Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 490 - Bear-san, Plays In The Lake

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Chapter 490

Bear-san, Plays In The Lake

Five people come out of the bear house dressed in swimwear.

Shuri is wearing a white one-piece swimsuit with ruffles that she wore the last time she went to the beach. Fina is also wearing the same white bikini swimsuit with ruffles that she wore at the beach.

Ruimin is wearing a black and white bikini that I lent her.

Sakura is wearing a neat white bathing suit. The area covered by fabric is quite large.

Shinobu’s swimwear is a…… sarashi? (さらし)

There’s some kind of sarashi wrapped around her chest.

I don’t know if you can call a sarashi a swimwear, but it just so happens that everyone is wearing white swimwear. Well, at least one has a mix of black.

“Yuna-oneechan, please make Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan bigger.” (Shuri)

Once Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear were back to their original sizes, Shuri got on Hugging Bear’s back.

Ano, Shuri. May I have a ride with Hugging Bear-sama as well?” (Sakura)


“Yeah, okay.” (Shuri)

Sakura rode behind Shuri.

Apparently, both Sakura and Shuri belong to the Hugging Bear faction. Shuri said she preferred the white bear when I drew the picture book. She seemed to like Hugging Bear better. Sakura also seemed to prefer Hugging Bear. Hugging Bear was very popular.

Fina and Ruimin got on Swaying Bear.

With the four passengers on board, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear jumped into the lake and began to play.

I hope no one would drown while accompanied by Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Shinobu was also watching by my side, so I didn’t have to worry.

Incidentally, I was also invited, but I politely declined. I’m still not used to wearing a swimsuit.

“The kids are so energetic.” (Kagali)

Kagali-san was sitting in a chair watching Fina and the others having fun in the lake.

Sakura and Shuri on Hugging Bear, and Fina and Ruimin on Swaying Bear looked happy.

“I guess so. The young ones are so energetic.” (Yuna)

Even to my eyes, the bright appearance of Fina and her friends was dazzling.

“What are you talking about? You’re still a kid yourself.” (Kagali)

“I don’t want to hear that from you, Kagali-san, who literally looks like a child.” (Yuna)

In terms of appearance alone, Kagali-san looked more like a child.

“It’s okay, because I’m an adult at heart.” (Kagali)

Kinda similar to the guy whose “brain was an adult, but in the body of a child” from a particular detective animation.

But in Kagali-san’s case, I think she’s more of a senile grandma? Of course, I won’t tell it to her face, I’ll keep it to myself, because I don’t know what she will do to me later.

“Perhaps your appearance is an illusion? Are you actually the same age as me? If so, no wonder you are so skilled in magic.” (Kagali)

What did you say, you little girl (grandma)?

“I’ve only lived for 15 years. Don’t compare me with a certain fox.” (Yuna)

“I thought I was closer to your secret, but I wasn’t? Still, 15 years old? Aren’t you a bit too small for that age?” (Kagali)

Now, where were you looking while saying that?

She shouldn’t be able to tell the size of a specific part of the body because of the bear costume, so she’s talking about height, right?

But in a few years they’ll be as big as supermodels.

A drenched Shinobu arrived as I watched the children playing energetically with Kagali-san.

“Really~, everyone is so active.” (Shinobu)

Shinobu drank a glass of water all at once.

“Yuna, can I ask you a question?” (Shinobu)

“As long as it’s not weird.” (Yuna)

“It’s not weird. But what’s the tail on Shuri’s butt?” (Shinobu)

Oh yeah. Certainly, there was a round white thing on Shuri’s buttocks. It’s a bear’s tail apparently.

“No comment.” (Yuna)

“Eh~, c’mon, tell me.” (Shinobu)

She’s asking with a nasty smile on her face. I definitely know what you’re asking.

I ignored Shinobu and looked at Shuri and the others.

“Hugging Bear-chan, run on the water.” (Shuri)

`Ku~u ~ n’

When Shuri found out that Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear can run on water, she asked a few times. At the request of Shuri, Hugging Bear ran on the water.

On the other hand, Fina and Ruimin were swimming leisurely with Swaying Bear.

“I can’t lose to Hugging Bear now, can I?” (Shinobu)

Shinobu said that, started running toward the pier, and continued running on the lake.

I could not believe what I’m seeing.

Shinobu was running on water.

“How about this? I can do this much, too. I won’t lose to Hugging Bear.” (Shinobu)

Shinobu ran alongside Hugging Bear on the lake.

“Shinobu-neechan, you’re amazing.” (Shuri)

“Shinobu, you could do that too?” (Sakura)

“Secret art!” (Shinobu)

Isn’t that ninjutsu?

“The trick is to move both of your feet quickly. Lift your feet before they sink.” (Shinobu)

Moving your legs quickly, I think I’ve seen stories like that in manga and anime. But there’s no way you could do it in reality.

Normally, you just take one step into the water and you’ll sink like a brick.

But Shinobu was actually running on the lake’s surface.

Was it magical power or magic or something?

“So, when you stop…” (Shinobu)

The moment Shinobu stopped, she fell into the water with a loud splashing sound.

Was it really not magic?

I thought perhaps she was storing magic power in her legs to get some kind of buoyancy or something.

If running on water was something that was generally not possible, then what Shinobu did was amazing.

If it’s about the width of a river, she can cross it.

I honestly think that, unlike my cheat’s power, the power that Shinobu has obtained on her own was incredible.

And after playing for a while, it’s time for a nap in the shade under the trees, leaning against Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Everyone was sleeping comfortably.

Shinobu and I covered Fina and the others with towels so they wouldn’t catch a cold.

