Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 816 - Know Yourself And Your Enemy   

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Chapter 816: Know Yourself And Your Enemy


Qiao Xi had a confused expression and did not understand what Gu Zheng meant. She looked up and met the man’s deep eyes. Then, she heard the man’s low and hoarse voice. “You knew that someone wanted to harm you, yet you still had the guts to go to 109 alone. Xi Xi, are you getting bolder?”

Qiao Xi lowered her head guiltily and muttered softly, “Can that good-for-nothing hurt me? Moreover, I’m fine!”

He bent down and moved closer. Qiao Xi leaned against the wall, her legs trembling nervously.

A trace of anger appeared in the man’s usually calm eyes. “Are you so confident that you won’t encounter any danger? You met Lu Kang this time. What if you meet someone stronger than you the next time? Can you still guarantee your safety?”

Qiao Xi did not expect Gu Zheng to be so angry because of this matter. She hurriedly lowered her head and admitted her mistake. “It won’t happen again. I’ll protect myself.”

“Xi Xi, I don’t want this to happen again.”

Gu Zheng’s breath sprayed on her face, and his sharp gaze landed on her, almost burning her to ashes.

Qiao Xi was terrified to the point her voice trembled. “Gu Zheng, Senior… I was wrong.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the man quickly grabbed her wrist and pressed her body against the wall. Their two bodies were pressed tightly together. She could even feel the shape and temperature of the man’s chest muscles.

Gu Zheng’s voice was gentle and coaxing. “Mrs. Gu, aren’t you very powerful? I want to see how you’ll break free from me.”

Qiao Xi struggled with all her might, but it didn’t shake Gu Zheng’s grip in the slightest. To Gu Zheng, Qiao Xi’s strength was like scratching an itch.

The corners of his lips were pressed against her ear, and his lips gently touched her small and round earlobe. The woman in his arms instantly trembled. He chuckled. “If I were a bad person, you’d already be a fish on the chopping board for me to slaughter.”

Qiao Xi naturally knew that she was unable to defeat Gu Zheng. It was probably impossible to find a match for him in the entire Li City. If she encountered an ordinary person, she would naturally have the ability to deal with them. However, at this moment, she did not have the courage to retort Gu Zheng.

After a moment of silence, Qiao Xi cried and acted cute. “Boo-hoo, Ah Zheng, don’t be fierce with me. Actually, I only found out that someone wanted to harm me after I entered the room. I was too afraid to go out, so I could only brace myself.”

Gu Zheng looked at her indifferently. After a while, he suddenly bent down and planted a deep kiss on her lips. It was crazy and urgent. The calmness he was proud of instantly vanished. The words Qiao Xi said were instantly drowned in his scorching kiss.

The man hooked her chin and forced her to raise her head slightly. At this moment, her cheeks were red and her mind was a mess.

This bastard!

After a long time, he stood up reluctantly and panted slightly. “Xi Xi.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes were dazed. When she heard his call, she could only subconsciously nod.

He gently stroked her red and swollen lips, listening to her delicate breathing. He said slowly, “Don’t do it again, or you’ll suffer!”

Qiao Xi’s entire body trembled. This man was truly too terrifying. Just a small matter had caused her to almost die.

Half an hour later, Qiao Xi finally recovered her calm. The blush on her face gradually dissipated, and she applied lipstick again to cover her red lips.

Gu Zheng sat on the sofa and smiled roguishly. “Mrs. Gu, you don’t have to attend the event later.”

Qiao Xi immediately raised her eyes in surprise. “Why? Didn’t you ask me to take a look at the packaging of Lu Corporation’s new perfumes? We absolutely can’t lose this time!”

Gu Corporation could not lose, and Gu Zheng could not lose either.

This time, Lu Corporation was going to use Han Ye’s paintings as their packaging. What packaging would Gu Corporation use to compete with the Lu family? Even if it was not to fight with the Lu family, they had to ensure sales. After all, their main goal was to earn money.

Qiao Xi said in confusion, “Know yourself and your enemy and you’ll never be defeated. I have to understand the enemy before I can formulate a plan!”

The corners of Gu Zheng’s mouth curled up slightly. “There’s no need. They’re all ugly anyway. They’re not as good-looking as your designs.”

Song Shiyu, who was waiting outside the door, thought to himself, ‘President, you’re really good at sucking up. Even if Young Madam’s design is ugly, you’ll go against your conscience and say that hers is the best!’

Qiao Xi nodded thoughtfully. “That’s true. I’m an internationally renowned designer. How could their designs be better than mine? I reckon only Lu Corporation’s packaging can compare to my work!”

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