Legendary Armament Canon-Chapter 606 - Demon Mirror, Ji Lutian (1)

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Chapter 606: Demon Mirror, Ji Lutian (1)

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Demon King Ao glared at Tiangou. How should I know?

“Lock him up first. We’ll talk about it after we find out who’s real and who’s fake!” Demon King Ao said coldly.

“Lock them up?” Tiangou frowned. These two Liu’Ers were both Demon Kings.


Where could two Demon Kings be imprisoned?

He couldn’t possibly watch over them personally.

Not to mention whether a dignified Demon King like him would do such a trivial thing, even if he was willing, he didn’t dare.

He wasn’t confident that he could suppress two Demon Kings alone.

If anything really happened, he would be in danger.

Demon King Ao rubbed his brows.

What’s going on?

First, Hu Li disobeyed me and would rather destroy the Demon King Palace than offer it to me. Just as this matter just passed, two Liu’Ers appeared!

Why have these demons been so annoying recently?

“Liu’Er, I’m going to seal your cultivation…” Demon King Ao said.

“No!” one of the Liu’Ers said loudly. “Demon King Ao, this won’t do! How can I protect myself without my cultivation?”

“That’s right, Demon King Ao. What if this imposter has some special method or has an accomplice? I will be in danger if you seal my cultivation.” The other Liu’Er also refused.

They would listen to Demon King Ao on some small matters, but they would never agree to a matter that concerned their lives. Demon King Ao wasn’t their master!

“Since this imposter can impersonate me, who knows if his accomplice can impersonate another Demon King!” one of the Liu’Ers said coldly.

Before he could finish, two figures flashed back dozens of feet in unison.

The ones who moved were the other Liu’Er and Tiangou!

Tiangou was originally standing beside Demon King Ao. Now, he was dozens of feet away from Demon King Ao and the two Liu’Ers, looking extremely vigilant.

Demon King Ao’s face darkened. “Tiangou, what do you mean? Do you suspect that I’m fake?”

“No.” Tiangou said no, but he was on his guard.

There was a fake Liu’Er. How could he be sure that this Demon King Ao was the real one?

No wonder he hesitated just now. With Demon King Ao’s ability, how could he not recognize the real Liu’Er?

Seeing Tiangou’s expression, Demon King Ao’s face darkened even more. Your suspicion is written all over your face, yet you’re still telling me no? Damn it…

Suddenly, Demon King Ao was stunned. His eyes lit up as he stared at Tiangou.

There were two Liu’Ers, one real and one fake. There were no flaws.

Then, how could he be sure that the Tiangou in front of him was real?

Demon King Ao was also full of endless doubts.

There were two Demon Kings in front of him. One of them must be fake. No, both of them might even be fake!

Although there was only one Tiangou, it didn’t mean that he was real!

Since someone could disguise themselves as Liu’Er flawlessly, it wasn’t impossible for someone to disguise themselves as other Demon Kings!

The four Demon Kings all stared at the other three Demon Kings suspiciously.

They stood in a rectangle, several feet apart from each other.

Even Demon King Ao couldn’t remain calm.

He was stronger than the other Demon Kings, but he wasn’t strong enough to fight one against three.

If the three Demon Kings in front of him were all fake, then Demon King Ao was in danger.

The scene became abnormally strange. Every Demon King suspected the authenticity of the other Demon Kings, but no one dared to take the initiative to attack.

They were all worried that other than them, the other Demon Kings were all fake. Once they fought, wouldn’t they have to face the attacks of three Demon Kings of the same level?

Tiangou hesitated for a moment and said solemnly, “Everyone, I have an idea.”

“Say it!” Demon King Ao said without hesitation.

“It’s undeniable that our enemy has mastered a transformation divine ability. This transformation is flawless. None of us can see any flaws.

“Two Liu’Ers, I, and you, Demon King Ao, might be fake now!”

“Nonsense!” Demon King Ao snorted coldly. “I’m definitely telling the truth. It’s hard to say for you.”

Tiangou didn’t argue. He chuckled and continued, “It’s impossible for the few of us to tell who’s real and who’s fake. If even you can’t tell, it means that no matter how high the enemy’s cultivation is, we might not be able to tell the difference.”

“Cut the crap. What solution do you have? Just say it!” Demon King Ao said impatiently. Everything had been going wrong recently. First, there was the matter of Hu Li, and now this happened. He was extremely annoyed.

“Ji Lutian!” Tiangou said a familiar name.

“Ji Lutian?”

The three Demon Kings looked at Tiangou.

“That’s right. It’s Ji Lutian! There’s a mirror in Ji Lutian’s hand that can reflect the real body of a demonic beast. As long as we shine it, we can find out who’s fake!”

“Good idea!” Demon King Ao clapped his hands. “Let’s do it. Let’s go now!”

“Wait!” one of the Liu’Ers said. “If I remember correctly, we used Yao Qing as bait earlier. Why would Ji Lutian help us now?

“Besides, who knows if there’s anything wrong with Ji Lutian!”

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