Loved By An Older Man-Chapter 1147 - 1147 White Heat

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Chapter 1147 - 1147 White Heat

1147 White Heat

Kang Xue’s heart wavered. She wanted to come back, but the woman who had argued with her didn’t agree. “Director, there’s never been a girl group that’s married! It’s useless even if you let her come back and continue to participate in the competition. The audience won’t like a married female idol!”

“This matter has nothing to do with you. You’d better mind your own business.” Director Liu’s face was serious. “If you apologize to Kang Xue now, I’ll let you continue to participate in the competition. If you insist on not apologizing, then I’ll have to disqualify you from the competition.”

“On what basis?” The woman was also a little shocked. Sun Miao didn’t even get disqualified for lip-synching, so why should I be disqualified?”

“Is lip-synching more dangerous than fighting?” Director Liu’s eyes widened in anger.


“Even if it’s a fight, it was Kang Xue who started it!” The woman shouted, “Why didn’t you disqualify Kang Xue? Instead, you want to disqualify me?”

Director Liu didn’t want to explain, “Don’t say so much. As long as you apologize, I’ll let you continue to participate in the competition.”

“I’m not apologizing!” The woman yelled, “Because the sun family invested, you didn’t eliminate Sun Miao. Because Kang Xue and Jiang Yu are good friends, you didn’t eliminate Kang Xue because you were afraid of offending Jiang Yu, right? Just because my family has no investment and I’m not friends with Jiang Yu, you want to eliminate me?”

Director Liu’s face turned pale and he said sternly, “Don’t talk nonsense! It’s because you started it first that we started fighting! And after the fight, you don’t even know how to apologize and only know how to shirk responsibility!”

“You only know how to find excuses for yourself, right?” The woman laughed coldly. “Sure, I, Hu Jing, won’t be participating in this competition. But remember, it wasn’t this useless director who disqualified me. I couldn’t stand the dirty dealings, so I withdrew from the competition!”

With that, Hu Jing broke free of the two people’s hands, stood up, flipped her hair, and left.

Before she left, Hu Jing didn’t forget to turn around and say, “Director, I advise you to be careful in the future. You’ve provoked me, Hu Jing, which means you’ve provoked the Hu group.”

Director Liu had never heard of the ‘Hu group’, so he naturally didn’t take Hu Jing’s words to heart.

Now that the matter had been resolved, he felt that Jiang Yu would not be bothered about the lip-syncing anymore. However, Jiang Yu did not intend to let the matter be resolved just like that. She said, “Now that this matter has been resolved, it’s time to resolve the issue of lip-synching as well.”

Director Liu raised his eyebrows and said, “Jiang Yu, this is a live broadcast. There’s also a competition. Can you put this matter aside for now?”

“We can let go of it, but there must be a reasonable solution in the end.” As Jiang Yu spoke, she returned to the judges’ seat on the stage.

The match went on as usual, as if the two events earlier had not happened. Everyone still had to compete and give marks.

In the end, all the contestants’ scores were out. The host took the stage book and began to announce the results of each contestant.

From the beginning to the end, he only read Sun Miao’s results at the end. However, her results were not at the bottom, but in the middle.

After Jiang Yu heard the number, she frowned. “Wait a moment. Sun Miao is lip-synching, so why are you still giving her marks?”

The emcee did not know either. He only said, ” I’m not sure. there’s a string of numbers at the bottom of the script. ”

Jiang Yu knew that Director Liu was not willing to punish Sun Miao, so she said, “Director, if you let the lip-synching incident slide, I won’t be staying here as a judge anymore.”

Only then did Director Liu feel a little flustered. He quickly turned the camera to another direction and walked over to Jiang Yu, whispering, “Jiang Yu, can you stop making things difficult for me? The Sun family is the investor, so not only can I not disqualify her from the competition, but I also have to ensure that she will be selected in the end. You’ve acted before, so you should know that directors listen to investors. There are many things that we can’t do as we please.”

“But there must be a punishment for Sun Miao’s lip-synching. Are we just going to let her off the hook because of the investor?” Jiang Yu said, “Even if we can’t disqualify her, we can’t give her results either. Moreover, her results are only average. this is simply unfair to those contestants who sing for real.”

“If we don’t give her results, Sun Miao won’t be selected in the end.” Director Liu looked embarrassed. “Jiang Yu, just treat it as being kind. Don’t dwell on this matter anymore.”