Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself-Chapter 1287 - 1287 He's Really An Actor

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1287 He’s Really An Actor

Qiao Xi understood and revealed a sweet smile. “Then I’ll wear the necklace to the charity banquet! Not only that, but I also want to invite someone. If he goes, He Weinian will absolutely not sell this necklace.”

In the He family’s villa.

He Wenyin read the news about the Xia family’s scandal and looked at the photo of Xia Yunlou. However, it seemed that the He family had not found out her secret and did not suspect her for the time being. She could heave a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the He family were gathered together to discuss the charity banquet. He Wenyin never attended such meetings. Even if she wanted to attend, the He family would probably use all sorts of reasons to reject her.

She turned on her computer and tapped into the surveillance device. She could hear their conversation.

He Weinian said seriously, “Tingchen, as the future heir of the He family, you must perform well at tonight’s banquet. Nothing must happen.”

He Tingchen agreed. “I understand, Dad. But are you sure you want to donate that valuable item?”

“Tingchen!” He Weinian berated. “So what if it’s expensive? As long as it can help with the construction of schools, it’s worth it! Moreover, our He family is the organizer of this charity banquet. If we don’t take the lead in donating, why would others donate?”

“The luxury car under your name is valued at ten million yuan. This sum of money is enough to cover the expenses of a child in school for a few years! Tingchen, as the heir of the He family, you should broaden your horizons and not only look at benefits.”

He Tingchen felt a little guilty and looked at He Weinian in admiration. “Father, you’re right. I was too narrow-minded.”

On the other hand, He Wenyin listened to the voice coming from her earpiece with a look of disdain. He Weinian still had the cheek to say such things. He was really a drama queen!

Everyone in the He family was smart. Only He Tingchen was silly enough to believe He Weinian’s nonsense.

He Weinian’s voice came from the earpiece again. “Wenxian is donating a necklace this time. Speaking of which, she’s quite fated with this necklace. She donated it previously and didn’t expect to find it again. The market value is 120 million.”

He Tingchen was so ashamed that his face turned red. “Wenxian, you’re too kind. I have to learn more from you.”

He Wenxian smiled gently. “Brother, it’s nothing. I’m usually busy with work, so it’s not convenient for me to wear such expensive jewelry. Instead of leaving it to gather dust in my jewelry box, I might as well donate it to help the children in the mountains.”

“What necklace can be so expensive?” He Tingchen asked.

He Wenxian said casually, “The ruby necklace called ‘Scorching Heart’.”

“Then what is Yin Yin donating? Why didn’t you ask her to come over and discuss it?” Only then did He Tingchen remember that the siblings were both here except for He Wenyin.

He Weinian’s gaze changed as he replied indifferently, “It doesn’t matter what Yin Yin donates. She’s just a child. No one will find faults with her. Moreover, I’ve already prepared something for her. If she’s willing, she can donate it.”

“Yin Yin is playful. I don’t know where she went. Anyway, it’s not a big deal, so I didn’t ask her to come over. She probably doesn’t pay attention to such things, so let’s not disturb her.”

He Tingchen frowned. “She’s not young anymore. She can’t always be so playful. If she continues to be like this, she’ll become a wild child.”

He Wenyin was speechless when she heard this. Only by being playful could the He family be at ease. If she suddenly became studious, the He family would probably not tolerate her anymore.

Five minutes later, He Tingchen left the study, leaving He Wenxian and the He couple alone.

He Weinian looked at the door, and the kindness in his eyes instantly vanished. He removed his hypocritical mask. “Wenxian, your brother is kind-hearted. He definitely won’t be able to accept what we’re doing. You must not let him know.”

He Wenxian nodded obediently. “Dad, don’t worry. I won’t say anything. One day, Brother will understand your painstaking efforts and accept us.”

He Weinian smiled in relief. “Wenxian, donate that necklace. Of course, the He family will get it back later. You just have to arrange for the necklace to go through the motions in front of everyone. I’ll handle the rest.”

“Dad, we’ve been holding charity banquets all these years. After returning to Li City, we’ve done so many good things. Tomorrow when I donate ‘Scorching Heart’, the He family will definitely become kind people in everyone’s hearts!” He Wenxian’s voice was filled with joy.

He Wenyin turned off the surveillance and lazily leaned against the sofa with her eyes closed.

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