“Aren’t you tired, Shinobu?” (Yuna)

“I’m completely fine with just this. Compared to work, it’s easier.” (Shinobu)

As expected of a ninja.

“By the way, even though you’re in the lake, are your injuries okay?” (Yuna)

“The big wounds are fine because someone did something about them. The other minor wounds have healed because I put medicine on them.” (Shinobu)

That’s good to know. From the looks of it, I don’t see any injuries that would leave scars. The only thing I healed was her shoulder and face, but she looked fine. I was surprised to see her bloodstained clothes.

“Thank you very much, Yuna.” (Shinobu)

“Out of the blue. For what?” (Yuna)

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Sakura-sama looking so happy. Fina and Shuri are both good kids.” (Shinobu)

Shinobu was smilingly looking at Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, and Sakura who’s leaning against Hugging Bear.

“Sakura is with Fina and Shuri who are good, hard-working kids.” (Yuna)

I looked at Fina, who was sleeping, leaning against Swaying Bear.

With Fina by my side, she’s having a lot of fun. I am glad that she genuinely adores me. Whenever I saw her working hard, I wanted to help her.

Of course, Ruimin was also a good kid.

After dinner, Shuri and Ruimin were rolling around on the tatami mats.

Well, I understand the feeling of wanting to sprawl around with tatami mats.

“Can we really stay here?” (Fina)

Fina, who’s sitting on the cushion, asked.

“It’s okay. There’s no one here but us, so don’t worry about it.” (Yuna)

I’ve already told Tirumina that the girls might stay the night here, so it’s okay. Besides, the main hot spring was just around the corner.

After lunch, we took a break, and Shuri, who would usually be sleepy, was in good spirits after her nap.

“Well then, let’s go to the hot springs.” (Yuna)

“Yuna-onechan, what is a hot spring?” (Shuri)

Shuri asked while lying on the tatami mat.

“Simply put, a bath using hot water coming out from underground?” (Yuna)

Shuri was tilting her head because she didn’t understand my explanation.

“Ummm, does the hot water really come from under the ground?” (Ruimin)

Ruimin still can’t believe it either.

“Usually it’s cold water, but in some places, there’s hot water coming out of the ground.” (Yuna)

They may not understand if I explain the topography, the magma of the volcano, or the water flowing underground, so I briefly explained, keeping it as simple as possible.

But Shuri and Ruimin looked at me as if they understood it.

“You know a lot about hot springs, don’t you? Most people who don’t know about hot springs don’t believe it when they hear that hot water comes out of the ground.” (Kagali)

“Well, there was one in my old place.” (Yuna)

I remember going there with my family when I was in elementary school.

And since there’s no place with a hot water spring nearby, they don’t need to know about it. There’s no TV or Internet here, so they can’t get the information.

Even I do not know information about other countries in my current situation. I don’t know what kind of climate they have, what kind of food they have, what kind of clothes they wear, what kind of races they have, what kind of monsters inhabit them, and so on.

If you’ve never seen a hot spring before, it’s no wonder you don’t know anything about them.

We head to the hot spring on the third floor. We passed through the ” Yu ” entryway and entered the changing room.

“Where is the bath?” (Shuri)

“I’ll open it now.” (Shinobu)

Shinobu opened the sliding door.

U wa~a, that’s amazing. There’s a bath outside.” (Shuri)

Shuri shouted in front of the sliding door. Fina and Ruimin responded to her voice and came to the sliding door.

“It’s really amazing.” (Ruimin)

“It’s a big bath.” (Fina)

“Hey, you can’t enter unless you take off your clothes.” (Yuna)

In my words, Shuri hurriedly took off her clothes. Following her, Ruimin, Fina, Sakura, Shinobu, and Kagali-san took off their clothes. I took my bear costume off, too.

“Still, Yuna has long hair and it’s lovely. It’s a shame that she’s dressed like that.” (Shinobu)

“Yuna-sama is beautiful.” (Sakura)

Shinobu and Sakura flattered me.

Maybe Shinobu’s eyes were rotten and Sakura only appreciates me 20-30% more because I defeated Orochi. In the future, Sakura will be a beautiful woman and Shinobu will be one of the most beautiful women.

“If you dress normally, you will be popular.” (Shinobu)

In other words, I’m not popular if I dress up as a bear. That’s good to know.

To begin with, I can’t imagine myself wearing beautiful clothes and going on a date with a guy, nor do I need to.

“I’m sure Shinobu will be more popular than I am.” (Yuna)

Unlike me, Shinobu’s body was toned. I grabbed Shinobu’s arms and squeezed them. I can see that she has been working out. My arms, on the other hand, were very soft. Shinobu’s abdominal muscles were also well-developed. It’s a big difference from mine.

This was the difference between me, a hikikomori, and Shinobu, who has been working out.

“What are you so depressed about after grabbing my arm out of the blue?” (Shinobu)

“I’m talking about the fact that Shinobu has a beautiful face and body.” (Yuna)

Even if such a person said I’m beautiful, it only sounded like a compliment.

If I had my bear puppet, I’ll put out a mirror in front of Shinobu.

“Yuna, your body is also beautiful, but you don’t work out. And yet, you’re so strong. It’s a mystery.” (Shinobu)

I wish you’d stop staring at me so hard. I covered my body with a towel.

“Hey, don’t do anything stupid, let’s get going.” (Kagali)

In Kagali-san’s words, everyone knew that preparations were finished.

“Yuna-oneechan, hurry up!” (Shuri)

We went out of the changing room to the outside where the hot spring was located.


Author’s Note:

Funny, it was supposed to be a hot spring episode.


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