was swimwear in the Land of Harmony.

Sakura and Shinobu also entered the bear house to change into their swimwear.

Me? Of course, I’m not going to swim, so I won’t change.


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