Legendary Armament Canon-Chapter 607 - Demon Mirror, Ji Lutian (2)

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Chapter 607: Demon Mirror, Ji Lutian (2)

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Demon King Ao retracted his step.

“Hmph, that Demon Mirror is a divine weapon of the human race. There can be problems with humans, but divine weapons can’t be fake.” Tiangou snorted coldly. “If Ji Lutian doesn’t help us, can’t we snatch the Demon Mirror?

“We have four Demon Kings. Can’t we deal with a mere Ji Lutian? Unless someone doesn’t dare to use the Demon Mirror!”

His body arched slightly, ready to escape at any moment.

If the three Demon Kings opposite him were all fake and heard his attention, he might kill them to silence them. As long as they had the intention to attack, he would use a forbidden technique and immediately escape!


Fortunately, neither Demon King Ao nor the two Liu’Ers had any intention of attacking.

“Okay, let’s do that,” Demon King Ao said coldly. “Whoever doesn’t dare to go is a fake. I will be the first not to let him off!”

“Since no one has any objections, I have no objections either,” one of the Liu’Ers said.

“Let’s go. When we find out who’s fake, I’ll definitely cut him into pieces!” The other Liu’Er bared his teeth.

The four Demon Kings stepped forward at the same time, still maintaining a relatively safe distance from each other.

They had just taken a step when the four Demon Kings stopped in unison.

“Do any of you know where Ji Lutian is?”

The four Demon Kings stared at each other. At this moment, they realized that they didn’t know where Ji Lutian was.

“Tiangou, you were the one who came up with the idea. Where do you think Ji Lutian is?” Demon King Ao glared at Tiangou.

Tiangou wasn’t afraid. He glared back. I don’t even know if you’re real or fake. Why are you putting on airs in front of me?

“You ask me everything. Am I your father?” Tiangou said unhappily, “If we don’t know where he is, can’t we find him? Is there something wrong with your brain?”

The two Liu’Ers and Demon King Ao widened their eyes and looked at Tiangou in shock.

Impressive. Tiangou was the first demonic beast in the Demon Realm to dare to speak to Demon King Ao like this.

One of the Liu’Ers gave Tiangou a thumbs up.

“Bastard! Tiangou, how dare you speak to me like that?!” Demon King Ao shouted angrily.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? It’s not even certain if you’re real or fake.” Tiangou snorted. “If the three of you are all fake, come at me if you can. Let’s see if you have the ability to make me stay!”

As Tiangou spoke, he was already in a fleeing posture.


One of the Liu’Ers applauded. “Impressive, impressive. Tiangou, we’ve known each other for so long, but you’re only acting like a man now.

“We’re all Demon Kings. Don’t put on airs in front of each other. Who knows who might be the fake one!”

“Hmph, I won’t argue with you for the time being. Don’t let me know which of you is fake. Otherwise, hmph!” Demon King Ao forcefully suppressed his urge to attack and glared at the three Demon Kings.

“All of you, get lost. I’m going to use my divine ability Search The World to find Ji Lutian. Try ambushing me if you dare.” Demon King Ao cursed.

Tiangou and the two Liu’Ers looked at each other and let out a cold snort. They retreated thousands of feet away from each other.

At this moment, a towering aura erupted from Demon King Ao’s body. A long dragon condensed from light flew out from his body and rushed into the clouds, instantly disappearing.

At the same time, a breeze radiated in all directions from Demon King Ao.

Demon King Ao’s eyes were tightly shut. After more than an hour, he suddenly opened his eyes. A light flashed in his eyes, and exhaustion flashed across his face.

“I found him!” Demon King Ao snorted. “Let’s go!”

He soared into the clouds.

The other three followed.

Four hours later, four figures descended from the sky and landed in a beautiful valley.

“Who is it?!”

As soon as the four figures landed, an aura rose into the sky. Then a figure stepped into the air.

“Demon King Ao?”

The figure had just flown close when it suddenly stopped in the air and looked at the figure standing at the front in surprise.

Then she looked to the side. “Tiangou?”

When she saw the next figure, the surprise on Yao Wenxin’s face deepened.

Then the next one, she was even more surprised. “Liu’Er?”

But the first three couldn’t compare to the shock the last one brought her. Another Liu’Er?

“Demon King Liu’Er, did you cultivate some cloning divine power?” she couldn’t help asking.

The four Demon Kings rolled their eyes at her.

“Yao Wenxin, where is Ji Lutian? Tell him to come and see me!” Demon King Ao said impolitely.

Yao Wenxin’s expression darkened slightly.

“Hmph, Demon King Ao, don’t put on airs. Are you hoping to anger her so she will destroy the Demon Mirror?” Tiangou said coldly.

“Bastard!” Demon King Ao was furious. This bastard Tiangou, does he feel uncomfortable if he doesn’t go against me?

Tiangou felt comfortable all over. He felt as if he had unlocked some amazing ability. We’re all Demon Kings. Why are you so unreasonable?

Good job, Tiangou!

“Yao Wenxin, right? We’re here to borrow Ji Lutian’s Demon Mirror.” One of the Liu’Ers cupped his hands to Yao Wenxin. “As you can see, there’s at least one fake among us.

“We heard that Ji Lutian has a Demon Mirror that can reflect the real looks of demonic beasts. We came here to use the Demon Mirror to find the fakes among us. One, or a few…”

Yao Wenxin’s heart skipped a beat. One of the Liu’Ers is not a clone but an impersonator?

Their auras are exactly the same.

Is it because my cultivation level is too low to see through their disguises?

Perhaps. Those who could pretend to be Demon Kings definitely had cultivation levels that were not inferior to Demon Kings. It was normal for a Great Demon like her not to be able to see through them.

But even Demon King Ao can’t see through it?

Could this Demon King Ao be fake too?

Yao Wenxin was shocked by her own thoughts. She subconsciously took a few steps back.

Who among these four Demon Kings is fake?

Yao Wenxin was much more meticulous than the Demon Kings. She instantly thought of several questions.

If they came to borrow the Demon Mirror and revealed that one of the four Demon Kings was fake, wouldn’t the couple be in danger?

She was only a Great Demon and was far from being a match for a Demon King.

It would be fine if only one of the four Demon Kings was a fake. But if there was more than one…

“Lutian…” Yao Wenxin subconsciously wanted to refuse.

Demon King Ao’s expression darkened as he interrupted Yao Wenxin and said coldly, “Hurry up and ask him to come out. We don’t have much time to waste!”

“No…” Yao Wenxin gritted his teeth.

“Yao Wenxin, are you trying to say that Ji Lutian isn’t here?” One of the Liu’Ers grinned. “Stop stalling. Demon King Ao personally used his divine ability to find you here. Do you think you can stall for time?

“Ask him to hand over the Demon Mirror. This has nothing to do with you. Leave the Demon Mirror, and you can leave.”

The other Demon Kings frowned, but they said nothing.

Their purpose in coming was for the Demon Mirror. As long as they had the Demon Mirror, nothing else mattered.

Compared to whether Ji Lutian suspected anything, the most important thing now was to find the imposter among the Demon Kings.

As for the rest, they could put them aside for the time being.

“Demon King—” Yao Wenxin wanted to say something, but a figure had already flown out from afar.

The figure was not fast, but the valley was not big. He quickly arrived beside Yao Wenxin.

“Greetings, Demon Kings.” The handsome and elegant man bowed slightly.

Facing the few Demon Kings, Ji Lutian didn’t feel any fear. His expression was indifferent as he looked at the four Demon Kings as if he was looking at four visiting old friends.