Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 642 - New Boss

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Chapter 642: New Boss

Mo Long wasn’t looking down on Jiang Yu. On the contrary, he fully supported Jiang Yu.

However, Jiang Yu had never been in business before. Moreover, she had just taken over a cosmetics company. The lipsticks that originally sold less than 100,000 had to increase their sales by 100 times in two months’ time, this was a difficult thing to do.

For a newbie like Jiang Yu, it was simply an impossible thing to do.

Hence, Mo Long wanted to persuade her to give up this idea and said, “Yu-er, if you want to go into business, I’ll help you choose some simple jobs. Let’s put such jobs aside for now.”

Jiang Yu was unwilling to admit defeat and said, “You’re looking down on me, aren’t you?”

Mo Long said helplessly, “I’m not looking down on you, but business is not as simple as you think.”

Jiang Yu said, “Have you forgotten that the Jiang family is a jeweler? Don’t worry, I can definitely do it.”

Seeing that she was so insistent, Mo Long did not say anything else.

If she could really do it, it meant that her strength and talent were definitely not limited to acting and medical skills.

Even if she could not do it, it did not matter. After all, it was just a small company that was casually acquired. Whether it was a profit or a loss, it did not have much of an impact on Mo Long.

So he let Jiang Yu do it.

The next morning, Jiang Yu got up early and changed into a suit. Her hair was tied into a neat ponytail.

She was very satisfied with her appearance. Before she went out, she even put on a “Ge Li” lipstick.

She took the car to Ge Li Company, but when she pushed the door open and entered, there was only Mr. Xia busying himself. The sweat on his back had already soaked his shirt.

When Mr. Xia saw Jiang Yu, he felt a little strange. However, he still put down the box in his hand and asked, “Miss Jiang Yu, why are you here?”

Jiang Yu said, “I’m the new boss of this company now.”

“New, new boss?” Mr. Xia was shocked and almost bit his tongue.

“Mhm.” Jiang Yu nodded. “Let’s not talk about this first. Could it be that you were the only one working in this company before?”

Mr. Xia felt a little embarrassed when he mentioned this, he said, “The previous employees heard that the company had been bought by President Mo… They thought that he wouldn’t care about this small company, so they didn’t come. They all went to look for new jobs. Even if I said that President Mo would still pay us, they wouldn’t believe me.”

“I see. Mr. Xia, do you know their contact information?” Jiang Yu asked.

Mr. Xia said, “I do have our wechat group, but I don’t know if any of them have left the group.”

Jiang Yu nodded and said, “Then call back those who are still in the group.”

Mr. Xia nodded and quickly made a voice call in the group.

The call was quickly picked up. Including Mr. Xia, a total of 17 people answered the call.

“Old Xia, what’s the matter? I’m trying to get a new job here.”

“You didn’t say anything when you called. Are you trying to make fun of us?”

“There’s nothing else. I really have to hang up. My interview is coming up soon.”

Mr. Xia cleared his throat and said, “You guys can come back to work now because we have a new boss.”

When he said this, the sixteen people in front of him fell silent. After a long while, someone asked, “Really? With our small company, how could President Mo think of sending a new boss over?”

“That’s right. Lipstick can’t be sold, and the previous boss has fallen. This company is full of bad luck. Is there really anyone who is willing to take over this company?”

Mr. Xia said, “It’s true. The new boss is right beside me.”

“The new boss is right beside you? What does he look like?” Someone was curious.

Mr. Xia glanced at Jiang Yu and said, “He’s a female boss.”

“Female boss? It can’t be a female yaksha, right?” Someone said.

Mr. Xia looked at Jiang Yu carefully, but she didn’t seem to be angry at that sentence.

Jiang Yu casually flipped open the magazine on the shelf next to her, she took Mr. Xia’s phone and said, “Hello, this is your new boss, Jiang Yu. It’s 9:30 am. At10:30 am, I hope everyone who is calling me on wechat will be here by now. Don’t be late.”

As she spoke, Jiang Yu hung up the phone.

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