Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 815 - Choose One   

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Chapter 815: Choose One


Qiao Xi said indifferently, “There are only two conclusions that can explain it now. Either Miss Xia deliberately occupied Room 108 and forced me to come to Room 109, then forged a note, or Lu Kang was bold enough to write a note to get himself out of trouble. Young Master Lu, how you explain it will depend on you.”

The veins on Lu Yan’s forehead twitched. Qiao Xi was forcing him to choose between Xia Mengyan and Lu Kang. No matter what he chose, he would offend one of them.

Xia Mengyan’s face was pale. She did not expect that she would not be able to escape Qiao Xi’s suspicion. Moreover, Lu Yan seemed to have already suspected her.

At this moment, a higher-up of the Lu family said unhappily, “Mrs. Gu, today is the perfume exchange. It won’t do either side any good to blow things up. Even if you didn’t write the note, it can’t prove that Lu Kang or Miss Xia wrote it. You have no right to punish them. Moreover, you’ve already beaten Lu Kang up. He’s already paid the price. What else do you want?”

“Then send the note to be appraised,” Qiao Xi said casually.

“But if we appraise the handwriting, the matter will really blow up. I’m an internationally renowned designer, Gu Shan, and I’m also Gu Zheng’s wife. At that time, no matter who set me up, the Lu family will suffer a huge loss.”

The higher-up of Lu Corporation was indignant. “Why are you so sure that you’re not the one behind this whole thing?”

Whether it was Lu Kang or Xia Mengyan, they were both the backbone of Lu Corporation. They could not abandon one just because of Qiao Xi’s words. This was a huge loss to Lu Corporation, so how could they be willing to bear it?

“Lu Yan.”

Gu Zheng, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke up. His voice was filled with killing intent. “Since the Lu family is dissatisfied with Mrs. Gu’s way of dealing with things, then send the note to be appraised.

“The Lu family offended Mrs. Gu, which means they’ve offended me, Gu Zheng. I don’t mind fighting with you. I want to see who’s so bold to attack Mrs. Gu!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Yan’s heart trembled. He had spent all his energy on the new perfumes. It was not easy for him to confirm that there was no problem with Han Ye. Nothing else could happen.

If he insisted on confronting Gu Zheng this time, Gu Zheng would definitely do his best to attack Lu Corporation. At that time, the new perfumes that were about to be released would definitely fail. All his previous efforts would be in vain. Moreover, the Lu family would have to bear the bad reputation of framing Gu Corporation’s designer. They would never be able to raise their heads in the industry.

Lu Yan clenched his fists tightly, and his face alternated between green and white. After hesitating for a long time, he slowly looked up and said gently, “I’m really sorry, Mrs. Gu. Our Lu Corporation didn’t manage our subordinates well this time. Don’t worry, our Lu Corporation will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth could not help but curl up when she heard this.

After the Lu family left, someone discussed softly, “Could it be that the Lu family really set up a trap to frame Mrs. Gu?”

“Mrs. Gu is already married to a handsome and rich man like President Gu. How could she like someone like Lu Kang? Moreover, she even secretly invited him to the lounge on an occasion like the perfume exchange. No one with a brain would do such a thing. Plus, look at Lu Yan’s and Xia Mengyan’s guilty expressions. They must have done something shameful.”

“Then what’s going on with Tang Lingyun?”

Everyone was guessing that Tang Lingyun was probably just cannon fodder.

On the other hand, Tang Lingyun had just returned to the lounge when she received a call from the Gu family. She was reprimanded by the elders. Then, when she left the clubhouse in a hurry, she was even pushed hard and fell.

She was only wearing a thin dress. It was so painful that she gritted her teeth. Her arms and knees were bleeding.

When everyone saw her disheveled appearance, their faces were filled with disdain. Tang Lingyun was angry and resentful, but when she looked up, she could not find the person who pushed her.

After dealing with the Lu family, Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng returned to the private lounge. Qiao Xi was in a good mood. “Lu Yan can’t say anything now. For the sake of releasing his new perfumes, he can only sacrifice Lu Kang to protect Xia Mengyan.”

“Yes, and he’ll immediately release new perfumes. He’ll seize the market as soon as possible to avoid us taking revenge,” Gu Zheng said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Zheng suddenly stood up and pulled Qiao Xi up. He pushed her to the wall and firmly subdued her. His hot breath surrounded her.

The man’s voice was hoarse and low. “Xi Xi, do you know your mistake?”

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