Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 682 - Meet Boss Liu Again    

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Chapter 682: Meet Boss Liu Again

Mo Long’s Adam’s apple moved imperceptibly.

Although he didn’t want to think about it, the things that had fallen to the ground were all clamoring about one thing — Jiang Yu might have been kidnapped.

He quickly went downstairs and found the secretary at the front desk. He asked, “Where’s Yu’er?”

The Secretary was stunned for a moment and said, “Did madam go up to see you?”

However, Teng Yi replied, “Madam did not come up at all.”

The secretary was dumbfounded and replied, “That’s impossible! I saw Madam go up from that corridor room with my own eyes!”

Mo Long continued asking, “After Yu’er went up, was there anyone else who went up?”

The secretary thought about it carefully, “There was also a man who was dressed very well. He said that he was an employee of the milk tea shop. Madam bought two lattes from him but forgot to take them. I… I let him in.”

The secretary’s voice became softer as she spoke, because Mo Long’s expression had already become very ugly.

Mo Long looked at the secretary and spat out two words after a long while, “Fired.”

“Wait, wait! President Mo! I know I’m sorry!”

No matter how much the secretary cried, Mo Long ignored her. Instead, he went to the surveillance room and pulled up the surveillance footage from the corridor between the first and fifth floors.

The security personnel in charge of the surveillance footage pulled up the surveillance footage. Mo Long looked carefully and saw a man wearing a sky-blue down jacket and a cap sneakily following behind Jiang Yu.

When they reached the fourth floor, Jiang Yu stopped to rest. The man saw an opportunity and darted forward, covering her mouth with a towel.

Even if he didn’t look at the rest of the footage, he could guess what was going on.

This man had kidnapped Jiang Yu, but his motive was unknown.

The air remained silent. Neither the security personnel nor Teng Yi dared to look at Mo Long’s expression.

Because the temperature around him was too low, it was especially cold in this season.

“Find out who this person is immediately.” Mo Long gnashed his teeth. Teng Yi even heard a “creak” sound.

This was the sound Mo Long made when he was in a state of extreme anger.

The security personnel said, “Yes, yes!”

Mo Long stood at the side and tried his best to calm himself down.

Teng Yi faintly guessed and said, “President Mo, the one who kidnapped madam… could it be that strange woman?”

Mo Long suddenly opened his eyes.

That’s right, Yu’er had mentioned a strange woman earlier. And after he had asked Teng Yi to investigate, he found out that this woman was actually Yang Fen from a long time ago.

The Yang Fen who had undergone plastic surgery had found someone to kidnap Yu’er because of the grudge between them?

It seemed to be a plausible reason.

Mo Long’s expression darkened as he said, “Find out Yang Fen’s address immediately!”

This Yang Fen had first cast a bewitching spell on Yu’er’s friend, and now she was targeting Yu’er! She was really tired of living!

However, the one who really kidnapped Jiang Yu was not Yang Fen.

Jiang Yu was blindfolded by a black cloth and locked in an abandoned warehouse.

“Oh…” Jiang Yu gradually regained consciousness and subconsciously made a sound.

“You’re awake?” The man who had been standing by the side heard this voice and immediately became excited. He said, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Jiang Yu.”

Jiang Yu’s body stiffened.

“You know me?” Jiang Yu asked.

The man said, “Of course I know you. You’re the youngest movie queen. Who doesn’t know you?”

The man had already returned to his normal voice. It sounded very familiar to Jiang Yu, but she couldn’t remember who it was.

“Why did you kidnap me? If you want money, I can give it to you immediately,” Jiang Yu said.

Under such circumstances, she had to use all means to ensure her own safety.

However, what the man wanted was not money. “What’s money? I used to love money so much, so I worked hard to earn money. But what’s the use? The spokesperson I found was not willing to endorse my product, and my company was also bought by someone. Jiang Yu, tell me, what’s the use of me wanting money?”

Having said that, Jiang Yu knew who this person was.

“Boss Liu?” Jiang Yu probed.

“Do you still remember me? Then do you remember who bought my company?” Boss Liu said darkly.

Jiang Yu was silent for a moment before saying, “We can discuss things nicely. Let me go first.”

“Jiang Yu, it’s still daytime. Don’t dream about it,” Boss Liu said. “I won’t let you go. I’ll torture you first, then inform Mo Long and let him know how miserable you are.”

Jiang Yu shouted, “Boss Liu! Don’t do anything stupid!”

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