Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 413 - The Foundation of a Forger is the Art of Forging, Not The Secret Forging Formulas (1)

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Chapter 413: The Foundation of a Forger is the Art of Forging, Not The Secret Forging Formulas (1)

After an unknown period of time, Yin Wuyou lay weakly in Zhou Shu’s arms. Her fair and delicate body was extremely alluring, and her slender legs were still resting on Zhou Shu’s.

She closed her eyes in embarrassment, afraid to open them.

“Grand Minister.” Zhou Shu looked satisfied, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. The trace of tainted blood qi in his body had long disappeared.

At some point, he had completely regained the power in his body.

His spiritual essence surged and was even stronger than before. But he still couldn’t break through the shackles of the first rank of the Martial Dao.

“Call me Wuyou from now on,” Yin Wuyou said in a soft voice as she pressed her face against Zhou Shu’s chest.

“Wuyou?” Zhou Shu whispered.

“Yeah.” Yin Wuyou replied, her heart filled with happiness.

Yin Wuyou’s voice made Zhou Shu’s heart skip a beat. He flipped over and pressed the girl under him again, transforming into a wild horse…

Another day passed before Zhou Shu finally left the room.

After leaving the room, he first found Haitang. Yin Wuyou still needed someone to help her deal with the aftermath. Even though she became a first-rank martial artist, she had become weak and was still unable to get up.

As soon as Haitang entered the room, she saw the messy clothes on the floor, and her face fell.

Oh no, His Majesty will skin me alive!

“Haitang!” Facing her personal maid, Yin Wuyou didn’t feel embarrassed at all. She called out, “Help me find a set of clothes.”

“Coming.” Haitang wanted to cry. This finally happened. I said I wouldn’t be able to stop it. 

“Your Highness, you must save me if His Majesty wants to kill me.”

“What are you talking about? Hurry up and find some clothes!” Yin Wuyou snapped.

“Good morning, Deputy Pavilion Master.” Zhou Shu greeted Shi Songtao in high spirits.

Shi Songtao was speechless. Good morning?

There was no night or day here. They were all working around the clock.

“Your Highness, Yao Buqi is back!” Shi Songtao said quietly.

“Oh? Yao Buqi is still here?” Zhou Shu was surprised. “Where is he now?”

“Staying in camp.” Shi Songtao had a strange look on his face. “He’s very diligent now. He spends all his time mining with the miners in the back mountains.”

“Interesting.” Zhou Shu rubbed his chin. “Go get him. I have something to ask him.”

Although the million-strong army of the Demon Realm had been temporarily resolved, there was still a huge problem waiting for them.

The ladder Emperor Wei Wu had set up had yet to be dismantled. The Demon Realm army could directly climb over the wall and attack the Ten Nations Continent.

But Zhou Shu and the others wouldn’t be able to return to the Ten Nations Continent until three years later.

To them, they had to make good use of these three years. Otherwise, they would be in danger when they faced the Demon Realm army again.

Shi Songtao quickly called Yao Buqi over.

Yao Buqi arched his back and smiled obsequiously.

Zhou Shu almost didn’t recognize him. Who would have thought that he was a first-rank demonic beast?

“You wanted to see me, Your Highness?” Yao Buqi didn’t mind. How much was face worth? What mattered was staying alive!

Yao Ji was arrogant. That was why he died.

Yao Lian was much stronger, but he was dead as well.

I was the first first-rank demonic beast to fight Zhou Shu, and I’m still alive!

That’s the difference!

“Yao Buqi? If I remember correctly, I had let you go. Why did you come back?” Zhou Shu looked at Yao Buqi. “Your comrades have all returned to their hometown. Do you want me to send you off too?”

“Your Highness.” Yao Buqi was shocked and hurriedly said, “I dare not trouble Your Highness. I came back to complete my unfinished business.”

Yao Buqi raised his head and said seriously, “I am a grateful person. You’ve spared my life, so I swear that I will help you dig up all the ore in this world.

“I’m not leaving until this is done!” He raised his head and puffed out his chest, his face glowing with a strange light. “Your Highness, I know that the Demon Realm and the humans are enemies, but at least I will stay here until I have repaid you for not killing me.”

Zhou Shu looked at Yao Buqi with a faint smile.

Yao Buqi keeps saying that he’ll repay me for not killing him, but have I ever said I wouldn’t kill him?

Then again, since he’s volunteering to stay on as a miner, it isn’t so bad.

It didn’t matter if he killed him or not. Killing a first-rank demonic beast wouldn’t make any difference to anything.

“You’re a smart demon. Dig your mines properly,” Zhou Shu said.

“Thank you, Your Highness. Thank you, Your Highness!” Yao Buqi was overjoyed and thanked him profusely.

After Yao Buqi was gone, Shi Songtao said worriedly, “Pavilion Master, can we trust Yao Buqi?”

“We can’t,” Zhou Shu said. “But don’t worry. At least in this world, he won’t dare to play any tricks.”

Zhou Shu had sent all the main Demon Realm army back to the Demon Realm.

The remaining soldiers couldn’t do much at all.

Unless Yao Buqi wanted to die, he wouldn’t make an enemy of the human race.

Of course, he was not a good demon. If he got the chance, he’d take his revenge. Demons and humans were enemies.

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