Legendary Armament Canon-Chapter 751 - 751 This Is Too Unskilled (2)

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Chapter 751 - 751 This Is Too Unskilled (2)

751 This Is Too Unskilled (2)

“Zheng Chengan, I’m giving you face by calling you Brother Zheng. If I’m not giving you face, you’re a nobody! There’s no need for you to interfere in the matters of my Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven!” Tang Qianluo said coldly.


Zheng Chengan could no longer suppress his aura. With a loud bang, the white jade under his feet was reduced to dust.

Ji Lutian moved and stood in front of Zheng Chengan.


“Brother Chengan, don’t do anything,” Ji Lutian said in a low voice. “Since Family Head Tang thinks that way, we’ll think of another way. We can’t let this matter ruin our relationship!”

Tang Qianluo’s expression was cold as he looked at Zheng Chengan and Ji Lutian.

This was his Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven, not a place where outsiders could behave atrociously.

Zheng Chengan took a few deep breaths and finally suppressed the anger in his heart.

He looked at Tang Qianluo and said coldly, “Surnamed Tang, if not for the great plan of the human race, I would have crippled you today!”

“If you have the ability, give it a try,” Tang Qianluo said coldly.

Afraid that the two of them would really fight, Ji Lutian pulled Zheng Chengan out.

Tang Qianluo only retracted his gaze when the two of them left the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven. The expression on his face became even colder.

He snorted and raised his voice. “Where is Tang San? How’s the matter with that Zhou boy? Have you obtained the Divine Stone?”

Outside the hall, a stream of light shot over.

It was Tang San, who looked a little like Tang Qianluo.

Tang San walked into the hall and bowed. “Family Head, Shiyi is interrogating Zhou Shu. I think he should have already come to a conclusion.

“I sent for him before I came. He should be here soon.”

Just as he finished speaking, a ray of light landed in front of the hall. Who else could it be but Tang Shiyi?

“Shiyi, quickly report to the family head. What is the outcome of your interrogation?” Tang San berated in a low voice.

‘Tang Shiyi’ nodded and cupped his hands at Tang Qianluo. “Greetings, Family Head.

“I have already pried Zhou Shu’s mouth open, but it’s a little troublesome now.

“The Divine Stone is indeed not with him. He hid it in his daughter’s grotto-heaven.

“That boy’s daughter is a Grotto-Heaven expert. Moreover, a grotto-heaven has already taken shape in her body. He placed the Divine Stone in this grotto-heaven.”

Tang Qianluo frowned. “Where is his daughter? Send someone to bring her back. Is someone at the Grotto-Heaven realm enough to stump you?”

Tang Qianluo didn’t take a person at the Grotto-Heaven realm seriously.

The Grotto-Heaven realm was indeed very strong, but what was it to the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven?

Unless they were existences at the peak of the Grotto-Heaven realm, the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven could easily produce more than ten ordinary Grotto-Heaven experts.

“His daughter…” ‘Tang Shiyi’ hesitated for a moment before saying, “His daughter was killed by Fifth Brother…”

“Killed?” Tang Qianluo’s expression instantly became incomparably gloomy. He was also a Grotto-Heaven expert. How could he not know that unless one was at the peak of the Grotto-Heaven realm, once an ordinary Grotto-Heaven expert died, it was impossible for the grotto-heaven in their body to remain. It would collapse with the death of its master.

If what Tang Shiyi said was true, then the Divine Stone was gone!

“Where’s Tang Wu?” Tang Qianluo suppressed the anger in his heart and said coldly, “Didn’t I tell you not to kill people easily?!”

“Fifth Brother was worried that you would be angry. He ran out to lie low,” ‘Tang Shiyi’ said weakly. Then he looked at Tang San for help.

Tang San’s expression was a little ugly. Why are you looking at me?

That bastard Tang Wu ran away so quickly!

“Family Head, we didn’t intend to kill anyone. It was that little girl who wanted to escape and attacked Fifth Brother first. Fifth Brother was forced into making a move. After all, that little girl’s cultivation isn’t weak. Fifth Brother couldn’t hold back…”

“Don’t explain it to me!” Tang Qianluo shouted coldly. “I only want to see results! Now, tell me. Where is the Divine Stone?”

