Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1751 - The Best Teacher

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Chapter 1751 The Best Teacher

“There doesn’t seem to be anything special here.” The girl walked on the streets of Guide Ancient City as she looked around, seemingly disappointed.

How could anyone interesting be found in an ordinary place? The girl didn’t believe that there were any humans here that were worth her visit.

“Since we’re here, there’s no harm in taking a look,” Xiao said with a smile.

“I hope the person you mentioned won’t disappoint,” the girl said indifferently, no longer in high spirits.

“I think he will be interesting.” Xiao looked at the end of the long street.

The girl also looked over and saw a crowd. She didn’t know what they were doing.

The girl watched, but didn’t see anything amiss as she asked curiously, “What are they doing?”

“We’ll know when we go over,” Xiao said as he walked over.

The girl followed Xiao. When she arrived, she saw many people lining up in front of a hall.


“Friend, what are you doing?” Xiao stood at the back of the team and asked a man in front.

“Can’t you see for yourself…” the man grumbled, but before he could finish his sentence, he saw an Essence Energy Crystal in Xiao’s hand. Immediately, his fierceness turned mild as he took the Essence Energy Crystal with a smile. “The city guard is recruiting members. We are all here to register.”

“Being a city guard should be a very dangerous job, right? Why are there so many people signing up?” Xiao asked.

“You aren’t local, am I right?” the man asked in understanding.

“I’m new here,” Xiao answered.

“Then it’s no wonder. You aren’t aware that the City Guard’s captain, Captain Qin, is City Lord Zhou’s personal disciple. As long as one enters the City Guard, one can obtain Captain Qin’s guidance. You definitely know how powerful our City Lord Zhou is. He’s one of the strongest powerhouses among humans. He has killed countless dimensional creatures and even alien races are easily killed. How powerful is he? Captain Qin is his personal disciple, so her sword techniques are already godlike. We can obtain her guidance. If one is lucky, they might gain City Lord Zhou’s fancy; that would be amazing. That’s an opportunity that many people dream of. How can there not be many people registering?” the man said with a proud expression.

When the girl heard the words “even alien races are easily killed,” she couldn’t help but frown.

The man continued, “However, the City Guard’s recruitment requirements are very high. Ordinary people won’t be admitted. Don’t just look at how many people are lining up. It’s already not bad if one-tenth of them are admitted in the end. I’m just here to try my luck. If I can really enter the City Guard, it will be a blessing from my ancestors. After all, I’ll be City Lord Zhou’s grand-disciple. Perhaps I can storm into the dimension and kill those alien races. Let’s see if they dare to act arrogant.”

The man’s words were actually mostly what humans said when they bragged. He didn’t really believe that such a day would come.

However, these words sounded different to the girl’s ears. It made her expression turn ugly.

“How can we meet City Lord Zhou?” the girl asked the man.

“Just line up here. If you are accepted later, you will be able to see City Lord Zhou,” the man answered.

“Xiao, let’s line up as well,” the girl said coldly.

“Will that be okay? Don’t we have something to do?” Xiao said in a dilemma.

“There’s no rush. I want to see how powerful City Lord Zhou, who can easily kill alien races, is,” the girl said with a cold expression.

“Young lady, you’re right on that. Just follow our City Lord Zhou. The six families sound very powerful, but they are far inferior to our City Lord Zhou. If you are really lucky to enter the City Guard and obtain the City Lord’s favor, your future will be limitless. Killing the alien races will only be a matter of time…” The man was dancing on the precipice of death.

“Then I’m really looking forward to it,” the girl said expressionlessly. When she heard the man speak of luck, the corners of her eyes twitched.

The girl and Xiao were in the line. They waited for a while before entering the hall. The staff got them to fill in a form and do some tests.

The Strength and Speed tests were naturally nothing to the girl. She didn’t reveal too much either. All she wanted was to wait to see City Lord Zhou and see how he could easily kill the alien races.

Xiao didn’t say anything else. He only helped the girl fill in the information.

“Don’t tell me the interesting person you mentioned is City Lord Zhou?” the girl asked Xiao.

“Yes, he’s quite an interesting person,” Xiao answered with a smile.

“I don’t know if it’s interesting, but you’re right about one thing. He’s indeed a seriously delusional person,” the girl said with a cold snort.

“That’s what makes it interesting, right?” Xiao said with a smile.

Just as the girl was about to say something, the staff who maintained order walked over and led the people who had passed the test to a square. They got everyone to line up and wait.

Soon, a few people walked over from the side tunnel and arrived at the podium in the square.

“The person in the middle is Zhou Wen,” Xiao said in a low voice as he stood behind the girl.

In fact, there was no need for Xiao to say which was Zhou Wen. This was because the youths who had signed up for the City Guard looked at Zhou Wen with admiration.

“Congratulations on passing the test. From today onwards, all of you will be members of Guide City’s guards. Let’s welcome our City Lord Zhou Wen to speak…” Before the staff member presiding over the ceremony could finish his sentence, applause sounded from below.

“He doesn’t look anything special,” the girl said disdainfully as she stared at Zhou Wen.

As the girl spoke, she suddenly saw Zhou Wen glance at her. It was unknown if it was intentional or not, but Zhou Wen’s gaze seemed to pause on the girl’s face before moving away.

Xiao didn’t respond. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he wore a faint smile.

Zhou Wen stood on the stage and swept his gaze across everyone’s faces before slowly saying, “I don’t know why you want to join the City Guard, nor do I want to know why you want to join it. I just want to know if you know what joining the City Guard means?”

“The best benefits, the most stable income.” A burly man’s words made everyone smile.

“You’re right. In Guide City, the City Guard’s income and benefits are the best. You can obtain large amounts of resources every month and receive the best training and the best guidance from a teacher…” As Zhou Wen spoke, he was suddenly interrupted by a voice.

“The best teacher? Are you referring to yourself?” It was the girl.

Everyone looked at Zhou Wen. Although their motives were different from the girl’s, they also wanted to know if Zhou Wen was personally guiding them. Although Qin Zhen was very strong, she was naturally much weaker than Zhou Wen. It would be great if they could obtain Zhou Wen’s personal guidance.

Zhou Wen looked at the girl and sized up her cold face. He said calmly, “Yes.”

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