Loved By An Older Man-Chapter 1146 - 1146 Want To Withdraw From The Competition

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Chapter 1146 - 1146 Want To Withdraw From The Competition

1146 Want To Withdraw From The Competition

When Jiang Yu and the rest rushed to the lounge, they found that Kang Xue had been pulled away from the person who was fighting.

Director Liu was furious. He didn’t care if the person in front of him was some rich man’s daughter or not. He immediately rebuked, “What’s wrong with you guys? What kind of conflict can’t be resolved? And it had to be resolved today? Don’t you know that there’s a competition today? If you do this, will the competition still be held? Who’s going to take responsibility for the delay?”

“Of course it’s Kang Xue!” the woman pointed at Kang Xue. “She was the one who started it!”

“You were the one who provoked me first!” Kang Xue said, “If you didn’t keep saying those nasty things, I wouldn’t have been so angry to hit you!”


“How are my words unpleasant? Am I not telling the truth?” The woman was furious. “Aren’t you not married? Which girl group members were married? It’s impossible for you to step out, so what’s wrong with me persuading you to withdraw?”

“Who said that you can’t be a girl group member just because you’re married? It’s not the end yet. How do you know I won’t succeed?” Kang Xue asked.

“Don’t tell me you’re still thinking of using Jiang Yu to get in through the back door?” The woman’s eyes widened, and her voice rose a few octaves. “Kang Xue got in because of her relationship with Jiang Yu, and she also achieved such good results because of Jiang Yu! that’s what I just said. I was telling the truth, but I stepped on Kang Xue’s tail!”

“You’re talking nonsense! I relied on my own hard work!” Kang Xue retorted loudly.

Director Liu couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, “Enough! Don’t quarrel!”

Only then did Kang Xue and the woman shut up.

“I don’t want to pursue this matter. If you still want to stay here and participate in the competition, then you’d better behave. It was fine if they were fooling around normally, but today was a competition! You guys don’t value it, but I do! There are still other things that have not been resolved yet, and I don’t want to worry about you guys!” Director Liu was panting heavily as he spoke.

He was talking about Sun Miao’s lip-syncing, and since Jiang Yu had already found out, he had to admit it openly. The Sun family had invested in this variety show, so he would never disqualify Sun Miao.

But in this case, he needed to think of a compromise.

Just as Director Liu was trying to think of a way, Kang Xue said, “Director, I’m willing to forfeit my qualification to compete.”

“Ah?” Director Liu was shocked.

Jiang Yu was also very surprised.

“I’m not suitable for this. I’ve overestimated myself.” Kang Xue lowered her head and said after a long time.

The woman who was fighting with her also said, “wouldn’t it have been better if this had happened earlier? Today’s matter wouldn’t have happened.”

Kang Xue ignored her and said to Jiang Yu, “I’m sorry to disappoint you. but I really don’t have the talent for this. I’m not suitable for this.”

“May I know the reason?” Jiang Yu asked as she looked at her.

Kang Xue was about to shake her head when the woman said, “It must be because she did something wrong and we found out. she’s worried that we’ll laugh at her in the future, so she wants to withdraw from the competition, right? but we’re telling the truth. you don’t have to be so weak. Didn’t Sun Miao provoke you before? Didn’t she say the same thing when she provoked you? Why didn’t you say you wanted to withdraw from the competition then?”

Jiang Yu frowned and said, “You laughed at her? Sun Miao even provoked her?”

Sun Miao, who was standing at the outermost edge, immediately retorted, “I didn’t! I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her yourself!”

Even though she said that, Sun Miao still wanted to knock the woman unconscious with a punch so that she would shut up and not be able to say anything. How brainless! How dare she say something like that in front of Jiang Yu and the director?!

Kang Xue kept her head down and remained silent. Jiang Yu could not see her expression and could not guess what she was thinking.

However, Xue Ran’s sense of justice came up and he scolded, “You’re all contestants from the same batch, so you should be friends. Why did you do such a thing? when I first participated in the competition, everyone got along very well, and this kind of situation never happened! What’s wrong with you guys?”

All the contestants were silent. The dark crowd was silent together, making the atmosphere particularly depressing.

When Director Liu saw the murderous look on Jiang Yu’s face, he knew that the always gentle movie queen was angry. So, he said to Kang Xue, “Kang Xue, think about it again. If there’s anything, just tell me. Don’t withdraw from the competition. You’re really good. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, you can still win over the audience with your strength.”

After hearing this, Kang Xue wavered, “Alright… I’ll reconsider, director.”