Tang San lowered his head. At this point, what else could he do?

When a grotto-heaven collapsed, everything inside would turn into ashes. Although the Divine Stone was special, it was hard to say if it could be preserved.

“Divine Stones aren’t so easily damaged.” Tang Qianluo patted the armrest of the chair. “Where did Tang Wu kill her? Go find him! Even if you have to dig three feet into the ground, find the Divine Stone!”

“Yes, Family Head,” Tang San hurriedly said.

“Family Head, I have a question. I don’t know if I should ask it,” ‘Tang Shiyi’ suddenly said.

“Ask!” Tang Qianluo said.

“I learned from that Zhou kid that he got his Divine Stone from Ji Lutian. Ji Lutian had a Divine Stone, and there might be a second one. Why can’t we look for him?” ‘Tang Shiyi’ asked.

“Ask Ji Lutian for one? Are you going or should I? Do you think Ji Lutian will give it to you?” Tang Qianluo waved his hand angrily. “Don’t ask things you shouldn’t ask. Find the Divine Stone before the Demon Realm makes a move!”

Before ‘Tang Shiyi’ could speak again, Tang San had already pulled him out of the hall.

Outside the hall, Tang San looked at ‘Tang Shiyi’ and asked angrily, “Where did Fifth Brother go?”

“I don’t know.” ‘Tang Shiyi’ shrugged. “Fifth Brother knew that something bad happened, so he ran faster than a rabbit.”

“Alright, forget it.” Tang San waved his hand impatiently. “Do you know where he killed that girl?”

“Yes.” A cold light flashed in Zhou Shu’s eyes.

Tang San didn’t notice the change in Zhou Shu’s expression. He continued, “Is that Zhou boy dead? If he’s not dead, bring him along. He has had more contact with the Divine Stone.”

“He’s not dead yet,” ‘Tang Shiyi’ said. “Third Brother, where are that boy’s weapons?”

“Why? Do you want them?” Tang San glanced at Tang Shiyi.

“Hehe.” ‘Tang Shiyi’ smiled awkwardly. “When I interrogated him, he damaged a few of my torture tools. I was thinking that I could make up for it.”

“In your dreams!” Tang San said angrily. “Do you think a few torture tools are worth a connate divine weapon?”

“I didn’t say I wanted a connate divine weapon. We seized a lot of good things from him, didn’t we?”

“Go get them from the storehouse yourself.” Tang San rolled his eyes at him. “Take it easy. Don’t take too much. If you take too much, I won’t be able to explain it. When the time comes, you’ll be in trouble.”

The storehouse of the Tang family in the Xuling Grotto-Heaven was managed by Tang San. ‘Tang Shiyi’ was also a core member of the family. It was nothing for Tang San to open a small back door for him.

Of course, it was mainly because he had no intention of recording the items he had seized from Zhou Shu. Tang San’s original plan was to split them between the brothers afterward.

Zhou Shu’s cultivation wasn’t high, but he had plundered a lot of good things. Even Tang San was envious.

“Don’t worry, Third Brother.” ‘Tang Shiyi’ patted his chest.

“Go and come back quickly,” Tang San said. “I’ll find a few more people. Let’s go find the Divine Stone together!”

Tang San said solemnly, “If we can’t find the Divine Stone, the family head won’t let us off. This is the main point!”

“I understand.” ‘Tang Shiyi’ said. “What can’t we brothers do? Isn’t it just a Divine Stone? As long as it’s not destroyed, we’ll definitely be able to find it.”

“I hope so.” Tang San nodded and waved his hand to signal ‘Tang Shiyi’ to hurry to the storehouse. He flew in another direction.

The family head had given his orders. There couldn’t be any more accidents this time. He had to bring more experts.

Looking at Tang San’s back, Zhou Shu narrowed his eyes slightly. These people of the grotto-heavens are all arrogant. Their vigilance is too low.

He was still thinking about how to fool Tang San. In the end, Tang San asked him to go to the storehouse himself. Zhou Shu was a little embarrassed by the way he opened the door to welcome the guests. This didn’t require any skill!