Legendary Armament Canon-Chapter 642 - Great Xia's Crisis, Sudden Appearance (1)

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Chapter 642: Great Xia’s Crisis, Sudden Appearance (1)

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The two first-rank martial artists died with grievances, and the entire place instantly fell silent.

Everyone looked at the little girl in horror.

Yin Wuyou widened her eyes in disbelief.

She had just fought with the two first-rank martial artists. They were genuine first-rank martial artists, and their cultivation levels were not inferior to hers.

But the two experts were actually blasted into pieces by this little girl dressed like a doll in front of them. This extreme contrast was simply indescribable.

“Clown Face!” Xiaoyu’er’s crisp voice sounded angrily.

The Demon God Sect’s master shivered on the distant hill.

He wanted to turn around and run, but he knew he couldn’t escape.

Although the little girl looked like a baby, her cultivation level was terrifyingly high, and she was ruthless…

He braced himself, flew in front of Xiaoyu’er, bowed, and said cautiously, “Here!”

“Do you also want to bully my mother?” Xiaoyu’er raised her little fist.


The Demon God Sec’s master was so frightened that he fell to his knees. “I’m innocent, Princess. I don’t. I definitely don’t!

“It’s those two bastards. They deserve to die. Even if you didn’t kill them, I would have!”

He pointed at the ground full of bloody flesh.

Xiaoyu’er frowned. She couldn’t understand something so complicated. She turned around and looked at Yin Wuyou. “Mommy, should I beat him to death?”

Yin Wuyou had yet to recover from her shock. Is this little girl really calling me mommy?

“Are you calling me?” Yin Wuyou was now thinking about this matter. As for the life and death of the Demon God Sect’s master, she didn’t care at all.

“Yes,” Xiaoyu’er said. “Mommy, don’t you recognize me?”

“I…” Looking at the little girl’s innocent expression, Yin Wuyou couldn’t bear to refuse. But she really didn’t know this little girl.

She wasn’t even married. How could she have a daughter?

“Your Highness!”

Xiaoyu’er had suddenly killed two first-rank martial artists, and the sect master was kneeling in front of her. The members of the Demon God Sect had long stopped and retreated to the side.

Ma Fengzhang and the others rushed behind Yin Wuyou and stared at Xiaoyu’er and the people from the Demon God Sect.

“Your Highness, why don’t you pretend to be her mother first?” Ma Fengzhang whispered in Yin Wuyou’s ear.

Although he didn’t quite understand what was going on, it was obvious that the little doll in front wasn’t an ordinary person.

Of course. How could someone who could kill two first-rank martial artists with a single punch be an ordinary person?

In any case, it was best that she was not hostile now.

From the looks of it, as long as Yin Wuyou acknowledged it, she would listen to Yin Wuyou. The person kneeling on the ground was clearly the Demon God Sect’s master. Now, Yin Wuyou only needed to say a word to kill him. This was definitely a great opportunity.

Yin Wuyou frowned. She understood the logic, but she still couldn’t accept it if she didn’t make things clear.

She looked at Xiaoyu’er. “What’s your name? Why are you calling me mommy?”

“My name is Xiaoyu’er, Zhou Xiaoyu,” Xiaoyu’er said crisply. “My father’s name is Zhou Shu, and my mother’s name is Yin Wuyou. Mommy, don’t you know your name?”

Xiaoyu’er’s words stunned Yin Wuyou, Ma Fengzhang, and the others.

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