Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 412 - Miscalculation, Fusion (3)  

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Chapter 412: Miscalculation, Fusion (3)

“Let go!” Zhou Shu shouted.

He had already realized that something was wrong. Yin Wuyou’s spiritual essence was unable to help him suppress this trace of tainted blood. Instead, it would infect her.

Yin Wuyou didn’t have his physique, so she couldn’t withstand the invasion of tainted blood!

Yin Wuyou gritted her teeth and didn’t retract her hand.

“I can do it. I can help you!” Yin Wuyou said stubbornly, her spiritual essence constantly surging into Zhou Shu’s body.

They both groaned at the same time.

Zhou Shu reached out to push Yin Wuyou away, but his entire body was weak. His hands were about to push Yin Wuyou’s shoulders, but his hands softened, and he pushed lower, pressing her chest.

Yin Wuyou let out a cry of surprise when she felt a soft touch. Her mind was in a mess, and the spiritual essence in her body lost control.

The trace of tainted blood qi invaded her body along her spiritual essence.

Zhou Shu knew that something was wrong. A blood-red color had already appeared on Yin Wuyou’s snow-white skin.

“Damn it!” Zhou Shu cursed. Even he couldn’t withstand this trace of tainted blood, let alone Yin Wuyou.

Puu—Yin Wuyou’s mind was in turmoil as she spat out a mouthful of blood. There was blood at the corner of her mouth, making her face even paler.

“Bastard Emperor Wei Wu, what the hell is this!” Zhou Shu was anxious. He regretted his rashness. He shouldn’t have dragged Yin Wuyou into this. If anything happened to her, it would be useless no matter what he did!

What should I do!? Zhou Shu’s mind raced.

“Grand Minister! Your Highness!” A thought flashed through Zhou Shu’s mind. “This is a dangerous situation, but this is the only way!

“But you have to agree to this method. I have the God of War Catalog. It might be able to save us!”

“I know.” A look of pain flashed across Yin Wuyou’s face, and she let out a muffled groan. “I will do it!”

Even though she was trying her best to resist the invasion of the tainted blood, Yin Wuyou was still extremely shy in her heart. Her face was so red that it seemed like blood was about to drip out.

She had learned the God of War Catalog from Lu Wenshuang and naturally knew what Zhou Shu meant.

Zhou Shu made his decision and no longer hesitated. He stretched out his finger and pointed at Yin Wuyou’s glabella.

Divine ability Unparalleled Benevolence!

It didn’t involve combat strength and wasn’t affected by the weakened state. Zhou Shu directly shared the cultivation of the God of War Catalog with Yin Wuyou.


Zhou Shu tore apart Yin Wuyou’s clothes, and a pair of firm eyes appeared in front of him. His eyes instantly turned red.

The girl was still shy when Zhou Shu pressed her down. Her clothes fluttered, and her slender legs instantly tensed.

They tightly pressed against each other as Zhou Shu entered Yin Wuyou’s body deeply. She closed her eyes, her long eyelashes trembling. She reached out and hugged his neck, responding to his actions.

A wisp of Yin Yang qi quietly emerged. As Zhou Shu released it, it flowed into Yin Wuyou’s body like a violent stream into the sea. Then it circled around her body and returned to his body.

The two of them seemed to have fused into one. The Yin Yang qi was endless and cyclic. Unknowingly, Yin Wuyou’s cultivation had already broken through to the first rank of the Martial Dao.

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