Legendary Armament Canon-Chapter 730 - 730 Ignorance (1)

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Chapter 730 - 730 Ignorance (1)

730 Ignorance (1)

Zheng Yongtai talked non-stop about the benefits of the Sima Grotto-Heaven, and Zhou Shu believed him.

But he had no intention of joining any grotto-heaven.

With the Legendary Armament Canon, be it the art of forging and cultivating Martial Dao techniques, he could do so without anyone’s help.

Joining a grotto-heaven was completely useless to him.


But Zhou Shu had more or less obtained some information from Zheng Yongtai.

There were indeed more than two left out of the 36 grotto-heavens that Shi Changsheng had mentioned. Moreover, for some reason, these grotto-heavens had been in seclusion, and they only began to appear recently.

Most importantly, the Martial Dao of the Ten Nations Continent had been deliberately modified by these grotto-heavens. The path above the first rank of the Martial Dao had been deliberately cut off by the grotto-heavens!

Zhou Shu didn’t know the reason for this yet. If the grotto-heavens were malicious, then there was no need for them to stand out and protect the Ten Nations from the invasion of the Demon Realm. After all, even if the Demon Realm army occupied the Ten Nations Continent, it wouldn’t affect the grotto-heavens.

A grotto-heaven was an independent world.

But Zhou Shu didn’t understand why they wanted to sever the path above the first rank of the Martial Dao.

Perhaps it was because Zheng Yongtai’s status was not high enough that he didn’t seem to be able to come into contact with these secrets.

Zhou Shu had a feeling that there might be a huge secret hidden here. This might also be related to the barrier between the Demon Realm and the Ten Nations Continent.

“Hey, Little Zhou, are you listening to me?” Zheng Yongtai extended his hand in front of Zhou Shu and waved it left and right.

“I heard you,” Zhou Shu said helplessly. No one had ever called him Little Zhou, but he couldn’t fall out with Zheng Yongtai over such a small matter.

Speaking of which, Zheng Yongtai looked young, but his true age was not certain. It was not too much to call him Little Zhou.

“I know how powerful the Sima Grotto-Heaven is, but I still have to consider whether I want to join it or not,” Zhou Shu said.

“That’s up to you. In any case, I’ve said what I needed to say. It’s your loss if you miss this opportunity,” Zheng Yongtai said.

“By the way, I have another question. Is the Heavenly Mountain Villa one of your grotto-heavens?” Zhou Shu suddenly asked.

“Heavenly Mountain Villa? No.” Zheng Yongtai said. “There’s no such grotto-heaven among the existing sixteen grotto-heavens.

“I’ve also heard of the Heavenly Mountain Villa. I suspect that they’re the descendants of one of the thirty-six grotto-heavens back then, but I don’t know exactly which one.”

Zhou Shu was deep in thought. Zheng Yongtai’s status was indeed not high. He didn’t know any secrets at all.

“Brother Zheng, how many disciples does your Sima Grotto-Heaven have?” Zhou Shu asked a question that Zheng Yongtai should know.

“We have tens of millions of disciples. In addition to their families and servants, there should be more than a hundred million people in the Sima Grotto-Heaven.”

As expected, Zheng Yongtai knew this question.

The number he said shocked Zhou Shu.

Ten million disciples and more than a hundred million people? This number was more than most countries on Earth in Zhou Shu’s previous life. No wonder the grotto-heavens could hide for many years. They formed their own world. With so many people inside, they could also reproduce.

They didn’t need to communicate with the outside world at all.

There were tens of millions of Sima Grotto-Heaven disciples. It was no wonder that they had casually dispatched an army of ten thousand people, and the weakest among them was at least a third-rank martial artist.

From the looks of it, any grotto-heaven was countless times stronger than any of the Ten Nations.

As Zhou Shu pondered, he saw the man who had wanted to chase them away walk over.

“Zheng Yongtai, why are you talking so much to a mortal?” the man said. “How’s the matter of the connate divine weapon I told you about last time? Now that the war has already begun, don’t refuse me anymore!”

“Tang Mao’er1, I’m not trying to shirk responsibility.” Zheng Yongtai looked at the man. “I can’t satisfy your request. You should find someone else.”

“If others could solve it, would I need to look for you?” The man called Tang Mao’er by Zheng Yongtai looked furious. “Isn’t it just a hundred connate divine weapons? It’s not like I’m not paying. Are you looking down on me by making excuses?”

Tang Mao’er looked like he wanted to fight Zheng Yongtai.

Only now did Zhou Shu realize that he didn’t intentionally speak to Xu Shi in that manner because he had something against him. He spoke to everyone the same way.

Zheng Yongtai was also a cultivator from a grotto-heaven. When Tang Mao’er spoke to Zheng Yongtai, he still looked high and mighty. It was unknown where his arrogance came from. From the looks of it, his cultivation was only about the same as Zheng Yongtai’s.

Moreover, he had a favor to ask of Zheng Yongtai.

Zheng Yongtai had a good temper. He actually didn’t kick Tang Mao’er away. He rolled his eyes and said, “A hundred? Tang Mao’er, even if you go bankrupt, you can’t afford a hundred connate divine weapons.”

“How dare you underestimate me?” Tang Mao’er was furious.

“Am I looking down on you? Do you know what a hundred connate divine weapons means?” Zheng Yongtai said angrily. “Even if all the forgers in our Sima Grotto-Heaven don’t do anything but forge, they can’t forge a hundred connate divine weapons in a year!

“You want a hundred now? Are you crazy, or am I?”