Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself-Chapter 1288 - 1288 He Wenxian Encounters A Dead End

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1288 He Wenxian Encounters A Dead End

At eight in the evening, the guests gradually entered the banquet hall. He Weinian and Madam He were talking to the guests in the center of the banquet hall with gentle smiles on their faces.

He Wenxian and He Wenyin were chatting with a group of young masters and young ladies from high society. The scene was very lively.

On the other hand, Gu Zheng had already entered a spacious and luxurious private room through a special passage. When He Weinian heard that Gu Zheng had arrived, he immediately abandoned everyone and went upstairs. As soon as he saw him, he greeted him warmly. “President Gu, I’m really happy that you’re here!”

Madam He smiled gently and even instructed the servants to bring pastries and fruit tea to Qiao Xi. She asked Qiao Xi not to be restrained and to treat this as her own home.

It had to be said that these two people acted very well. Even Qiao Xi was almost deceived by their hypocritical appearance. The He family was skilled at pretending to be kind.

After they left, Qiao Xi leaned against the sofa and took out the necklace from her bag. She was about to put it on when the voices of passersby came from outside.

“Have you heard of the Thousand Faces Immortal Doctor?”

“Of course, I’ve heard of her. She repaired that incomplete scroll and caused a sensation in the industry!”

“I wonder which family nurtured her? Not only did she repair the damaged scroll, but she also donated an expensive ruby necklace. I think it’s called Scorching Heart.”

“I heard that the necklace is worth more than 100 million yuan. I wonder who got it? I really want to see what that necklace looks like. Is it really as shockingly beautiful as the rumors say?”

Qiao Xi pricked up her ears and smiled in embarrassment when she heard everyone’s praise. It seemed that everyone had heard of this necklace. If they knew that the Thousand Faces Immortal Doctor was sitting here, they would definitely break the threshold.

Could it be that in order to get He Weinian to keep this necklace, Gu Zheng specially released the news of it? When the time came and this necklace stunned everyone, it would naturally not be convenient for He Weinian to sell it.

Qiao Xi was just about to ask Gu Zheng when a voice suddenly sounded from outside the door again. “We’ll be able to see Scorching Heart today because that necklace is in He Wenxian’s hands!”

Qiao Xi’s expression suddenly stiffened, then she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“The He family donates so much money every year and has always lived a simple life. Why did MIss He still buy such an expensive necklace?”

“What’s strange about it? The He family has so many businesses both domestically and overseas. They definitely have the money to buy that necklace. Moreover, they bought this necklace to donate, not to show off.”

“Really? Miss He is donating Scorching Heart?”

Everyone’s voices were filled with surprise and admiration. “The He family is too kind and loving! They’ve been benevolent for so many years. They’ve donated loads and even arrange for other businessmen to donate. A family like the He family deserves to be rich.”

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Qiao Xi looked at the necklace in the box and sneered in her heart. He Wenxian was in trouble this time.

She had donated this necklace as the Thousand Faces Immortal Doctor. Moreover, she designed it with Lu Zhi when she was in Liuli. Others might not have seen this necklace, but as the original owner of the necklace, how could she not tell if it was real or fake?

Moreover, this necklace was bought by Gu Zheng for her. How could Gu Zheng have given her a fake? Hence, it was obvious that the necklace in He Wenxian’s hand was a fake.

Perhaps He Wenxian knew that the necklace in her hand was fake. She did this only to add to the He family’s reputation. She wanted everyone to know that the He family was benevolent and was willing to donate such a valuable necklace.

Qiao Xi pondered for a moment before her eyes suddenly lit up. “Ah Zheng, I’m going out to take a breather.”

“Why? Is it very stuffy here? Or do you have something else to do?” Gu Zheng looked at her with interest. His eyes seemed to have seen through her thoughts.

Qiao Xi’s expression remained unchanged as she blinked innocently. “What’s wrong? It’s very lively outside, so I want to go out to take a look. Do you think I’d hit on someone in the banquet hall?”

Gu Zheng stared at her for a few seconds, then looked away and curled his lips slightly. “Xi Xi, I heard that a jewelry appraiser will be coming tonight. This master has already settled down overseas, but he suddenly returned a year ago. Do you know about this?”

Qiao Xi squeezed out a smile and replied gently, “I do!”

“I also heard that the master has seen ‘Scorching Heart’.”

Qiao Xi still maintained her smile, but she did not speak. The two of them quietly looked at each other until Gu Zheng’s ears turned red and he looked away. “Go play.”

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